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   Enabling Energy Solutions with Nanotechnology
      Functional Nanomaterials Manufacturing
Devices for Sustainable Energy Generation and Storage

    The Illuminex Beginning:
  Starting a High Tech Company
  with Zero Resources or Capital
         and Succeeding!
                       Corporate Overview
 Founded in 2003 by Dr. Joe Habib, an MIT Fellow active in Nanotechnology Ventures since 1999
      -Over $5M in Federal and State R & D Grant Support
 Headquartered in Lancaster, PA, 10 Employees+ University and Industry Consultants, other Professionals
      ~6000 sq. ft. of fully equipped laboratory space. New Silicon Process Facility Opened August 2010
Platform Nanowire Array Process: Patented (US 7713849)
      - Nano-structured materials enable innovative new product designs with unprecedented performance
 Illuminex is developing low-cost, high-volume, “Bottom Up” Nanowire Fabrication Techniques
      - World-leading materials breadth, methods, and capabilities
            - Nanowires made in diverse geometries, on numerous substrates

   Ag on Glass                   Si on Al                GaSb on Sapphire                     Ni on ITO

                                      Nanowire Arrays
                         Business and Educational
                        Collaborative Opportunities

Illuminex Began in 2003 on the Millersville University Campus in a Storage Closet
M.U .Provided a “LaunchPad” for Business Opportunities, Collaborations
Helped Attract Federal Grant Funding (SBIR, STTR)
Faculty Interactions were/are Very Useful, Win-Win
ITN Funding Facilitated Research Programs (BioSensor, Solar Cells, Heat Pipe)

                    Illuminex Nanowire Solar Cell Design
                 Business and Educational
                 Collaborative Challenges

Culture Clash-University Bureaucracy vs. Agile Small Business
Misconception of Ownership, Value etc.
Intellectual Property
Misperception from Outsiders about Nature of Relationship
Everyone is on a Learning Curve
                    Transition to Industry
  Illuminex Expanded from University to Industrial R & D Facility after 3+ Years
  Maintained Facility at MU through 2008
  Relationship is Ongoing and Provides Access to a Well Qualified Labor Pool
  Local Training Programs Properly Targeted for Technology ex. PSU NMT program
  Internships Useful, Cost Effective, Employee Resource, Chance to Screen Candidates



                    Technological Approach
Illuminex developed/refined processes to produce high aspect, vertically-aligned, Free-Standing, uniform
Nanowire Arrays on a variety of substrate materials using reliable, low-cost methods

Products Targeting Energy Verticals based on Nanowire Array Platform:
      -Silicon Nanowire Arrays for Photovoltaics (PV)
      - Copper-Silicon Nano-Composite Lithium Ion Battery Anodes

Potentially Disruptive Production Method for Photovoltaic (PV) Materials and Devices
Lithium Ion Batteries are Projected to be a $100 Billion Market near term

 Significant IP and Aggressive Patent program- 11 Patents Filed, 1 Issued- All IP Developed In-House
      -IP Covers material production processes, manufacturing methods, and device applications

 Company has Commercial Traction with Large Partners (Ford Motors, Raytheon Company, AltairNano,
      A123, Johnson Controls, MaxPower, Burle Ind., Thermacore Inc.)
      - Generating revenue from nanowire material sales, Multiple Corporate R & D projects (P.O.’s in-hand)

 Strong University-Research Alliances and Collaborations (Millersville University, Penn. State, MIT, Drexel,
Boston College, Thaddeus Stevens College, Etc.)
        Useful Business Resources Available

James Street Improvement District
Innovation Partnership
Ben Franklin Technology Partners
Chamber of Commerce
All Universities
PA-Nanomaterials Commercialization Center
Nanotechnology Institute
Illuminex Corporation

    Dr. Youssef M Habib
   1064 New Holland Ave.
     Lancaster PA 17601
       (717) 295-3746

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