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                          Microsoft Word – Master Handout

Microsoft Word Booklet – Table of Contents
Lesson 1 – Getting Familiar with Microsoft Word 2007
Exercise 1 – Create Sample Data                   Exercise 2 – The Arrow Keys
Exercise 3 – Close and Save

Lesson 2 – Microsoft Word 2007 Basic Features
Exercise 4 – Type and Backspace                   Exercise 5 – Insert/Overtype Button
Exercise 6 – Bold, Italicize and Underline        Exercise 7 – Save A File

Lesson 3 – More Basic Features
Exercise 8 – Open A File                          Exercise 9 – Cut With The Ribbon
Exercise 10 – Copy With The Ribbon                Exercise 11 – Use Spell Check
Exercise 12 – Use Find With The Ribbon            Exercise 13 – Change The Font Size
Exercise 14 – Change The Font With The Ribbon

Lesson 4 – Formatting Paragraphs and Working With Styles
Exercise 15 – Open A Blank Document              Exercise 16 – Add Sample Text
Exercise 17 – Add Space Before/ After Paragraphs Exercise 18 – Change Line Spacing
Exercise 19 – Create A First-Line Indent         Exercise 20 – Indent Paragraphs
Exercise 21 – Create The Paragraphs              Exercise 22 – Create A Hanging Indent
Exercise 23 – Choose A Style                     Exercise 24 – Apply The Title Style
Exercise 25 – Change Style Sets

Lesson 5 – Bullets & Numbers, Undo & Redo, Page Layouts & Printing Documents
Exercise 26 - Bullets                             Exercise 27 – Undo and Redo
Exercise 28 – Set The Orientation                 Exercise 29 – Set The Page Size
Exercise 30 – Set The Margins                     Exercise 31 – Add Page Numbers
Exercise 32 – Change To Print View                Exercise 33 – Print Preview
Lesson 1

1. Microsoft Word is a _______________ _______________ software package.

2. You can use it to type _______________, _______________ and other ______________.

3. Label the Microsoft Word 2007 Screen below. Draw lines and indicate the appropriate letter beside each
   line from the list below. Hint: Move your mouse around the screen and watch for pop-ups.

  A)   Microsoft Office Button       B)   Quick Access Toolbar            C)   Customize Quick Access Tool.
  D)   Title Bar                     E)   The Ribbon                      F)   The Ruler
  G)   Text Area                     H)   Scroll Bars                     I)   Status Bar
  J)   Minimize Button               K)   Restore Down Button             L)   Close Button
  M)   Help Button                   N)   Previous Page Button            O)   Select Browse Object Button
  P)   Next Page Button              Q)   Zoom Dialog Box                 R)   Zoom Level Controls
  S)   Print Layout View Button      T)   Full Screen Read. View Button   U)   Web Layout View Button
  V)   Outline View Button           W)   Draft View Button               X)   Left Tab Button
  Y)   View Ruler Button             Z)   Insertion Point
4. The Quick Access Toolbar provides you with access to commands you _______________ use. They include:

5. The Title Bar displays the ______________ of the document on which you are currently working.

        What is the default filename is MS Word:      _______________

        What is the extension added to MS Word files: _______________

6. You use The Ribbon to issue ______________. The three parts to The Ribbon are:

7.   The Status Bar appears at the very ________________ of your window and provides such information as

     the _______________ _______________ and the number of _______________ in your document. You

     can change what displays on the Status Bar by _______________ - _______________ and selecting options.

8. In Microsoft Word you can display your document in 1 of 5 views. Identify and explain each of the views.

      _______________________________ View:

          ___________________________________________________________________________________

      _______________________________ View:

          ___________________________________________________________________________________

     ________________________________ View:

          ___________________________________________________________________________________

     ________________________________ View:

          ___________________________________________________________________________________

     ________________________________ View:

          ___________________________________________________________________________________
9. Certain characters, called _______________ _______________, do not print and will not appear in your
   printed document but do affect your document layout. Complete the rest of the following table.

                      Character                    Represents


Lesson 2

10. What’s the difference between insert and overtype mode?

    Insert: ________________________________________________________________________________

    Overtype: _____________________________________________________________________________

11. When creating a document, you may need to emphasize particular words or phrases by ______________,

   _______________, or _______________ text.

12. What’s the difference between “Save” and “Save As”?

      Save: ________________________________________________________________________________

      Save As: _____________________________________________________________________________

Lesson 3

13. Microsoft Word checks your _______________ and _______________ as you type.

14. Spelling errors are displayed with a ______________ wavy line.

15. Grammar errors are displayed with a ______________ wavy line.

16. If you need to find a particular word or phrase in your document, you can use the _____________

17. In Microsoft Word, you can change the _______________ (the “family” of type you use for your text).
Lesson 4

18. Line spacing sets the amount of space between lines within a ______________. Line spacing options include
    (refer to screen image):

19. Some people organizations want the beginning of a new paragraph to stand out by ______________ the
    first line.

20. Microsoft Word gives you a choice of several types of _______________ - the manner in which the text
    (characters) appear on the page. The most popular choices include:

21. The _______________ indent feature indent feature indents each line except the first line.

22. When working with Microsoft Word, you can use styles to quickly format your documents. A ____________

    is a set of formats consisting of such things as fonts, font _______________, font _______________, and
    paragraph formats.

Lesson 5

23. If you have lists of data, you may want to _______________ or _______________ them.

24. You can quickly reverse most commands you execute by using ______________. If you then change your

    mind again, and want to reapply a command you can use _______________.

25. There are two page orientations you can use: _______________ and _______________. In

    ______________, the shortest edge of the paper becomes the top of the page. In _______________, the
    longest edge becomes the top of the page.

26. Margins define the amount of _______________ space that appears at the top, bottom, left and right edges
    of your document.

27. Page _______________ help you keep your document organized and enable readers to find information

28. By using a page _______________ you can change the point at which a new page begins.

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