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                                 The Outsiders Unit Test

Directions: Write the letter of the person described by each statement. (1 point each)

   1. Runs with gangs in New York                a. Cherry
      and is the most dangerous of the
      Greasers. ____                             b. Dallas
   2. Narrator of the story, lives with
      older his brothers, and likes              c. Darrel
      reading ____
   3. Known for his jokes, shoplifting,          d. Johnny
      and his switchblade. ____
   4. A red-headed, soc cheerleader              e. Ponyboy
      that believes “it’s tough all over.”
      ___                                        f. Sodapop
   5. Looks good, is happy go lucky,
      and plans on marrying Sandy.               g. Two-Bit
   6. The gang’s pet, is nervous and             h. Steve Randle
      sensitive and has abusive parents.
   7. Knows everything about cars,
      works at the gas station, and
      doesn’t like annoying kid
      brothers tagging along ____
   8. Oldest of the three brothers and
      unofficial leader of the Greasers.

Multiple Choice: Circle the correct answer. (2 points each)

9. Based on the themes of the novel and Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Can Stay Gold”,

what is Johnny most likely asking Ponyboy to do when he says, “Stay gold, Ponyboy.

Stay gold”?

   A. Always remember that wealth is the key to happiness

   B. Stay loyal to the Greasers

   C. Don’t lose your innocence and special qualities

   D. Beware of the lower class

10. One of the major themes of the text can be summarized as…

   A. bridging the gap between rich and poor

   B. true love conquers all

   C. mothers always know best

   D. violence is never the answer

11. Which of these best describes how Johnny changed as a character?

   A. Vulnerable and cowardly to brave and heroic

   B. Strong leader to confused follower

   C. Cruel bully to sympathetic rebel

   D. None, stayed cowardly the whole novel

12. The fact that Johnny’s note that claims saving the lives of the children was worth

losing his own wasn’t found until after Dallas had himself killed because he didn’t think

Johnny losing his life was fair or worth it can be seen as an example of…

   A. Hyperbole

   B. Irony

   C. Simile

   D. Personification

       In a brief essay, describe how one of the characters from The Outsiders reminds
you most of yourself or someone that you know. Use examples from the text and real life
to support your answer. Write your answer on the back of this page. (12 points)


                         4                 3                 2                 1
                 The essay         The essay          The essay         The essay does
  Quality of     answers the       answers the        addresses the     not address or
   Answer        prompt and        prompt and         prompt but        answer the
                 shows a strong    shows some         does not answer   prompt.
                 understanding     understanding      it.
                 of the text and   of the novel and
                 its characters.   its characters.
                 The essay has     The essay has      The essay has     The essay has
   Support       three or more     two supporting     one supporting    no supporting
                 supporting        arguments.         argument.         arguments.
                 The essay has     The essay has      The essay has     The essay is
  Mechanics      no mechanical     few mechanical     many              full of me
                 errors            errors.            mechanical        mechanical
                                                      errors            errors.

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