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					St George’s Wharf

To date, 772 units have been completed (which includes 173 affordable units in Block H).
Block K is currently at the fitting-out stage, due to complete in June 2008. It will have a total of
140 units and is 18 storeys high (the highest to date is 24 storeys).

Part of the project remit was to create affordable housing. There was not enough room in
Block K, so Block A was developed. This consists of commercial units on the ground floor,
175 affordable, and 85 private units.

       Up to date photos required

The previous blocks had flat slabs, concrete frames, pre-fabricated balcony’s and curtain
walling. This is continuing into the new blocks.

They are just starting work on Block A which was formerly a Hotel, but now has residential
status. Construction starts on 16 July 2007, and is due to complete at the end of March 2010.
This will have a total of 280 units. Block A sits over Vauxhall Station and has enormous
foundations measuring 60m x 2.5m piles.

There is also a 50-storey Tower which will have a total of 223 residential units (work starts on
18 February 2008 and is due to complete 17 August 2011). When planned, the Tower was to
be the largest residential tower in Europe. The Penthouse is expected to sell for a “significant
amount of money”. Each flat has a winter garden. It is situated right up against the road and
3m from the river wall.

This has been in planning for 18 months, the Tower got planning permission in July 2005.


       3.84 (thickness to over 4m raft)
       0.26 miles
       Single level basement (4m) raft
       Total 8m dig
       9.5 m below high water mark (the risks attached to that this are enormous)
       Piles 60m – week each pile – into Thanet sand
       Full glass façade (twin wall – 2 glass sheets with a cavity in-between)

Energy efficiency

There will be a wind turbine on top of the Tower, which should supply energy for all the
common parts. It will be a slow-spinning vertical turbine, which is quiet and ubration free and
shouldn’t require much maintenance (however, due to the weight - 30 tonnes - maintenance
could be an issue). The turbine has an expected life span of 15-25 years (oil encasement).
There is also an issue about housing the turbine on top of the exclusive penthouse.

The early modelling has been done

Heating and cooling from the Tower will be via two aperture boreholes (constant 5º). It will
pump out from the Tower, across the Site and back into the boreholes through 2 boreholes
under block A (discovered flow rates).

The target for the Tower is very good.

Block K
The units in Block K have been designed to Eco Homes VG. They are using an area of the
Tower site for large deliveries (there is a commercial entrance on Nine Elms Road). All the fit-
out materials are delivered into the basement and then hoisted up the building.
When construction of the Tower starts they hope to use the green space for access. This is
owned by Wandsworth and will be landscaped later as part of the Contract.

There is currently an issue around the means of escape during construction.

Waste management
Battersea Road – they have been working with WRAP who helped with information on waste
management / segregation. Luane Roxborough is the waste champion at Battersea Road
(contact details: 07734 853127 / 020 7801 1550).

The waste management plans on all sites are being evolved to the system used by Skanska.
This system includes charging contractors for waste containers (the rates are dependant on
the content, and the financial incentive).

They also have a close relationship with British Gy….

They have started using SMARTSmart (*send details of the SMARTStart launch to Tony and
also the “Plasterboard re-cycling review” case study from the WRAP website.

There are currently no figures for the last Blocks (H and J). The main Contractor they used
had to leave. St George’s Wharf did the frame, and Perpiott Contracts Ltd will be doing the fit-
out only. St George’s Wharf have done the whole of Block K, and Block A is out to tender for
the Infrastructure (Bachy are doing the painting). In regards to the Tower they are currently
procuring the key purchases. They will soon test the market for a main contractor to complete
the frame and envelope, the fit-out will stay in-house.

Health and Safety

There has been a 10% reduction on cost/time safety incidents year on year. They are
currently really focused on the means of escape during construction (HSG168 – fire control in
construction). The Chairman has been the main driver in this as he recognises the risks for
the workers and he wants to review it over the next 6 months. There has also been a push for
early installation of things/items to help fight fire during construction.

They are now also monitoring near misses (there is a massive process involved for these,
which involves the Chairman). They have recorded over 500k man hours without accidents.

       Tony to send A12 rates for H, J and K to date

General feedback

       Concrete panels – Marble Mosaics have done the whole job
       Concrete frames – site plans own all since first block
       Curtain walling – Costains did 2/3 of the work, but then went into liquidation.
        Feldhouse are working on the current block and are also being involved in
        discussions relating to the Tower. Another contractor (Matchpower From) did Blocks
        H and J.
       The carpentry has been pretty
       Plasterboard – MPG 3, 4 blocks in a row

Early involvement in concrete has had an immense impact (the concrete frame contractor is
in charge of detailing).

Research – BRE worked with the project on 5 or 6 different topics

Because the blocks are similar, it is easy to measure performance improvements.

Slab deflections are crucial, they are much quieter (wanted to avoid post-basioning).
Changes in design have had a huge impact on cost - better managing deflection. There is
now also a better definition of slab deflection.

They have used self-compacting concrete. This has real benefits in terms of H&S, but is cost

Community engagement

They had a scheme with LSBO, but this changed as they changed / deferred the scheme.
Because of the downturn they have not taken as many graduates.

They have a Workplace Coordinator, funded by Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth. Their
role is to help people into work and provide training opportunities. (Tony has figures for the
number of apprentices, etc. The contact is Rachael Blake).

CSCS – they are aiming to have a fully coded workforce (the target is to achieve this). All their
own staff have CSCS, with 66 - 67% of all the on-site workers having CSCS. The issue here
is the non-construction/auxillary staff and getting them CSCS cards (sales staff / landscape
gardeners, etc). Running CSCS seminars for trade contractors is hard work. There is a
dichotomy between efficiency / productively including new ways of working and training.

*Entry for Building Awards – Tony to see if he can send it to me.

Marble Moves – when they started out 10 years ago, they were very small. They have made
huge leaps forward and also provided stability to the project. St George’s Wharf provides 65 -
75% of their turnover, so they provide a fantastic service in return.

The contract value is around £…m, (Tower above £120m, Battersea Road £25m and St
George’s Wharf £20m).

Marcus Blades is the Senior Construction Manager for St George’s Wharf (020 7840 5860)

Ross from Imperial Wharf – C & S London have amalgamated

Who’s involved in the pre-construction for the Tower?