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									    TALL PINE COUNCIL
   Unit Program Planning
 (September 2011 – August 2012)
               RESOURCES NEEDED
• Leaders Personal Calendars
• District / Council Calendar Dates (
• Tour Plans (now available online)
• School and Chartered Organization Calendar
• Journey to Excellence Score Card
• Outdoor Achievement Award
• National Summertime Pack Award Application
• Troop Resource Survey or Parent Talent Survey
• Flip Chart with Stand and Markers
• Masking Tape, Thumbtacks, Handbooks
• Past Year Finances / Records / Budgets
• Camp Reservation Forms
Unit Program Planning Conference
           -Who Should Attend-
Cub Scout Packs: Cubmaster, den
leaders, committee chair and
committee members
Boy Scout Troop: Patrol Leaders
Council, Scoutmaster and assistants
Venture Crew: Crew youth officers
and adult advisors

Time Frame: Planning should happen between the
beginning of June to the beginning of August
This is an important step = You are planning a whole
year, make the investment to ensure a quality

             Unit Program Planning
                       -The Process-
•   Start with a base calendar of key dates: Council and district
    activities, camps, and training.
•   Next add School or Chartered Organization Dates: Dates of
    School Breaks/ Closings, Key Holidays, Open House Nights, also
    add dates of major Community events.
•   Then add Unit Dates: Pack, troop or crew meetings, committee
    meetings, Blue & Gold, Courts of Honor, Parent Nights.
•   After all are plotted, then take a blank sheet and brainstorm unit
    activities, just throw up ideas on paper, and list them all. Allow
    enough time to get all the ideas out.
•   Once all the ideas are listed, then prioritize and eliminate.
    Survey the youth in the troop or crew and the parents in pack to
    determine the top activity choices. The unit leadership reviews the
    top choices and selects those programs that they would like to
    conduct for that year and select dates.
•   Draft a calendar for review and confirmation. Check dates for
            Unit Program Planning
•   Assign costs to each activity as well as general operating
    expenses of the unit.
•   Budget form is online. Basic expenses: registration,
    charter fees & accident insurance, Boys’ Life Magazine,
    advancement & recognition, activities, camp, program
    supplies and materials, training expenses, other expenses,
    cash reserve, etc. Found in the ‘Forms’ section at
•   Individual Youth Accounts: Units that keep track of youth
    accounts have traditionally had much stronger program and
•   Once the total budget is determined, divide the total by #
    Scouts in program, this puts a cost per boy on the program
    and is a target to establish with fundraising.

Pack Operating Budget Form

         Got a Program Plan?
Share your plans with parents and youth.
• Communicate your calendar and budget
• Send a unit newsletter
• Establish an e-mail distribution list

    Communicate to the Parents

  For Cub

 Use Family
Talent Survey

  Communicate to the Parents
For Boy Scouts   Use Troop Resource Survey

   Communicate to the Parents
For Venturing

Use Program

   Get Connected With Scouting
                  -Marketing- - a one stop location for locating
and joining a Troop or Pack or Crew in your area.

   Get Connected With Scouting
           - -
Results screen from after looking
for Packs around the address of 507 W. Atherton
Road, Flint, MI.

    Get Connected With Scouting

Cub Scouts 2010
2010.aspx) - A successful method of
delivering the existing Cub Scout
program that is handbook-based and
focuses on den activities leading to
youth advancement and higher
retention. Cub Scouts 2010 is
supported by a new leader resource,
the Den & Pack Meeting Resource

    Get Connected With Scouting
• Tall Pine Council Website ( – Get
  all of the latest Scouting information and updates,
  forms, plus council and district event information from
  one spot.

• Counciline – The Tall Pine Council’s E-Newsletter
  that is sent directly to your e-mail. To subscribe to this
  newsletter, please go to
  for the electronic sign-up form.

• Tall Pine Council Facebook Page – The Tall Pine
  Council’s Facebook page can be found at By becoming a fan of
  this page you can get the latest Tall Pine Council
  news sent to your own facebook page!
         Key Scouting Dates
            Key Scouting Functions
       to schedule in your unit calendar

• Friends of Scouting   Schedule during the months of
  Presentation          December 2011 and January,
                        February, & March 2012
                        Packs – Blue & Gold Banquet
                        Troops – Fall Court of Honor

• Fall Round-Up         Schedule during 3rd week in

• Popcorn Sale          August 24, 2011 – Lapeer County
                        Popcorn Kick-off
                        August 30, 2011 – Genesee
                        County Popcorn Kick-off
                        September 1, 2011 -Shiawassee
                        County Popcorn Kick-off
         Key Scouting Dates
            Key Scouting Functions
       to schedule in your unit calendar

• Attending Camp        Add to your Schedule and
   Cub Scout Camps      Budget
   Summer Camps

• Spring Product Sale   Jan. 25 - Genesee County Kick-off
                        Jan. 30 - Lapeer County Kick-off
                        Feb. 1 - Shiawassee County Kick-off

• Council Recognition   Saturday, February 25, 2012
                        Recognizing volunteers in
                        Scouting and the Eagle Scout
                        Class of 2011.

        Key Scouting Dates
            Key Scouting Functions
       to schedule in your unit calendar

• Scouting For Food     March 24, 2012 - Distribution
                        March 31, 2012 – Pick-up

• National Youth        Week long outdoor experience
  Leadership Training   for current and future troop
  (NYLT)                leaders. Held in the month of

• 2013 National Scout   July 15-24, 2013 Whitewater
  Jamboree              rafting, zip-lining, rappelling,
                        mountain biking, hiking, and
                        more - with 50,000 of your
                        closest friends at the brand
                        new Summit Bechtel Reserve
                        in the wilds of West Virginia.
        What’s New
• Internet Advancement
• Internet Rechartering     1/1/12

               Beginning 1/1/12 all direct contact
                    leaders must be trained.

              Journey to Excellence

                      What’s New
                What Is A Trained Leader?

           There are 4 components to Leader Training

1.   Fast Start Training for your current Registered position.
          (available thru the Tall Pine Council web site

2.   Youth Protection Must be re-certified every 2 years
         (available thru the Tall Pine Council web site

3.   This is Scouting
         (available thru the Tall Pine Council web site

4.   Leader Specifics for your current registered position.
         (available through Council sponsored training courses)

    Go To The Tall Pine Council’s
     Website And Get Trained!

  Cub Scout and Boy Scout trainings available online.

To access the Training page, go to the Tall Pine Council’s
   website at and click on the button
located on the left side navigational bar called “Training”.

         New Training
           Aquatic Training

  Safe Swim Defense and a NEW Safety Afloat training
remain required for supervision of unit swimming and boating
 activities. Except for some changes in wording, Safe Swim
         Defense and Safety Afloat remain unchanged.

   Two new skill training programs approved for adults –
  Swimming & Water Rescue and Paddle Craft Safety to
   support Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat policies.

They define standard operating procedures for BSA swimming
 and boating activities and the standard of care expected of
                        unit leadership.

These trainings allow a conscientious leader to assess his/her
   ability to adequately supervise unit aquatics activities.

           Get Trained
         Hazardous Weather

This training is mandatory for at least one adult on each tour.
The course includes training, testing, and additional resources
 on weather conditions that may be encountered during BSA
activities, including lightning, flash floods, tornadoes, hot and
cold weather, hail, and hurricanes. Participants who complete
 the course earn a Weather Smart Certificate of Completion.
    The course content is appropriate for Boy Scouts and
                Venturers as well as adult leaders.

All Scouters are encouraged to create a MyScouting account
    and access this training through the MyScouting portal.

          Get Trained
           This is Scouting

 "This is Scouting" was added to the BSA's online Learning
Center. "This is Scouting" replaces New Leader Essentials as
 a required course for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing
      volunteers to earn the "Trained" leader emblem.

   “This Is Scouting” provides an overview of the Scouting
   organization, including history, values, programs, Youth
Protection, community involvement, and training. The module
 consists of six video sections, each followed by a brief quiz.
Completion is noted automatically in the BSA training records
        database if the module is experienced online.

 While the primary delivery method for "This is Scouting" is
 online, a DVD will be available where access is limited or
           where a group presentation is desired.

    MyScouting Site and Support
                  Purpose of MyScouting

     MyScouting was created to better support your role in
Scouting. Over time, new resources will be added and you will
     be able to see content specific to your position/rank.
   MyScouting will also be used to improve communication
 directly with you, our dedicated and hard-working members.

           Some of the Benefits of MyScouting

    •   Take Youth Protection and other BSA training.
    •   Access unit, district, and council tools.
    •   Register for events.
    •   Keep in touch with members and alumni.

    MyScouting Site and Support
To access the MyScouting logon page, go to the Tall Pine
  Council’s website at and click on the
  button located on the left side navigational bar called
                  “MyScouting Logon”.

    MyScouting Site and Support
If you already have created a MyScouting account through the
   MyScouting page, you may input your E-Mail Address and
            Password into the text boxes as shown.

   MyScouting Site and Support
 If you have not created a MyScouting account through the
 MyScouting page, please click on the “Create an account”
     button located under the title “New to MyScouting?”.
 Remember when creating a MyScouting account to make
sure you have your membership card because you will need
          your Member ID and the Council Number.

   MyScouting Site and Support
If you have created an account and have forgotten your user
    name or password, you can retrieve your either one by
       clicking on the “User Name” or “Password” link.

   MyScouting Site and Support
If you need help, the MyScouting logon page also provides a
      link to their Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) page.

    MyScouting Site and Support
When going through the MyScouting account creation process
 make sure you have your membership card, which will have
           your member ID and council number.

    MyScouting Site and Support
IMPORTANT: You will also need your e-mail address during the
   account creation process because once you are done a
  MyScouting account verification link will sent to the e-mail
        address that you used during this process.

     MyScouting Site and Support
After you have entered your e-mail address and password, you will be
 sent to your MyScouting page. It is here where you can access such
   things as E-Learning (Training) courses, Internet Advancement,
  Internet Rechartering, and even update your MyScouting account

            Re-Chartering Your Unit
               The Charter Renewal Process
Commissioners are responsible for unit charter renewal, so it is
     essential that they know the steps in the process.
  Schedule with number of days before charter expiration:

• 60 days        Commissioner and unit committee
                 conduct membership inventory.

• 45-60 days     Units renew their charters online must
                 select a person as their renewal processor.

• 45 days        Commissioner and unit committee chair
                 conduct charter renewal meeting.

• 30 days        Renewal application submitted to the Scout
                 Service Center.

Cub Scout Fall Recruitment
 1. Select Pack Round-up Chair.
 Assigned to: Committee Chair.
 By Date: July 15.

 2. Schedule open house promotion date.
 Assigned to: Pack: Pack Round-up Chair.
 By Date: August 11.

 3. Schedule Fall Round-up Night Date.
 Assigned to: Pack Round-up Chair
 By Date: August 11.

 4. Schedule boy talk date (no more than 3 days prior
 to Fall Round-up date).

 5. Order flyer for Fall Round-up.
 Assigned to: Pack Round-up Chair.
 By Date: August 11.
Cub Scout Fall Recruitment
 6. Attend Fall Round-up orientation on August 11.
 Assigned to: Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and
 Pack Round-up Chair.

 7. Plan Fall Round-up Night - Develop agenda,
 displays, make assignments.
 By Date: September 1.

 8. Implement pack promotion efforts (school
 newsletters, posters, school signs, yard signs, school
 displays, etc.)
 Assigned to: Fall Round-up Chair
 By Date: September 7.

 9. Conduct open house promotion.
 Assigned to: Pack Round-up Chair
 By Date: September 16.

Cub Scout Fall Recruitment
 10. Conduct Fall Round-up before September 30.
 Assigned to: Pack Round-up Chair
 By Date: September 30.

 11. Turn-in membership applications by September
 30 or before.
 Assigned to: Pack Round-up Chair
 By Date: September 30.

 12. Schedule October Pack Meeting.
 Assigned to: Cubmaster
 By Date: October 30.

 13. Conduct a follow-up Round-up at October Pack
 Assigned to: Cubmaster
 By Date: October 31.

 Fall Round-Up
Commitment Card

               Recruiting Materials
                       Assets Include

• Posters

• Fliers

• Billboards

• E-Mail Invitations

• Online Banners

• Radio and TV Commercials

• Yard Signs

                      Wrap Up

__ Schedule Unit Program Planning/Budgeting
   meeting - recommend prior to July 15th

__ Identify individuals for key contact list and turn in
   to Scout Service Center by July 15th

__ Attend Fall Round-up Orientation in August

__ Attend Popcorn Kickoff

__ Set-up My Scouting Account

__ Take the necessary online training

__ Come out and enjoy camp this summer!!!

 Thank You…

Any Questions?


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