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									                                                                                       Wild Turkey
                                                                            & Wildlife Improvement Package
                                                                                  Order Form for 2007
                                                                   Again the NH Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, in cooperation
                                                                   with the NH County Conservation Districts, are offering a special wild turkey
                                                                   habitat improvement package. While the return of the wild turkey populations
                                                                   has increased, as well as other wildlife species having been a great success story
                                                                   in NH, the continued loss of desirable habitat and lack of food during severe
                                                                   winters are a constant threat. This year we have 45 packages available.

This year’s plant package contains named cultivators of crabapples that were selected for persistent fruit and
resistance to scab, rust and fire blight. There will be 9 crabapples, four will be large crabs will be 4’ to 6’ and
some may flower and fruit the first year. There will also be five of the Sargent Crabs which is a smaller shrub-
tree crabapple. This year there will be two Mountain Ashes and two Washington Hawthorns. Also new this
year will be the Coralberry (also known as Indian Current) and Sand Cherry. Highbush Cranberry is back along
with the Rugosa Rose. Both the trees and shrubs will be in dormant bare rootstock and should be planted as
soon as possible.

The types of shrubs in each package may very slightly depending on your perceived hardiness zone and
availability from our wholesale nurseries. The shrubs are relatively rapid growers and will be 15 inches or
more. Plan to plant your plants in a “block” to insure proper pollination and to create a “critical minimum
mass” that will attract and sustain wildlife. (More on back)

A mature crabapple tree may produce up to 30 pounds or more of fruit. A descriptive listing of plants, plus
planting instructions, critical suggestions, and other wildlife tips will be provided with your order. This plant
offer will be limited to the first 45 applicant orders. (We may limit number to one per applicant depending on
response; we will notify you if we can not fill your multiple orders)

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Application/ Order form

                                                  Name: ___________________________________________________________________________

                                                  Town: _________________________ District ordered through: _____________________________
   Town: __________________ Zip: ________-_____
   Address: __________________________________

                                                  Phone: _____________________________________
   Name: ___________________________________

                                                  Wild turkey & Wildlife Plant Package includes:
                                                  4 Crabapples (semi-dwarf) – At least three varieties (4’ to 6’)
                                                          Plus mouse protector, weed check squares for trees as well as fertilizer and marker flags
                                                  5 Sargent Crab (crabapple shrub/tree, ¼” dark red fruit)
                                                  2 Mt Ash          2 Winterberry            2 Washington Hawthorn
                                                  10 Rose Rugosa 10 Red Chokeberry,         10 Highbush Cranberry 10 Hazelnut (American Filbert)
                                                  5 Sand Cherry      5 Snowberry            5 Coralberry
                                                  Value of plants & (shipping & handling to District location) is over $200
                                                                                                                            Package cost is $175
                                                  Less subsidy from NH Chapter of the Wild Turkey Federation of                                ($75)
                                                  Cost of package to landowner per package will be ------------------------------------------- $100
                                                  Number of Packages _______ X $100.00 each = $____________
Habits and Habitat: Wild turkeys take advantage of different habitats throughout the year, based on their food
and nesting needs. In the fall, turkeys forage in mass-producing stands of oak/hickory, oak/pine, and northern
hardwoods. Large softwood or hardwood trees are needed for roosting. Wild turkeys forage at farms in the
winter. Openings, including pastures, hayfields, burned areas, blueberry barrens and natural savannas are a key
component of their habitat. These areas support low herbaceous or grassy ground cover and insects needed for
brood rearing. Wild turkeys are not territorial. They travel over four to five square miles during most of the
year. Through winter and nesting season they often restrict their movements. Turkeys are active during the
day, roosting in the trees from sundown until sunrise. During the winter, deep powder snow will curtail the
turkey’s ability to travel very far.

Return application, check and signed “Statement of Cooperation” to your local County Conservation District
office at:

Or directly to Project Coordinator, Bambi Miller at the:
       Strafford County Conservation District
       259 County Farm Rd, Unit #3, Dover NH 03820-6015

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Wild Turkey & Wildlife Plant Package
Statement of Cooperation
I have seen or have reason to believe that there are wild turkeys in or around the area to be planted. The plants
and/or seeding will be established as directed in an area away from buildings and roads in a manner to enhance
pollination and flock utilization. I also agree to assist further conservation efforts by responding to surveys or
questionnaires regarding my observations or suggestions about these plantings.

Signed: _______________________________________________________ Date: _____/______/__________

Name (print please): ________________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
Town: ______________________________________, NH, Zip: ________________-_________
Phone (day) ________-________-____________ (evening) ________-_______-_____________

The NH Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation and County Conservation Districts appreciate your
interest in the development of wild turkey habitat.

We need to receive the signed statement back from you so that we can complete the processing of your
application with the Wild Turkey Federation.

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