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									                          Philippines: Gateway To Heaven
Philippines News If you wish to see how heaven looks, believe me paying one travel to
Philippines will fulfill your desire. Known for burial caves, hanging coffins and many more,
Philippines is the right destination to make your holidays great. While travel In the remote town
of Sagada, which lies deep within the Cordillera Mountains of the Philippines, is a cave which
was the largest of 60 underground caves. You can see the surreal rock formation at Philippines,
i.e. stalactites and stalagmites. To add more to Philippines natural beauty you can find
otherworldly rock formation known by the names “frog pool” and “elephant formation.”

If exploring is what you love to do, Sagada is all about great adventure. With the touch of
mysticism, this town has famous hanging coffins, which are in the state of suspension and
hanging on limestone cliffs. Ancestors believed that the higher the body is laid in the coffin the
closer souls were to heaven. Other than this notion, the bodies were safe and protected from
wild animals, earthquakes and floods.

Burial caves are the next-best part of Philippines that can be enjoyed by the visitors. In such
caves tens and hundreds of coffins are lined up along the wall, which almost look like crept.
Other than caves and coffins, you can check out the enchanting spot within Cordillera
Mountains, Banaue town which is just a day’s drive from Sagada. This town is known as
‘Stairway to heaven’ which is a rice terrace, created by the tribe known as Ifugao, who were
once feared by the head-hunters.

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