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					                   Manston International Business Park
                     Tender for Landscape Services

Kent County Council and Thanet District Council within the next few weeks,
will formally establish a Joint Venture vehicle to oversee the regeneration of
Manston Park and Eurokent in Thanet.

This commission seeks to maximise developable land at Manston Park by
improving and enhancing the landscaping features within the site.

The letting of this commission will be dependent on a cost-benefit analysis
being done by KCC, in which the value of the land being released for
development must outweigh the cost of this commission.

This document should be read in conjunction with Fig 1, Fig 2 and Fig 3.

Earthen embankments

Current (fig 1)
Running along the western side of Manston Park, the embankments screen
sound, light and buildings from the nearby Acol village. Covered with young
slow growing saplings of a mixed but predominantly deciduous variety, the
embankments are broken in several locations due to the need to avoid tree
roots damaging utility connections. In places the embankments are also
virtually at a par with the ground.

Proposed (fig 2)
In order to improve the environment for Acol residents and release further
land for redevelopment, the JV wishes to enhance and improve these
embankments by taking the following actions.

1. Grade back the existing earth / bank from the inner boundary of the
   Business Park side to create 16 meters (see Fig 2 green area) over the
   north-western boundary and 20 meters (see fig 2 yellow area) of further
   usable flat ground over the length of the south-western boundary of the
   business park

2. Sub soil / earth to be supplied and graded to the existing bank to allow for
   10 meters in width with a minimum height of 5 meters.

3. Remove approximately 70% of existing mixed trees planted on bank and
   dispose of. Set aside remaining 30% for future replanting.

4. Cut back boundary hedgerows and trees (see Fig 2 green area) with
   tractor mounted flail allowing for unrestricted safe PROW to a width of 4

5. Top soil to be set aside and used for final grading and reseeding of bank.
6. On completion of the new bank the native trees will be replanted on the
   top of the bank within the top 3 meters.

7. On completion of planting (see point 6) both sides of the bank will be

8. Where necessary, assist in the public consultation process.

Please note all the above works should be subject to a site survey
establishing the existing utilities.

Access for the above works can be made via the southern entrance adjacent
to Invicta Foods, centrally between the Cummins plant and Avia and to the
north of Cummins.

Prior to any works commencing method statements and full risk assessments
would be completed and supplied by KCC.

It will be the responsibility of KCC to deal with all planning and environmental
issues affecting these works.

Public right of way and service road

Along the embankments is a large expanse of arid grass that is used as a
PROW and service road.

Combine the PROW and service road while ensuring that ground levels are
sufficiently level to enhance the current PROW experience and increase H&S

During the works a security system must be in place to ensure the protection
of passers by using the PROW.

Tendering agents should note that any award of contract, while initially being
commissioned by KCC on behalf of the JV, will be novated across once the
JV is officially incorporated.


Should any potential agent wish to suggest possible alternatives to this
scheme, the JV is willing to consider and discuss potential alternatives.


Payments will be invoiced monthly in arrears from the agreed date.

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