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									“Every year in Victoria 33 children are killed and a further 75,500 are treated in
hospital for injuries." Kid Safe Website

St Kilda Mums check all donated cots and other nursery products to access their suitability
for re-homing.

Safety is of primary importance to us. St Kilda Mums is not legally obliged to meet all the
current mandatory safety requirements that apply to the sale of new or second hand
products, however we choose to check each and every product to these standards for the
benefit of the recipient.

The following items have mandatory safety standards - prams, strollers, change tables,
cots, portacots, highchairs, car restraints, and bouncers. To check whether your donation
meets current mandatory standards please see the product safety checklist on the contact
page of our website. Alternately you could send us a photo and description (make and
model, date and country of manufacture) of the item you have to donate and we should be
able to advise.

Here is a list of the items that we most often get asked for and any safety information that
pertains to it.

Current list of Requirements
Activity Mats or Baby Gyms
Bassinettes or Moses baskets
Baths and bath stands
Beds – we don’t usually keep toddler or single beds in stock but will call out for these if we
get requests
Bed rails
Bikes – toddler, children’s and adults
Bike seats for toddlers (please don’t forget the bracket to the seat stem)
Bottles and other feeding equipment
Bouncers or rockers
Carriers – we accept Baby Bjorn or similar front carriers, but no longer accept other types
of slings or backpack carrier due safety concerns with slings and to lack of demand for
Clothing 00000 to 5 years. We will call out for clothing for older children sometimes but
don’t usually keep it in stock. All clothing should be freshly laundered please.
Breast pumps – manual but not electric
Breastfeeding pillows
Buggy Boards for prams (don’t forget to remove the bracket from the axle of your pram)
Carry Cots
Car restraints – capsules, reversible, booster seats with backs only please. Should meet
standard AS/NZS 1754. Should not be more than 10 years old and never in an accident. We
also accept accessories like extensions for reversible cots in station wagon.
Change Table – folding or fixed with safety belt
Cots – should comply to Standard AS/NZS 2172-200. We no longer accept drop side cots for
safety concerns.
Foot Muffs
Formula – unopened and within 3 months of expiry date
Kids chairs and tables
Linen - Sheets, blankets, quilts, mattress protectors, mosquito nets for single beds, cots
and basinettes. All linen should be freshly laundered please.
Maternity Clothing – We used to stock this but no longer do to lack of demand and space so
please take to the Salvos.
Mattresses – for cots, bassinettes (we stock) and single beds (call out)
Nappies - disposable and reusable cloth
Nappy change bags
Nappy change mats
Nappy bags – plastic bags to put dirty nappies in
Newborn head supports
Nursing Pads – disposable and reusable
Portacots – should meet the Standard AS/NZS 2195:1999
Potties and toilet training stools
Prams and stollers – should meet Standard AS/NZS 2088: 2000.
Pram accessories like foot muffs, snugglers, newborn headrests, sunshades and raincovers
for prams and strollers (both single and double).
Spare pram wheels and pumps.
Safety gates – please don’t forget to find all the spindles and put them in a bag so they
don’t get lost.
Safety Items – like cupboard locks
Shoes – baby to about 6 years
Steps and stools
Sterilizers – microwave not electric
Stuffed animals and other soft toys – new with tag only please
Sunshades – for strollers, prams and car windows
Talcum powder, creams, bath wash etc - unopened
Towels – new or near new only please
Toys, CDs, DVDs, games and puzzles but no large stuffed animals please
Wipes - unopened

We no longer accept the following items

Anything electrical – that plugs into mains power. This includes electric breast pumps,
bottle warmers, monitors and sterilizers. This does not include battery operated toys.

Swings, walkers, exosaucers, bumbo seats, slings, bath aids, cot bumpers and Jolly Jumpers
(all on the recommendation of the Maternal Child Health Nurses we work with as they are
all considered to be unsafe.)

We no longer accept drop side cots for safety concerns.

Large stuffed animal toys. Please take them to your local animal shelter. We will accept
soft toys if they are new with tags.

Maternity wear, backpack carriers, due to lack of space and demand for these items.

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