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					Information Systems
  3rd year BIS 2006 / 2007

            Fergal Carton
     Business Information Systems
                    2 weeks ago
• Integration definition: benefits of sharing, while retaining
  own identity
• Integration examples
   – Dell
   – Sun MicroSystems
   – Bank branch
• Integration downsides
• ERP project resources
   – Business process
   – Project
   – Technical (data and IT)
• Topps Case study (handout)
               This week
• Integration examples
  – Dell
  – Sun MicroSystems
• ERP Project issues
• Topps Case study
       Integration example: Dell
• Suppliers using 18 different s/w packages
• Missing integration:
   – Seamless processing
   – Reduces costs
   – Speeds up customer responsiveness
• Develop system to interface to 18 others?
• For 40 biggest customers “one click shopping”
   – Customers continue to order on-line
   – Dell simultaneously enters the order into the customers
     procurement system
           Dell update 2007
• Michael Dell back as CEO
• Biggest challenge is “bureaucracy”
          Integration example:
          Sun Microelectronics
• “Fabless” manufacturer
• Uses contract manufacturers
• Chip demand forecasts based on sales and internal
• Forecasts loaded into web based SCM s/w
• Contract manufacturers check demand against
  inventory and capacity
• Enter component and materials needs into system
• 2nd tier suppliers (memory and CPU) commit to
  deliver by certain dates
• Sun sees a picture of upcoming product flow
    ERP projects: resources required
   Technical               Project        Business process
Functional analysts   Project team       Users / power users
Application expert    Process leads      User management
DBA’s / Sys Admin     Project Managers   Steering Committee
    ERP projects: resources required
   Technical               Project           Business process
Functional analysts   Project team         Users / power users
Application expert    Process leads        User management
DBA’s / Sys Admin     Project Managers     Steering Committee

Software vendor
                                 Systems Integrator
Hardware vendor
                 Project issues
•   Availability of team members / users
•   Decision making processes
•   Developing workarounds
•   Timeline too tight to allow resolution of issues
•   Massive learning curve for team
•   Expectation management
•   Retaining ownership of process related decisions
 Resources : Financial Controller
• Having seconded the AP manager to the project for 18
  months …
   – Just after go-live, lost the AP manager
   – Basic functionality missing
       • Statutory reports for countries
       • Unmatched receiver report
       • arguments over Break-Fix vs. Enhancement
   – Lost understanding of why things were done in a certain way
       • Knowledge of application
       • Knowledge of business processes in the US
   – Worse: lost ability to get things fixed!
       •   Prioritisation of SIRs (System Investigation Requests)
       •   Reports written by end-users (eg. AP Manager)
       •   Local IS or global IS now working to gobal requirements
       •   Can’t customise the application
     Resources : Technical (data)
•   Data clean-up team
•   Data conversion team
•   Data conversion programmer
•   Legacy data team
•   Data quality testing and maintenance
•   …
             Data issues …
• Getting and maintaining clean data
  – When creating a new customer, who has
  – 42 occurrences of Siemens in your customer
    database, what do you do?
  – Customers exist in ERP core database, but also
    in several legacy systems. How do you make
    sure they are in synch?
    Resources : Technical (IT ops)
•   Database administrator
•   Systems administrator
•   Operators : core apps
•   Server operators
•   Storage technicians
•   HelpDesk
•   …
              Database issues …
• Guaranteeing “high availability”
      • How often should Test be refreshed?
      • How many environments should I have
          –   Test
          –   Production
          –   Development
          –   Training
          –   Business Simulation
          –   …
      • If I implement a change to Production, do I need to implement
        the same change across all environments?
      • 20 programmers developing / testing new code every day: how
        do I track releases to production?
      • …
      Systems admin issues …
• Ensuring system access for users
     •   New users
     •   Changes to existing profiles
     •   System downtime for maintenance
     •   Forcing users out of system
     •   Tracking source of corrupt data to user profile
     •   …
              HelpDesk issues …
• Calls arriving at HelpDesk are either :
      •   Forgotten password
      •   New user
      •   Changes to user profile
      •   Printing problems
      •   Connectivity problems
      •   Response time problems
      •   System crashes
      •   System error messages
      •   PC problems
      •   I need more training
      •   …
          HelpDesk issues …
• …or :
    • Functionality questions (how do I transact an
    • Process questions (when should I post to GL?)
    • Reporting (I need a revenue report)
  Project handover to HelpDesk
• Prior to go-live, implement procedures for :

  – Logging calls such that it will be routed to the right person and
    tracked, reported on and escalated

  – Training for HelpDesk to be able to ask the right questions
    concering an application issue

  – Troubleshooting application issues to be able to deal with simple

  – Ongoing consultation with application team regarding new
    functionality being rolled out, common errors, planned outages, …
                Topps questions
• Describe the limitations of current processes (un-

• What were the potential failure points for the business?

• What are the potential benefits of ERP (integration) for

• Why did the decision to implement ERP take so long?
               Case study notes
• Entertainment products
• 3 warehouses
    – Cork (stocks manufactured in Cork)
    – Liverpool (stocks for UK market)
    – Rotterdam (stocks of imported products)
•   Only 20% of goods manufactured locally
•   Product lifecycle short : rotation critical
•   Rapid growth of business
•   Increase in trading -> increase paperwork
       Topps : systems “as-is”             Issues with

• Spreadsheet based (eg. mini P&L accounts)

• Payroll / invoicing / inventory : obsolete
• No local IS support
            Systems issues              Shipping
                                      Credit Control
• Lack of on-line stock control
• Paperwork delays on shipping
• Lack of control of debtors balances /
  invoices due
• Lack of detail on reporting profitability
• Too much information in people’s heads
• Too much time gathering information, not
     Potential business failures
• Sales order processing
• Invoicing                “Execution”
         Benefits for Topps
• Results in 1 week
• Drill-down capability
• Live data on inventory & shipment
        Why did it take so long
•   Match with IT strategy?
•   Support issues
•   Project champion
•   No analysis of processes