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					The Golden Egg Conspiracy(China)

Director: Tony Han                                Company: Pangon Pictures
Producer: Xiaolong Guo                            Company: Pangon Pictures
Producer: Li Chen                                 Company: Beijing Guoli Changsheng Movies and
                                                           Productions Co, Ltd.
Screenplay: Tony Han,Xiaolong Guo,
             Bubu,Guangyuan Tan

Genre: Suspense                   Shooting Material: 35mm            Duration: 100min
Stage of Script: Draft

Production Budget: 1,000,000 USD
Finance in Place: 100,000 USD
Partner Involved by Now: Beijing Guoli Changsheng Movies and Productions Co, Ltd.
                          Pangon Pictures
Seeking: Co-producer, Territory Buyer and Advertising Sponsor


A strange incident helps a young man determine which is most important to him. Could he sacrifice
everything to keep his career, marriage, and friendship?

Wang, the general manager of a real estate company decide to put 500,000 into a golden egg
contraption to distribute the annual bonus. The egg explodes in the air at the a

Xiao Bai asks his best friend Hei Zi to help. He is a carefree guy who has read too many detective
books, and their “money chase” detective work leads to Xiao Bai becoming a “public enemy”.

 Xiao Bai has to use his own money to replace the lost bonus. During the ordeal, Xiao Bai acts
strangely and his wife suspects he’s having an affair. She is pregnant and considers an abortion.
Everything is falling apart around Xiao Bai and he’s about to break.

Xiao Bai has suffered too much, until the last moment—secrets are still the secrets. People’s selfish
actions are gradually revealed—the lost money comes back in an unbelievable way!

Creation Statement:

The Golden Egg Conspiracy is a bizarre story which could happen to anyone in a office environment
while he/she is struggling to make a living.

He or she, may have precious friends - they met each other in school when they were worry free
about life, and had very simple views about love on marriage. At that age, the glory of human
nature is the kindness to help each other during difficult times
The story contains such popular phrases in China - “Naked Marriage” (To get married before owning
an apartment), “Housing Slave” (Working hard like a slave to buy a place to live), “Snail Life”
(Meeting all the social desires in order to own a living place), “Striving” (Young people’s life torn
between ideals and reality), “Privacy”, “Office Conflicts”, “Index of Happiness”, and “Hope”, etc.

In all, we hope to present to you.

Director Biography:

Tony Han born in Beijing. He graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a degree in feature film
cinematography. After working in the industry for a few years, he decided to go to France and
further his studies on filmmaking and fine art. Upon graduating in France, he returned to Beijing
and became an emerging writer-director while working at same time on TV commercials and music
videos. He shot “Teenager”, an independent film in 2005. He shot “Air Diary” in 2007, which was
produced Jackie Chan, and was presented as the first Chinese director in Jackie Chan's "New
Director’s Alliance".

Producer Biography:

Director in charge of Motion Picture business under Beijing Guoli Changsheng Movies and
Productions Co, Ltd. She is also Business Director of Fengli Xingheng Culture Consultancy Company,
and Vice General Manager of Shanghai Film Media Asia, Ltd.

Lily has been in charge of project coordination and management of movies invested by Beijing Guoli
Changsheng Movies and Productions Co, Ltd. These movies include " The Founding of A Republic",
"Crazy Racer", "No Man Land" and " The Kung Fu Kid" .

Lily has rich experience and coordination ability in film and television field,She was once Dist

Xiaolong Guo was born in Guangzhou and raised in Britain. Graduated in 2005 from New York Film
Academy (Oxford Branch) studying filmmaking. Went to LA in 2008, and became an assistant
producer at C-2 Pictures. After working in LA for a year, he then returned to Beijing, and co-
founded Pangon Pictures with director Tony Han. He has participated in films including KUNG FU


Beijing Guoli Changsheng Movies and Productions Co, Ltd.

TEL: 010-58173990

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