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					1860: Abraham Lincoln elected President.         1870: Calamity Jane hires on as a scout for
Pony Express begins its 1st run on April 3.      Lieutenant Colonel Custer. On March 30,
1861: Custer graduates from West Point.          the 15th Amendment grants citizens the
American Civil War begins on April 12.           right to vote regardless of race.
Kansas becomes the 34th state. The first         1872: The Amnesty Act restores civil
transcontinental      telegraph    line     is   rights to citizens of the South. Grant
completed on Oct. 18. Pony Express closes        elected to a second term as President.
down on October 26.                              Amendment granting women the right to
1862: The Homestead Act offers free land         vote first introduced and killed.
to citizens who promise to improve their         1873: Depression begins due to panic set
piece of land. The Gatling gun is invented.      off by bank failures. Price of silver rises,
Lever-action, metallic cartridge repeating       and U.S. stops coining silver dollars.
rifle introduced.                                1874: Barbed wire patented. Jesse James
1863:       Emancipation        Proclamation     marries his childhood sweetheart, Zee
delivered on January I. West Virginia            Mimms. Charlie Reynolds, one of Custer's
becomes the 35th state.                          soldiers, discovers gold in the Black Hills
1864: Lincoln elected to a second term as        on July 27.
President. Nevada becomes the 36th state.        1875: A Civil Rights Act grants equal
1865: The Civil War ends on April 9.             rights to blacks in public accommodations
John Wilkes Booth assassinates Lincoln on        and jury duty. In the fall, the U.S. gives up
April 14. Andrew Johnson sworn in as             trying to buy the Black Hills from the
President. 13th Amendment abolishes              Sioux and begins a campaign against them.
slavery. War with the western Sioux              1876: Colorado becomes the 38th state.
Indians begins.                                  Wild Bill Hickok. Calamity Jane. Colorado
1866: Transatlantic telegraph cable              Charlie and Bloody Dick Seymour ride
completed. Alfred Nobel invents dynamite.        into Deadwood Dakota Territory together.
Single-shot metallic cartridge introduced.       Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong
The James Gang pulls off the first business      Custer and his men are massacred at the
time bank robbery in American history on         Battle of Little Big Horn, Montana, on
February 14.                                     June 25. The United States celebrates its
1867: Custer suspended for abandoning his        lOO th birthday on July 4. Wild Bill
command. Nebraska becomes the 37th               Hickok shot in the back by Jack McCall in
state. U.S. claims the Midway Islands. U.S.      the Belle Union Saloon of Deadwood,
purchases Alaska from Russia for $7.2            Dakota Territory, on August 2. The James
million. War with Sioux ends.                    gang stopped by the townspeople of
1868: Colt comes out with a reliable             Northfield, Minnesota. Only Frank and
metallic cartridge six-shooter. Dynamite         Jesse James escape. Rutherford B. Hayes
becomes commercially available across the        and Samuel J. Tilden finish the race for the
U.S. U.S. army starts a war with the Sioux       Presidency in a dead heat. National League
nation when it tries to force its way            of Professional Baseball Clubs formed out
through their reservation via the Bozeman        East. Tom Sawyer published. Red Cloud
Trail. John Wesley Hardin kills a black          signs a treaty between the Sioux and the
man, beginning his career as an outlaw. On       U.S. The Black Hills become legally open
July 28, 14th Amendment grants                   to settlement by whites. Red Cloud moves
citizenship to all people born or naturalized    his people onto a reservation.
in the United States. Ulysses S. Grant           1877: Sitting Bull takes his tribe of the
elected President.                               Oglal1a Sioux to Canada to escape
1869: The first transcontinental railroad is     persecution by the U.S. army. Crazy Horse
completed on May to.                             killed by U.S. soldiers. The Colt
                                                 Thunderer, the first major American
double-action      revolver,     introduced.   out West he starts up the Maltese Cross
Edward L. Schieffelin discovers silver in      Ranch.
southern Arizona. The town of Tombstone        1884: Crover Cleveland elected President.
is soon founded nearby. John Wesley            Huckleberry Finn published.
Hardin captured by the Texas Rangers and       1885: Bad winter in the Plains states.
sentenced to twenty-five years in prison.      Modern safety bicycle introduced.
Jack McCall is convicted of the Murder of      Calamity Jane gets married and hangs up
Wild Bill Hickok. He is hanged on March        her guns. Silting Bull tours the East with
I. Hayes declared President by a special       Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Doc
electoral committee on March 2. Federal        Holliday dies of tuberculosis in Glenwood
troops withdrawn from the South. Federal       Springs, Colorado.
troops called in to quiet widespread           1886: Another bad winter in the Plains
railroad strikes out East. Dissatisfied        states. Coca·cola introduced. Buffalo Bill
southern blacks (a.k.a. Exodusters) move       takes his Wild West Show to Europe.
to Kansas by the thousands.                    Geronimo captured by the U.S. army. Riot
1878: Depression comes to an end. John         in Haymarket Square, Chicago, on May I.
Tunstall murdered on February 18. The          Cleveland marries Frances Folsom in the
three day fight against the Regulators         White House on June 2. War with Mexico
begins on July 17. Sitting Bull surrenders     narrowly averted after Mexican troops
to the U.S. army at Fort Lincoln.              attack American forces pursuing Geronimo
1879: The Earp brothers and Doc Holliday       across the border. The Statue of Liberty is
arrive in Tombstone, Arizona.                  opened to the public on October 28.
1880: James Garfield elected President.        1887: Repeating shotgun introduced.
San Francisco is the only city west of the     1888: Benjamin Harrison elected President
Mississippi with a population over             although he had fewer popular votes than
100,000. Canned foods widely available.        Grover Cleveland. Edward Bellamy's
The theory that germs make people sick         Looking Backward, 2000 -1887, published.
becomes widely accepted.                       It becomes one of the best selling books of
1881: Jesse James retires with his wife and    the century.
son to Saint Joseph, Missouri. Garfield        1889: North Dakota, South Dakota,
inaugurated on March 4. Garfield shot on       Montana and Washington become the
July 12 in a Washington, DC. railway           39th, 40th, 41st and 42nd states. Thomas
station by Charles J. Giteau, a supporter of   Edison invents the movie camera. The last
Vice-president Arthur. Billy the Kid killed    Indian war - the Messiah War - begins
by Pat Garret on July 14. Sitting Bull         against the Sioux in South Dakota.
surrenders on July 19. Garfield dies on        1890: The worst drought in the history of
September 12. Chester Alan Arthur sworn        the Dakotas. Idaho and Wyoming become
in as President on September 20. Gunfight      the 43rd and 44th states. Butch Cassidy
at the O.K. Corral on October 26.              arrested for horse thievery in Laramie,
1882: Edison provides electric lights to       Wyoming and sentenced to five years in
eighty-five buildings on Wall Street, New      prison. Sitting Bull killed by Indian Agents
York. After practicing the profession for      on December 15. The last major armed
several years, Judge Roy Bean is finally       conflict between Indians and U.S. troops,
appointed to be a Justice of the Peace.        the Battle at Wounded Knee, South
Jesse James shot by Bob Ford on April 3.       Dakota, fought on December 29. Two
Frank James turns himself in on October 5.     hundred Native American men, women
1883: Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and           and children massacred by army cannons.
Northern Pacific Railroads completed.          1891: "Crazy Bob" Womack discovers
Teddy Roosevelt arrives in Little Missouri.    gold twenty miles west of Pikes Peak,
Dakota Territory, to hunt buffalo. While       Colorado, at a place called Cripple Creek.
1892: On October 5, the Daltons try to rob
two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas,
simultaneously and fail.
1893: Great Northern Railroad completed.
Anti-Saloon League founded.
1894: In July. Federal troops called out to
squelch Pullman strike riots in Chicago.
Cleveland elected to a second term as
President. Another depression begins.
Butch Cassidy arrested for horse thievery
and sentenced to five years in the Laramie,
Wyoming, penitentiary.
1895: John Wesley Hardin shot down by
John Selman in EI Paso, Texas. Selman is
acquitted for ridding Texas of a public
1896: Utah becomes the 45th state. Butch
Cassidy is pardoned for his crimes and
released from prison on the condition that
he never cause trouble in Wyoming again.
William McKinley elected President.
1897: Depression ends.
1898: U.S. battleship Maine blown up in a
harbour in Havana, Cuba, on February 15.
On April 25, the U.S. declares war on
Spain. Early automobiles selling out East
for around $2000. Hawaii and Wake Island
annexed to the U.S. Teddy Roosevelt
elected Governor of New York.
1899: Spanish-American war ends with the
Treaty of Paris, approved by the U.S.
Senate on February 6. Spain cedes
Philippines, Puerto Ricoand Guam to the
U.S. and agrees to independence for Cuba.
U.S. troops end a Philippine rebellion in
May by capturing Emilio Aguinaldo.
1900: McKinley elected to a second term
as President.
1901: The Wild Bunch breaks up. Butch
Cassidy and the Sundance Kid head to
Forth Worth, Texas, to meet Etta Place.
McKinley is shot at the Pan-American
Exposition and dies eight days later on
September 14. Theodore Roosevelt sworn
in as President. Butch Cassidy, the
Sundance Kid and Etta Place leave the
United States for South America.