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					                                                      Apart   from    generating   direct
                                               employment, it’s indirect effect ensures
                                               inclusive growth of the local community.

                                                     From a service sector, tourism has
                                               emerged as a leading export industry like
                                               the Gems     and    Jewellery Industry,
        TOURISM AND CULTURE                    Information Technology and Engineering
            DEPARTMENT                         Products.

                TOURISM                              Therefore, priority is accorded by
                                               both Central and State governments to
       POLICY NOTE 2011-2012                   give a major fillip to tourism sector. A
                                               new thrust is being given for providing
Introduction                                   tourist infrastructure of international
                                               standard and marketing of destinations.
      Tourism is seen as an engine of
development,      catalyst to economic                Arrangements of services such as
prosperity of a country.                       travel, accommodation and food with ease
                                               and comfort help in attracting repeat
      Tourism refreshes the mind, brings       visitors and providing effective publicity
happiness, relaxation,      enjoyment and      by word of mouth.
gives new experience etc. to the tourists.
Tourism ensures an all round growth                  Tourism in the past was regarded as
through economic multiplier effect which       a religious or leisure activity. Now, the
percolates    to    various    stake-holding   improved connectivity, quality roads and
sectors like the airlines, railways, surface   easy access to tourist attractions, e-
transport,     cruises,     hotels,    tele-   booking, etc. have made travel easier.
communication etc.                             Monotony of work, stressful lifestyle, and

                     1                                             2
desire to explore new places have                Tamil Nadu Tourism –
necessitated travel and tourism. The free        Potential and Prospects
trade and open-sky aviation policies have
also contributed to tourism growth. The
pace of growth in recent times has left the           (i)     To promote Tamil Nadu as an
infrastructural facilities and availability of                attractive tourist destination
human resources lagging behind, thereby                       at the International level.
leaving a challenge to match the growth
and have futuristic and perspective plans             (ii)    To preserve the rich cultural
in place.                                                     heritage and monuments of
                                                              architectural splendour.
India Tourism
       India Tourism provides a world of
attractions to tourists. The snow-capped              (i)     To strengthen the existing
mountains,     Taj   Mahal,   magnificent                     tourism infrastructure in the
Temples of Tamil Nadu, long stretch of                        State.
Beaches, Palaces, places of Worship,
historical Monuments, Wildlife, Nature,               (ii)    To exploit the tremendous
Rural lifestyle, Cultural Diversity, Art,                     unexploited potential for the
Crafts, Architecture and the Cuisine are                      promotion of Tourism.
just a few to mention. The Government
of India is now making aggressive                     (iii)   To identify the gaps in tourism
promotional efforts and accord priority for                   infrastructure and formulate
tourism. For establishing infrastructure,                     development schemes.
financial support is extended to the
States. If the tourism potential is fully             (iv)    To     provide    world    class
realised, a manifold growth and it’s                          services    for   the   tourists
consequential socio-economic benefits can                     visiting the State.
be derived.

                      3                                                4
     (v)    To achieve 40 Lakh foreign               3. Increase    the       length   of   stay   of
            tourist arrivals and 60 Lakh                tourists.
            domestic tourist arrivals in the
            next five years.                         4. Increase the average spending by
                                                        foreign as well as domestic tourists
Importance of Tourism                                   per day.

     (i)    To generate foreign exchange           Strategy
                    for the country.
     (ii)   To     generate     employment,            a. Integrated development of high-
            especially in the services                    priority tourism infrastructure in
            sector and to improve the                     high potential tourism circuits.
            standard of living and quality
            of life for the people.                    b. Enhanced      connectivity and
                                                          improved environment, utilities
      According to Government of India                    and tourist services.
estimate, every one Crore Rupees
invested in Tourism creates 475 jobs as                c. Improvement of institutional and
against 126 jobs from Manufacturing                       regulatory frameworks that will
Sector.                                                   ensure coordinated efforts of
                                                          multiple agencies.
                                                       d. Promotion of environmentally
  1. Make     Tamil   Nadu     the   top                  and culturally sustainable and
     destination in India for attracting                  socially   inclusive    tourism
     domestic and foreign tourists.                       development.

  2. Increase    the       number   of   tourist       e. Encouragement of private sector
     arrivals.                                            and community participation in
                                                          tourism and

                       5                                                  6
           f. Capacity building and human          iii)   National Parks
              resources      development     for
                                                          Guindy National Park, Anaimalai-
              sustainable      tourism      and
                                                          Indira Gandhi National Park and
              destination management through
                                                          Gulf of Mannar Marine National
              employment generation, poverty
              alleviation,        environmental
              regeneration, advancement of
                                                   iv)    Wildlife and Birds Sanctuaries
              women        and    disadvantaged
              groups.                                     a) Wildlife Sanctuaries
                                                            Mudumalai, Kalakkad,
                                                            Mundanthurai, Kodiakarai
Strengths of Tamil Nadu for Tourism
                                                            and Berijam.
                                                          b) Birds Sanctuaries
I.         Tourist Spots
                                                            Vedanthangal, Karikilli,
     i)      Excellent Hill Stations                        Pulicat, Karaivetti,
             Ooty,     Kodaikanal,   Yercaud,
                                                            Vaduvoor, Chithirankudi,
             Yelagiri, Javvadhu Hills, Kolli
                                                            Koonthankulam, Vellode,
             Hills, Sirumalai Hills, Valparai,
                                                            Melaselvanur, Vettangudi and
             Top Slip, Kalrayan Hills and
                                                            Pichavaram Mangrove Coast.
             Pachamalai Hills.
                                                   v)     Botanical Garden
     ii)     Silvery Cascades (Waterfalls)
                                                          Ooty, Kodaikanal, Coimbatore.
             Courtallam,           Hogenakkal,
             Thirparappu, Papanasam, Akasa
             Gangai (Kolli Hills), Thirumurthi

                           7                                         8
vi)     UNESCO Declared Monuments                Mosques:
        Chola Temples – Big Temple in            Thousand Light Mosque at
        Thanjavur,      Iravatheeswarar          Chennai, Nagore Durgha, Erwadi,
        Temple in Dharasuram and Siva            Thengaipattinam, Keelakkarai,
        Temple      in     Gangaikonda           Kayalpattinam.
        Cholapuram,    Monuments     at
        Mamallapuram, Nilgiris Heritage    ix)   Museums
                                                 Chennai Museum and 20 other
                                                 Museums in the Districts.
vii)    Beaches
        Marina Beach, Elliots Beach,       x)    Palaces
        Kanniyakumari, Pulicat,
                                                 Thirumalai Naicker Mahal,
                                                 Thanjavur Palace,
                                                 Padmanabhapuram Palace,
viii)   Famous Temples
                                                 Chettinad Palace.
        Navagraha      temples,    Nava
        Tirupathi temples, Six Abodes of   xi)   Forts
        Lord Murugan, Famous temples
                                                 St. George Fort at Chennai,
        at Rameswaram, Chidambaram,
                                                 Danish Fort at Tranquebar,
        Madurai, Thanjavur, Srirangam,
                                                 Vellore, Dindigul, Namakkal,
        Thiruvannamalai, Kanniyakumari,
                                                 Gingee, Thirumayam,
                                                 Kattabomman Fort.
        Santhome, Velankanni,
        Manappad, Panimaya Madha,
        Poondi Madha Church.

                    9                                       10
II.          Transport Infrastructure                IV.   Skilled Manpower

      i)       Excellent Road connectivity (4        V.    Well-established   Private   and
               lane Road and East Coast Road               Corporate             Hospitality
               from Chennai to Kanniyakumari)              Industry / Service Sectors –

      ii)      One International Airport at               Hotels, Theme-parks,         Banking,
               Chennai and other Airports at              Insurance, Call-Taxies, etc.
               Madurai,           Tiruchirappalli,   Weakness (key barriers to the
               Coimbatore,       Salem       and     development of Tourism Sector)
               Vaagaikulam and Government &
               Private Airlines.                           (i)     Inadequate access and last-
                                                                   mile connectivity.
      iii)     Wide Railway Network connecting
               major cities in other States with           (ii)    Poor       and      inadequate
               major Cities and Towns in Tamil                     infrastructure    at    tourist
               Nadu.                                               destinations and sites.

      iv)      3 Major Ports                               (iii)   Weak tourism     management
III.         Educational         and     Medical
                                                           (iv)    Limited participation by the
                                                                   Private Sector and Local
             Top     Educational    and    Medical
             Institutions, including top Corporate
             Hospitals are located.
                                                           A rich, Cultural and Pilgrimage
                                                     heritage that already attracts significant
                                                     tourism volumes and that has the

                            11                                             12
potential, with proper management to          facilities at the Hill Stations, Waterfalls,
further expand.                               Forests, Bird Sanctuaries, Wild Life
                                              Sanctuaries and National Parks for the
       Pilgrimage tourism, primarily to       benefit of Tourists. Various Packages will
Kancheepuram, Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli,     be developed to promote Eco-Tourism in
Rameswaram, Madurai and Thoothukudi           the State on sustainable basis without
Districts, including a number of UNESCO       causing damage to environment and wild
sites such as the Mamallapuram Rock           life.
Carved Temples and the Temple Precincts,
accounts for an estimated 60% of Tamil        ii)    Rural Tourism
Nadu’s total tourist market. However, the
State’s extensive historic, coastal wetland         Development of “Rural Tourism” is
and Western Ghat forest bio-diversity         undertaken with the assistance of
resources and assets, together with the       Government of India and United Nations
cultural heritage of its rural and coastal    Development Programme. Government of
communities, have not been effectively        India funds hardware (infrastructure)
tapped for tourism.                           component; United Nations Development
                                              Programme funds software (Capacity
New Tourism Products                          Building)    component      and     it   is
                                              implemented with the assistance of local
     (i)     Eco-Tourism                      NGOs. 18 Rural Tourism Projects have
     (ii)    Rural Tourism                    been funded with a total outlay of Rs.6.21
     (iii)   Adventure Tourism                Crores. Rural Tourism enables exposure of
     (iv)    Medical Tourism                  children brought up in urban areas to rural
i)   Eco-Tourism
                                              iii)   Adventure Tourism
      A separate Eco-Tourism Wing has
been established in TTDC to promote                Adventure Tourism is gaining much
sustainable eco-tourism by integrating        popularity among tourists. Trekking in

                    13                                            14
low altitude hill areas, paragliding in             The    Government       of  India    is
Yelagiri, Water Sports in Muttukadu and       permitting a separate category of Medical
Mudaliarkuppam Boat Houses are some of        Visas, which helps in getting visa for a
the innovative sports activities promoted     maximum period of one year which
under Adventure Tourism for the benefit       includes the medical tourists and their
of tourists.   Adequate safeguards are        attendants who accompany them.          The
taken up to ensure safety of the tourists.    world class medical facilities and expertise
                                              available in Tamil Nadu are highlighted in
iv)   Medical Tourism                         many domestic and international travel
                                              marts, seminars, conferences etc. Now,
       Tamil Nadu is one of the leading       Tamil Nadu has emerged as a Medical
Medical Destinations in India. Well-          Tourism hub of Asia.
equipped Corporate Hospitals, less waiting
time, reasonable cost for treatment and             The medical tourists, particularly
skilled medical professionals are the major   from U.K., U.A.E., Singapore, Malaysia,
advantages to promote Medical Tourism in      Mauritius, African countries, Maldives and
our     State.    A   ‘Medical     Tourism    West Bengal, North-Eastern States avail
Information Centre’ is attached to Tamil      the medical facilities in Tamil Nadu.
Nadu Tourism Complex and Travel Desks
in Corporate and major Hospitals have               Now, the Medical Tourism has
been set up. A comprehensive database         further expanded in its scope. Medical
has been established to assist the medical    Tourism is regarded much as clinical,
tourists.    Training   programmes      are   whereas Wellness Tourism encompasses
conducted for CEOs and Front Office           both clinical and spiritual needs of the
Managers of the Hospitals in Chennai and      tourists to keep them in a right frame of
Madurai. A Core Committee has been set        health and mind.       There is a great
up consisting of the Director of Medical      potential to further expand the Wellness
Education and experts of leading medical      Tourism framework in the State. The
organizations to assist the Tourism           Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation can be
Department.                                   promoted as Tourism Products.

                    15                                             16
Heritage Tourism                                  Mansions are converted into Heritage
                                                  Hotels. Heritage building owners are
       The rich cultural heritage of the          encouraged by the Tourism department to
state is one of the important tourist             convert heritage buildings into heritage
attractions. The State Government has             hotels to attract tourists.
declared 48 Tourist places in Tamil Nadu
as    Heritage    Places.    The      tourists,   Promotion of      Less   Known     Tourist
particularly the foreigners have a special        Destinations
liking for Tamil Nadu because of its art,
                                                       The     core    destinations     like
culture, architecture, traditional crafts,
                                                  Udhagamandalam, Kodaikanal, Madurai,
cuisine etc. The festivals, particularly, the
                                                  Rameswaram,               Mamallapuram,
music     and   dance     festivals     during
                                                  Kanniyakumari etc. are attracting a large
December–February       attract     a    large
                                                  number of tourists.
number of foreign tourists. The Tamil
Nadu’s traditional food, particularly in                 During summer, there is an excess
Chettinad, Madurai, Tirunelveli and Kongu         tourist flow at places like Ooty and
Regions provide a varied taste and forms          Kodaikanal, far beyond the carrying
an attractive factor to enhance tourist           capacity. This situation makes an adverse
arrivals. Tamil Nadu Tourism Department           effect on the destination itself. Therefore,
is conducting Indian Dance festival, Food         as a sustainable tourism promotion effort,
festival and Cultural festival to cater to a      Tourism     Department     promotes    ‘less
large number of domestic tourists as well         known tourist destinations’ which have
as tourists from abroad.                          tourism potential. Such places can absorb
                                                  the excess traffic.
       Some of the heritage buildings like
Chettinad     Mansions    are    remaining               To provide alternate destinations,
unutilised or underutilised. The unique           the following 32 less known tourist
architecture,     expansive    courtyards,        destinations have been identified to
intricate woodwork, peaceful ambience             provide    infrastructural amenities  on
and delicious cuisine etc. are highlighted        priority basis.
to attract tourists. Some of the Chettinad

                      17                                              18
Sl.          Less Known           District            Schemes are formulated under
No.    Tourist Destinations                     Central Financial Assistance and State
 1    Periyapalayam           Thiruvallur
                                                Fund to provide basic amenities in ‘Less
 2    Pulicat
 3    Elagiri                 Vellore           Known Tourist Destinations’ to attract
 4    Thirukkadaiyur                            tourists.
 5    Vedharanyam
 6    Tranquebar              Nagapattinam           The following are details of subsidy
 7    Thirumanancheri                           given for promoting Tourism in Less
 8    Sikkal                                    Known Tourist Destinations.
 9    Sithannavasal           Pudukkottai
10    Puliyancholai           Tiruchirappalli
11    Tharamangalam           Salem             Subsidy for Private Investment
12    Kolli Hills             Namakkal
13    Hogenakkal              Dharmapuri
                                                      The following are details of subsidy
14    Bavani Kooduthurai      Erode             given to attract entrepreneurs to invest in
15    Valparai                Coimbatore        setting up Star hotels, Amusement Parks,
16    Megamalai               Theni             Golf courses, Spas, Boat houses, etc.
17    Sirumalai               Dindigul
18    Thiruppudaimaruthur     Tirunelveli       (i)      One     Time      Subsidy           for
19    Thirparappu             Kanniyakumari              Construction of Star Hotels
20    Kalrayan Hills          Villupuram
21    Thali                   Krishnagiri       Sl.No.        Grade              Subsidy
22    Parali                  Dindigul
23    Kodiveri                Erode               1.      Single Star    10 per cent of the total
24    Pollachi                Coimbatore                                 project cost (excluding
25    Kurangani               Theni                                      land    value)   or   a
26    Vaigai Dam                                                         maximum      of   Rs.25
27    Srivilliputhur          Virudhunagar                               Lakhs.
28    Kattabomman Fort        Thoothukudi
29    Tiruchengodu            Namakkal            2.      Two Star       10 per cent of the total
30    Pichavaram              Cuddalore                                  project cost (excluding
31    Pachamalai              Tiruchirappalli                            land    value)   or   a
32    Koothanur               Thiruvarur                                 maximum      of   Rs.50

                    19                                                  20
  3.     Three Star        10 per cent of the total            (a)     Heritage Hotel
                           project cost (excluding
                           land    value)   or   a             The building should have been
                           maximum      of  Rs.100             constructed prior to 1950. It should
                           Lakhs.                              have a minimum of 5 rooms (10
(ii)   One Time Subsidy                  for    other
       Tourism Projects                                        (b)     Heritage Classic
                                                               It should have been constructed
Amusement Parks, Golf          10 per cent of the total        prior to 1935. The hotel should
courses, Rope Car, Boat        project cost (excluding         have a minimum of 15 rooms (30
Houses                         land value) or a                beds)
                               maximum of Rs.100
(iii) Soft Loan                                           The hotel should offer traditional cuisine
                                                          but should have four to five items which
       To pay VAT, a soft loan at the rate                have close approximation to continental
       of 0.1 per cent interest per annum                 cuisine.
       for the first five years will be
       sanctioned.                                        Human Resources Development

(iv) Converting Heritage Buildings                             The     following  two    Government
     into Heritage Hotels and subsidy                     Catering Institutes offer Diploma Courses
     for Heritage Hotels                                  in     Hotel      Management,     Catering
                                                          Technology and also various Craft
       A subsidy of 10 per cent on                        Certificate Courses.
       conversion cost to convert Heritage
       buildings into Heritage hotels is                  1. The   State      Institute   of      Hotel
       given by the Government.                              Management           and          Catering

                          21                                                  22
   Technology,                 Thuvakkudi,           Tamil Nadu Tourism in co-ordination
   Tiruchirappalli.                            with the Anna Institute of Management,
                                               Chennai     conducts   Guide      Training
2. The Institute of Hotel Management,          Programmes for the unemployed youth
   Catering Technology and Applied             and retired Government officials.
   Nutrition,    Tharamani,      Chennai
   (Government of India Institute)                   Guide Identity cards are given to
                                               the trained Guides.
Hospitality Training Programme                 “Virunthinar Potruthum, Virunthinar
                                               Potruthum” (Tourist friendly activities)
      The   State    Institute   of    Hotel
Management and Catering Technology,                  The Tourist friendliness is an
Thuvakkudi, Trichy and the Institute of        important factor which generates tourist
Hotel Management, Catering Technology          retention value. If the guest care blends
and Applied Nutrition, Tharamani, Chennai      well    with   the    multifarious   tourist
are    conducting    Hospitality    Training   attractions of our state, it can generate a
Programmes for Capacity building with the      large number of tourists.
sponsorship of Ministry of Tourism,
Government of India under Hunar Se                    It is, therefore, necessary that,
Rozgaar Yojana.                                those who are in direct interaction with
                                               the tourists, are to be given the capacity
Guide Training Programme                       building training to ensure better visitor
                                               services.      The 'Virunthinar Potruthum,
      Guides play a vital role in tourism
                                               Virunthinar      Potruthum'     campaign     is
promotion. They are responsible for
                                               organised for the taxi drivers, auto
projecting the right image of the country,
                                               drivers, railway staff, airport staff, airline
giving factual information, caring for the
                                               staff, traffic police, guides, counter staff in
safety of the tourists and ensuring their
                                               the travel agencies etc. This has resulted
pleasant stay.
                                               in tourists getting better services. The
                                               word-of-mouth publicity carries a very

                      23                                             24
positive impact. The training is arranged      Security Organization is minimum. Tamil
in Chennai and other districts / tourist       Nadu is known as a safe and secure State.
destinations.                                  Tourist      Security      Organization      is
                                               functioning to instil a sense of confidence
Capacity Building Training                     among foreign tourists and domestic
                                               tourists.      The      objectives     include
      Training is imparted for local           hassle-free       travel,     communication,
community in Rural Tourism Sites, Front        eliminating      touts,    any     unforeseen
Office Staff in Corporate Hotels, Drivers of   requirements which a tourist may find
Taxies and Auto-rickshaws and Personnel        difficult to get while in a new place and in
handling tourists at Airports and Railway      a crowd. The Ex-Servicemen are selected
Stations.                                      based on        their awareness of various
                                               regions and knowledge of vernacular
Tourist Security Organization                  languages. They can easily understand
                                               the problems of tourists and communicate
      A Tourist Security Organization is       well in their language, so that the tourists
functioning in the Tourism Department. It      feel at home and secure.            Necessary
has a Chief Tourist Warden stationed at        orientation training has been given
Chennai to co-ordinate with Station            through Tamil Nadu Police Academy,
Tourist Wardens at five centres, namely,       Chennai to ensure co-ordination between
Mamallapuram,                Rameswaram,       Tourists, Tourist Security Organization
Kanniyakumari,        Kodaikanal      and      and local police.
Udhagamandalam. To start with, Tourist
Security Organization is functioning at              Ministry of Tourism, Government of
these five centres and based on its            India also encourages Tourist Security
success, action will be taken to expand to     Organization and has appreciated the lead
other important tourist centres.        At     role played by Tamil Nadu Tourism.
present, the team has 30 members.              Performance of the Tourist Security
                                               Organization has been well appreciated by
     When compared to the high growth
of tourist arrivals, the size of Tourist

                    25                                               26
the visiting tourists and local public and it      Overseas Travel Marts
has been published in print media.
                                                         Tamil Nadu Tourism participates in
Tourism promotional activities                     International Tourism Marts, Fairs and Events
                                                   to showcase the tourist destinations in Tamil
A)    Publicity  –     Advertisements,             Nadu.
      International Travel Marts
                                                         Tamil Nadu Tourism’s brand statement
      Tamil Nadu Tourism has launched a            “Enchanting Tamil Nadu, Experience Yourself”
series of Domestic and International print         has made very positive impact in the travel
campaigns, which are released in various           industry in India and abroad. Enchanting
Domestic     and      International    In-Flight   Tamil Nadu is regarded as a widely known
Magazines     and     other    leading   Travel    tourism brand. This is also reflected from the
Magazines as well.         Advertisements are      increasing tourist arrivals.
released in International Magazines and
International In-flight Magazines.                 B)    Fairs, Festivals and Seminars
      Advertisements are also released in
various Domestic In-Flight Magazines and                  The vibrancy and gaiety of festivals of
                                                   Tamil Nadu which happens almost throughout
Travel magazines.
                                                   the year enthuses tourists.        The festivals
      Further,       Audio      and      Visual    reflect the life-style, customs and cultural
Advertisements figure in Radio and Television      overtones of a destination. The foreigners,
Media, apart from stories on innovative            particularly from Europe, UK, USA, Malaysia,
tourism projects.       Tamil Nadu Tourism         Singapore and Mauritius include important
continues to organize Marketing Campaigns          festivals in their travel plans. The foreign
and Marketing Meets in potential cities and        tourist arrival is generally high during festival
regions to attract tourists and tour operators.    season, especially, during the Music festival,
                                                   Dance festival, Chithirai festival, etc.

                     27                                                 28
     The Mamallapuram Dance Festival is               Tamil Nadu Tourism brings out
now known as Indian Dance Festival in          colourful Calendar every year with a
view of its patronage from India and           common theme to highlight the tourist
abroad.                                        features of our State. The theme for 2011
                                               is ‘Pleasant Beaches of Tamil Nadu’.
      The summer festivals at Hill
Stations, National Tourism Festival at         Newsletter
Kanniyakumari     and    National    Pilgrim
                                                      It is essential to record the
Festival at Rameswaram attract a large
                                               important events to publish them in
number of tourists. The festivals are
                                               various sectors and reap advantage in
highlighted as a tourism product and this
                                               terms of increased tourist arrival. A
helps in reducing the seasonality factor.
                                               Newsletter is brought out by Tamil Nadu
                                               Tourism and is distributed to all the State
      Apart from this, Tamil Nadu Tourism
                                               Governments and Government of India
is participating in important Exhibitions,
                                               offices and also to the tour operators,
Trade Fairs and Seminars. Tourism
                                               travel agents and hoteliers. All major
awareness among the students is created
                                               news pertaining to various activities that
by supporting seminars and workshops on
                                               the Tourism Department is engaged in,
Tourism in Universities and Colleges which
                                               and important tourism-related events held
are actively promoting Tourism studies.
                                               are highlighted in the Newsletter.
C) Tourist Literature
                                               Cleanliness Drive
      Printing of informative folders and            One of the important aspects which
books, hi-tech media products of compact       is considered by tourists, particularly
discs, Digital Video Disks of 25 minutes       foreign tourists is hygiene and tidiness.
duration     etc.   are    essential   for     The poor civic management, particularly
dissemination of information to the            waste management, is detrimental to
tourists.                                      tourism growth.       Sometimes, during
                                               festivals a large number of visitors as well

                    29                                             30
as local public throw waste material,
plastic bags, food items at tourist
destinations which overshadow the nature                             3   Development            of   1375.50   607.99
                                                                         Kanniyakumari          as
or architecture.                                                         pilgrimage       heritage
                                                                         circuit (Mega Project)
      It is proposed to declare all tourist                              Development of the
                                                                     4                               1475.00   737.50
spots Litter Free Zones / Plastic Free                                   Palace in Thanjavur
Zones / Green Zones. In co-ordination                                    (Mega Project)

with    the    local  bodies   and    Non                                                  TOTAL     5106.70   2561.47
Governmental Organisations, ‘Cleanliness
Drive’ will be conducted in specified                               These Mega Tourism projects will                 be
regulatory zones. Awareness campaigns                               completed during the current year.
will be conducted for the tourists as well
as the shop keepers / vendors.                                      Master Plan
Infrastructure Development                                                The continuous increase of tourist
Government of India Schemes                                         arrivals is having a direct bearing on the
                                                                    infrastructural     requirements,     civic
      Ministry of Tourism, Government of                            amenities,    waste     management     and
India has sanctioned the following 4 Mega                           capacity building training to meet the
Tourism Projects to promote tourism in                              challenging situations.
the State.
                                                                           The religious events, festivals and
                                      Amt.             Amt.
Sl.                                sanctioned      released by      auspicious functions, generate heavy
        Name of the scheme
No                                by MOT, GOI
                                  (Rs. in lakhs)
                                                    MOT, GOI
                                                   (Rs. in lakhs)
                                                                    traffic at a particular destination which is
 1    Development of Madurai                                        beyond the carrying capacity of the place.
      as pilgrimage heritage        1255.45          607.99         Further, the eco-sensitive destinations in
      circuit (Mega Project)
 2    Development            of
                                                                    the hill areas, forest areas, beaches, back-
      Rameswaram             as     1000.75          607.99         waters, etc. also require a long term
      pilgrimage       heritage                                     perspective     plan    to   withstand   the
      circuit (Mega Project)
                                                                    increasing flow of the tourist traffic. This

                             31                                                                 32
has necessitated a futuristic plan for           the East Coast Corridor and Southern
implementation    over   a  period for           Tourist Circuit will be implemented by this
sustainable development.                         Government with financial assistance from
                                                 Asian Development Bank with an outlay of
       The task of preparing ‘Tourism            Rs.450 crores.
Master Plan’ for Tamil Nadu was entrusted
to M/s. HUDCO, Chennai.       Accordingly,             The Technical Assistance under ADB
the Tourism Master Plan has been                 has made a Thematic focus on priority
prepared after studying all the districts        tourism corridor / circuits covering the
and taking the views of the District             following two Main circuits.
Collectors and stake-holders. The Master
Plan envisages a total outlay of Rs.1,611                  a) East Coast Circuit
crores and a major private sector role in
                                                           b) Southern Circuit
areas of commercial infrastructure. The
State Government will formulate schemes            Thematic focus of Priority Tourism Corridor/Circuits
with reference to this ‘Tourism Master
Plan’ to promote Tourism in the State.           Theme        East Coast Circuit         Southern Circuit

                                                Coverage     Chennai up to Point     This comprises
Financial Assistance         from     Asian                  Calimere          and   primarily the Madurai-
                                                             laterally  extending    Rameswaram -
Development Bank                                             up to Thanjavur to      Tirunelveli - Madurai
                                                             include           the   Quadrangle.
      Tamil Nadu Tourism has proposed to                     Navagraha Temples,
                                                             the Thanjavur Palace
implement Infrastructure Development                         and associated site.
Investment Programme for Tourism with           Eco-           •   Pichavaram        •   Gulf   of   Mannar
the financial assistance from Asian             Tourism            Community             Biosphere reserve -
                                                                   based                 Rameswaram
Development Bank.                                                  ecotourism.       •   Kalakkad
                                                                                         Mundanthurai tiger
      A special tourism development                                                      reserve - covering
project for beautification of tourist centres                                            Manimuthar     and
and improvement of basic facilities along                                                zones of KMTR

                     33                                                     34
                              •   Srivilliputhur                The projects will be undertaken in
                              •   Integrated       Bird
                                                          four overlapping phases over a five-year
                                  Sanctuary Circuit       period from setting-up to preparation for
Heritage   •   Mamallapuram   •   Nava Tirupathy –        operations and maintenance of completed
and        •   Tranquebar         Vishnu temples
Cultural       conservation   •   Thoothukudi
                                                          works. The overall cost of Tamil Nadu
Assets     •   Poompuhar          temple - Master         based on the priority projects in select
           •   Navagraha          plan           based    clusters   amounts     to   $100    million
               Temples            improvements
           •   Thanjavur
                                                          (Rs.450 Crores). Out of the proposed
               Palace                                     financing plan for the Project for Tamil
                                                          Nadu, Asian Development Bank's source is
       The East Coast Leisure Circuit                     $70 million (Rs.315 Crores) and State's
 covers coastal districts south of Chennai -              source is $30 million (Rs.135 Crores).
 Kancheepuram, Villupuram, Cuddalore,
 Nagapattinam, Tiruvarur, Thanjavur and                         For implementing the projects, a
 also Tiruchirappalli.                                    Project Implementation Unit - (PIU) will
                                                          be set up. PIU and the site offices will be
        The Southern Heritage and Eco-                    responsible      for    overseeing     and
 tourism Circuit is located in the southern               contributing to the design, implementation
 portion of Tamil Nadu and is divided into                and construction activities in the field.
 northern and southern thematic tourism                   The PIU and site offices will be selected
 components. The northern component of                    and established based on the guidelines of
 the circuit is the pilgrimage and heritage               the Asian Development Bank for effective
 rich    districts   of    Madurai,  Theni,               planning,    designing,    implementation,
 Virudunagar,      Ramanathapuram,      and               maintenance and control.
 Sivaganga while the southern component
 of the circuit is the eco-tourism and
 pilgrimage rich districts of Tirunelveli,
 Kanniyakumari and Thoothukudi.

                       35                                                     36
TAMILNADU TOURISM DEVELOPMENT                      budget    Tourists    and    Students    of
CORPORATION LIMITED, CHENNAI                       Educational Institutions at affordable cost
                                                   even during peak Summer Season.
       There    was    a     felt    need    for
establishment      of      a       Government      e-Governance initiative
Organization to promote the various
Tourist Destinations in the State by                      Tamil Nadu Tourism Development
building     up    the     Tourist      related    Corporation has earned the distinction of
infrastructure.   To     fulfil    this   need,    being the first State Tourism Corporation
Tamil     Nadu    Tourism         Development      to introduce on-line booking of Tours and
Corporation Limited was established on             Hotels. A large number of Tourists visit
30.06.1971. It started on a modest note            the website of Tamil Nadu Tourism
with five Government Bungalows and two             Development Corporation.
Coaches. It has made rapid strides since
then and is at present having a chain of           Virtual Tour
55 Hotels and a fleet of 25 Coaches.
                                                         Tamil Nadu Tourism Development
       Tamil Nadu Tourism Development              Corporation has made a provision of
Corporation had provided the Tourist               Virtual Tour in its Website covering 46
infrastructure in even less known tourist          major       Tourist       places     of
destinations like Kothagiri, Pitchavaram           Tamil Nadu.
and Pykara for promoting Tourism in the
State in a big way.                                      Tourists visiting this Website can
                                                   virtually have the experience of visiting
     Tamil Nadu Tourism Development                these places in person, as it offers 360
Corporation is operating Youth Hostels in          degree panoramic view of all the Tourist
major Tourist destinations including the           places. This facility is widely acclaimed by
Hill  Resorts     of   Udhagamandalam,             the media as a novel venture.
Kodaikanal     and    Yercaud    wherein
dormitory accommodation is provided to

                      37                                               38
                                                       PACKAGE TOURS OPERATED BY TTDC
Concessions to Senior Citizens and
differently abled persons                             Sl.
                                                      No.                  REGULAR TOURS
       TTDC is extending 20% concession                  1.    Half-a-day City Tour
to senior citizens and 25% concession to                 2.    One day Kancheepuram-Mamallapuram Tour
                                                         3.    Hop-on; Hop-off Tour
differently abled persons for availing                   4.    One day Tirupathi Tour
TTDC’s facilities.                                       5.    One day Thiruvannamalai Girivalam Tour
                                                         6.    One day Sripuram Golden Temple Tour
Boat Houses                                              7.    One day Pondicherry Tour
                                                         8.    3-day Navagraha Temple Tour
                                       No. of Boats      9.    4-day Arupadai Veedu Tour
   •   Muttukadu                :           58           10.   6-day South India Tour
   •   Mudaliarkuppam           :           55           11.   7-day Mookambika Tour
   •   Pichavaram               :           42           12.   8-day East West Coast Tour
                                                         13.   8-day Tamil Nadu Tour
   •   Yercaud                  :           75
                                                         14.   8-day Goa-Manthralayam Tour
   •   Kodaikanal – I           :          84            15.   14-day Sunny South Tour
   •   Kodaikanal - II
                                                         16.   One day Sakthi Tour
   •   Courtallam               :          33            17.   One day Thirumal Dharshan Tour
   •   Ooty                     :         139            18.   One day Navagraha Tour
   •   Pykara                   :          27            19.   One day Suruttapalli Tour
              Total Number of Boats       513            20.   3-day Thirumana Thiruthala Sutrula
                                                         21.   3-day Panchaboothasthalangal Tour
                                                         22.   4-day Chozha Nattu Thirupathigal Tour
Transport Division
                                                         23.   4-day Waterfalls Tour
                                                         24.   5-day 108 Amman Temple Tour
Volvo                                       2            25.   5-day Pandiya Nattu Thirupathigal Tour
35 Seater   A/C                             4            26.   SEASON SPECIAL TOURS / GROUP TOURS
35 Seater   Non A/C                         4                      a) Ooty Tour
18 Seater   A/C                             9                      b) Kodaikanal Tour
18 Seater   Non A/C                         4                      c) Yercaud-Hogenakkal Tour
                                                                   d) Mysore-Bangalore Tour
10 Seater   Tempo A/C                       2
                                                                   e) Munnar Tour
                Total No. of Coaches       25                      f) Courtallam Tour

                        39                                                    40
Rail cum Road Tours (RCRT)                     providing tourist friendly services. The
                                               State shall involve the Private Sector and
      Tamil Nadu Tourism Development           the    local   community     to   promote
Corporation is also organising Rail Cum        environmentally and culturally sustainable
Road Tours from New Delhi, Mumbai,             and      socially    inclusive    Tourism
Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Jaipur.       The       Development in the State.
tourists are received at Chennai Railway
Station and transferred to Tamil Nadu
Tourism     Development     Corporation’s                                S. Gokula Indira
Coaches.                                                                Minister for Tourism

      After the completion of the tour by
road, they are seen off by Tamil Nadu
Tourism Development Corporation officials
at Chennai Central Railway Station.

Tailor-made Tours

      When tourists as a group wish to
travel as per their itinerary, a special
package is worked out and the tour is
operated on that basis.


       The State Tourism Department shall
strive to realise the vision of making Tamil
Nadu as the International Tourism
Destination by implementing various
Tourism     Infrastructure    Projects  and

                    41                                             42
                  ANNEXURE - I
                                                         14. No. of Domestic Airports          : 6
        Tamil Nadu Tourism at a glance
                                                         15. Total length of Railway line in
                                                             Tamil Nadu                        : 3941 kms.
1. No. of Tourist Offices                      :   24
   (18 in Tamil Nadu & 6 in other States)
                                                         16. Total number of Youth Hostels : 7
2. No. of Tourist Information Centres          :   23
   (17 in Tamil Nadu & 6 in other States)                17. Total number of TTDC Hotels       : 55

3. No. of World Heritage Monuments             :   5     18. Total number of Boat Houses       : 9
4. No. of Monuments maintained by
                                                         19. Total number of Coaches           : 25
   State Archaeology Department                :   85
5. No. of Monuments maintained by                        20. Total no. of Telescope Houses : 3
   Archaeological Survey of India in
   Tamil Nadu                                  :   247   21. Amusement Parks                   : 23

6. No. of Forts                                :   11
                                                         Kinds of Tourism
7. No. of Museums                              :    21
8. No. of Temples maintained by Hindu                            1.   Leisure Tourism
   Religious and Charitable Endowment                            2.   Pilgrimage Tourism
   Board                                       : 38436           3.   Heritage Tourism
9. No. of Major Ports                          : 3               4.   Adventure Tourism
                                                                 5.   Cruise Tourism
10. No. of Major Hill Stations                 : 12              6.   Rural Tourism
11. Second longest Beach               :   Marina                7.   Responsible Tourism
                                           (Chennai)             8.   Business Tourism
                                           13 kms.               9.   Medical Tourism
                                                                10.   Eco Tourism
12. Highest Peak in Tamil Nadu         :   Doddabetta
                                           (2636 mtrs)          11.   Culture Tourism
                                                                12.   Educational Tourism
13. No. of International Airports   :      1

                          43                                                       44
               ANNEXURE – II           Tourist Information Centres in Tamil Nadu:

             Tourist Offices and          a) Airports
         Tourist Information Centres
                                             1.    Chennai (International terminal)
Tourist Offices in Tamil Nadu:               2.    Chennai (Domestic terminal)
                                             3.    Madurai
         1. Chennai                          4.    Coimbatore
         2. Kanniyakumari                    5.    Tiruchirappalli
         3. Udhagamandalam
         4. Kodaikanal                    b) Railway Stations
         5. Mamallapuram                     1.    Chennai (Central)
         6. Madurai                          2.    Chennai (Egmore)
         7. Rameswaram                       3.    Madurai
         8. Thanjavur                        4.    Coimbatore
         9. Tiruchirappalli                  5.    Rameswaram
         10. Tirunelveli                     6.    Tiruchirappalli
         11. Salem                           7.    Tirunelveli
         12. Dharmapuri
         13. Chidambaram                  c) Bus Stand
         14. Poompuhar
                                             1.    Chennai Metropolitan Bus Terminus,
         15. Vellore                               Koyambedu
         16. Coimbatore
         17. Karaikudi                    d) Other Places
         18. Tiruvannamalai
                                             1.    Gudalur (The Nilgiris District)
Tourist Offices in other States:             2.    Hotel Tamil Nadu Complex,
         1. New Delhi                              Thanjavur
                                             3.    Panchalankurichi
         2. Mumbai
                                                   (Thoothukudi District)
         3. Kolkata                          4.    Ramanathaswami Temple
         4. Goa (Panaji)                           premises, Rameswaram
         5. Jaipur
         6. Agra

                      45                                      46
Tourist Information Centres in other States                      ANNEXURE – III

   Place                           State
                                                        List of Heritage Towns in Tamil Nadu
1. Railway Junction, Bengaluru   Karnataka
2. Hyderabad                     Andhra Pradesh   Sl.        Heritage Town           District
3. Thiruvananthapuram            Kerala           No.
4. Ahmedabad                     Gujarat           1.    Kancheepuram
5. Bhubaneswar                   Orissa            2.    Mamallapuram          Kancheepuram
                                                   3.    Sriperumpudur
6. Lucknow                       Uttar Pradesh
                                                   4.    Chidambaram
                                                   5.    Pichavaram
                                                   6.    Marudhur              Cuddalore
                                                   7.    Kurinjipadi
                                                   8.    Marakkanam
                                                   9.    Thiruvanthipuram
                                                  10.    Rameswaram
                                                  11.    Vaalinokkam           Ramanathapuram
                                                  12.    Sethukkarai
                                                  13.    Srirangam             Tiruchirappalli
                                                  14.    Srivilliputhur        Virudhunagar
                                                  15.    Thanjavur             Thanjavur
                                                  16.    Kumbakonam
                                                  17.    Gangaikonda
                                                  18.    Madurai               Madurai
                                                  19.    Palani                Dindigul
                                                  20.    Tiruchendur           Thoothukudi
                                                  21.    Thiruthani            Thiruvallur
                                                  22.    Thiruvallur Town
                                                  23.    Kanniyakumari
                                                  24.    Padmanabhapuram       Kanniyakumari
                                                  25.    Kolachal
                                                  26.    Tiruvannamalai        Tiruvannamalai
                                                  27.    Gingee
                                                  28.    Parikkal              Villupuram
                                                  29.    Thiruvakkarai

                        47                                               48
30.   Chettinad                                                       ANNEXURE – IV
31.   Karaikudi
32.   Idaikattur                  Sivaganga
33.   Pillayarpatti
34.   Kalaiyarkoil
35.   Navathirupathigal Places:                  Festivals organised with financial assistance from the
            i) Thirukkalur                       Union Ministry of Tourism
            ii) Kurumbur
36.   Manappadu                                  Indian Dance Festival at
                                                 Mamallapuram                         -       Dec 25th - Jan 25th
37.   Tranquebar
38.   Poompuhar                   Nagapattinam   National Tourism and
39.   Nagore                                     Cultural Festival, Kanniyakumari     -       January
40.   Velankanni
41.   Courtallam                                 National Pilgrim Festival,
                                  Tirunelveli    Rameswaram                           -       January
42.   Tirunelveli
43.   Tiruchengode                Namakkal
44.   Perur                       Coimbatore
                                                 Festivals organised with financial assistance from the
45.   Bhavani                     Erode          State Government
46.   Sithannavasal
47.   Avudayarkoil                Pudukottai          The following annual events showcase the cultural heritage
48.   Thirumayam                                 of Tamil Nadu

                                                   • Pongal Tourist Festival all over India   -         January
                                                   • Chettinad Festival, Karaikudi            -         January
                                                   • Ilakkia Sutrula Vizha, Ettaiyapuram,
                                                     Thoothukudi                              -         February
                                                   • Tribal Festival, Kanniyakumari           -         February
                                                   • Chithirai Visu Festival, Papanasam       -         April
                                                   • Chithirai Dance Festival, Madurai        -         May
                                                   • Chithirai Full Moon Festival, Poompuhar -          May
                                                   • Kattabomman Vizha, Panchalankurichi -              May
                                                   • Salangai Natham and Bhagavatha Mela,
                                                     Thanjavur                            -             May
                                                   • Mango Festival, Krishnagiri              -         May
                                                   • Summer Festival at all Hills Station     -         May

                             49                                                  50
• Kandhoori Festival, Nagore                  -   May                                TOURISM
• Saral Thiruvizha, Courtallam                -   July
• Thirpparappu Vizha, Kanniyakumari           -   July                             Demand No. 29
• Aadipperukku Vizha, Hogenakkal              -   July
• Velankanni Festival, Velankanni             -   August
                                                                             Policy Note – 2011 - 2012
• World Tourism Day in all tourist centres -      September
• Dhasara Festival at Kulasekarapattinam
  Thoothukudi Dist.                      -        Oct. - November
                                                                    S.                                          Page
• Sathaya Vizha, Thanjavur                    -   October                              Subject
                                                                    No.                                          No.
• Thiruvannamalai Deepam Festival             -   November           1.   Tourism – Introduction                  1
• Tea and Tourism Festival,                                               India Tourism                          3
  Udhagamandalam                              -   December          2.
• Indian Dance Festival, Thanjavur            -   Dec. - January    3.    Tamil Nadu Tourism –Potential and      4
• Folk Dance Festival,
  Gangaikondacholapuram                       -   Dec. - January    4.    Importance of Tourism                  5
                                                                          Strengths of Tamil Nadu for            7
                                                                          Tourism Development
                                                                    6.    New Tourism Products                   13

                                                                    7.    Heritage Tourism                       17
                                                                          Promotion of Less Known Tourist        18
                                                                    9.    Subsidy for Private Investment         20

                                                                    10.   Human Resources Development            22
                                                                          “Hunar Se Rozgaar Yojana” -            23
                                                                           Hospitality Training Programme
                                                                    12.   Guide Training Programme               23
                                                                          “Virunthinar Potruthum, Virunthinar    24
                                                                    13.   Potruthum” (Tourist friendly

                              51                                                          52
14.   Capacity Building Training          25

15.   Tourist Security Organization       25

16.   Tourism promotional activities      27

17.   Newsletter                          30

18.   Cleanliness Drive                   30
      Infrastructure Development          31
      Government of India Schemes
20.   Master Plan                         32
      Financial Assistance from Asian     33
      Development Bank
      Tamil Nadu Tourism Development      37
      Corporation Limited, Chennai
23.   Conclusion                          41

24.   Annexure
         I. Tamil Nadu Tourism at a       43
        II. Tourist Offices and Tourist   45
            Information Centres
       III. List of Heritage Towns in     48
            Tamil Nadu
       IV.  Festivals                     50