Models of Atom Flip Book by cuiliqing


									                  The Six Historical Models of the Atom

The Task

Your goal in completing this project is to create a flipbook, displaying the six
historical models of the atom. You will be in groups of three with the following roles:

The artist: Responsible for creating representations of the models

The scientist: Responsible for describing each model

The editor: Responsible for ensuring clarity and organization

The Process

1. Fold 4 pieces of paper vertically

2. Staple the folded side to make a book.

3. Label the top of each section with the name of the model

                                Models to include are:

                          -Democritus (460 B.C. - 370 B.C)

                                -Dalton (Early 1800's)

                                   -Thomson (1906)

                                  -Rutherford (1910)

                                       -Bohr (1922)

                                -Electron Cloud (today)

4. You should use both sides of the open booklet for each model.

5. For each model, include a picture or representation of the model.

6. For each model, describe it using at least three facts.

7. On the last page, write a conclusion paragraph in which you talk about why it is
important to understand the models of the atoms in your study of chemistry.

8. You should make your flip book look attractive. Markers, glue, etc. will be
available for you to use.


Your book is one good resource, and in addition you can use these web sites:

                Beginning    Developing    Accomplished    Exemplary Score

                    1            2              3               4
   All six
 historical                Two or
                                           Four or five       All six
 models are One model is    three
                                            models are      models are
represented represented models are         represented     represented
    in the               represented
                                                           All six
  Accuracy,                   Three or                  models are
               Five or more               One or two
 clarity and                    four                     described
               mistakes or                mistakes or
  depth of                  mistakes or                 clearly and
                omissions.                omissions.
 description                 omissions.                 accurately.
                 No facts                Only two facts
                              Only one                   Three or
                written per               written per
                            fact written                more facts
                  model.                    model.
                             per model.                 present per

 Accuracy and
   clarity of               Two models     Three or four       All six
  picture or   One model is
                                are         models are      models are
representation represented represented     represented     represented
  of models     clearly and
                            clearly and     clearly and     clearly and
                             accurately     accurately      accurately

                Flipbook is
Organization,    lacking in
                             Fllipbook is  Fllipbook is
neatness and   organization,                             Flipbook is
                             not mostly    mostly neat,
attractiveness    neatness                                  neat,
                                 neat,    organized and
  of flipbook  and no effort                             attractive
                              organized attractive with
                  has been                                   and
                                  and          a few
                  made to                                organized
                              attractive inconsistencies
                 make the

This page is here to help you organize your work.
1. Three facts about Democritus’ model:

2. Three facts about Dalton’s model:

3. Three facts about Thomson’s model:

4. Three facts about Rutherford’s model:

5. Three facts about Bohr’s model:

6. Three facts about the Electron Cloud Model:


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