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LaunchpadProductSheet by gegeshandong


									                                                                                                        product sheet

                              Launchpad is the Excelleris Enterprise Suite’s web-based
                              viewer that supports clinical decision-making by quickly
                              providing access to information in a consistent format
                              that is easy to understand regardless of the data’s origin.
                              Launchpad streamlines the representation of data by standardizing it and acts as a
                              portal for the healthcare community. Its modular design makes Launchpad suitable
                              for an implementation at any level - regional, provincial or national.
Excelleris Technologies Inc   Features & Benefits
1-866-728-4777                Easy to Use – a web-based system with an             Security & Privacy Compliant – our solu-           intuitive user interface designed specifically for   tions conform with current privacy legislation
                              the way health professionals work. It is an easy     (such as Canadian Service Alliance model            to use solution that provides fast, direct access    privacy code, Freedom of Information and
                              to patient information.                              Privacy Act (FOIPA), and the Personal informa-
                                                                                   tion Protection and Electronic Documents Act
                              Optimizes Technology Investments – boost
                                                                                   (PIPEDA) and adheres to industry computing
                              your current infrastructure by leveraging your
                                                                                   standards as well as provincial requirements.
                              IT investments to allow quick integration of
                                                                                   Our solutions also have the ability to allow
                              distributed data, thus giving you access to the
                                                                                   patient security management through granular
                              critical information at your fingertips anytime
                                                                                   access rights to data.
                              you need it.
                                                                                   Standards Based – our messaging system
                              Scalability, Availability & Performance
                                                                                   supports the HL7 and XML standards, and
                              – our high performance n-tier architecture
                                                                                   uses LOINC nomenclature. Our solution re-
                              means it is highly scalable and provides
                                                                                   flects the vision of the Canada Health Infoway
                              24X7 availability with the flexibility to effec-
                                                                                   EHR Blueprint.
                              tively handle future growth for small and large
                              healthcare environments.


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