Y8 Homework Project

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					        Y8 Science
     Homework Project

Start date:             Week beginning 24th May

Date to be handed in:   Monday 5th July
                        6 weeks long. (Includes half term)
           Are you up to date?

 Use the table below to tick off each weeks task
                   as you do it.

Complete each task on a new sheet of paper with a
              title and your name.
           Title                  Task            Tick when
                                  Completed by    completed

  Week 1   What habitat?          Mon 31st May
                                  (Half term)

  Week 2   Animals                Mon 7th June

  Week 3   Classification         Mon 14th June

  Week 4   Adaptation             Mon 21st June

  Week 5   Food chains and food   Mon 28th June

  Week 6   Human Impact           Mon 5th July
                Week 1
              What habitat?

1.   Choose a local habitat, for
     example your garden, a local
     wood, the village green, the
     village pond, an area within
     the school.

2.   Describe your habitat.
     Include weather, plant life,
     length of day and any other
     interesting information. For
     this you will need to collect
     data about the weather.

3.   Include a picture of your             Extension
     habitat. You can draw it or
                                     How about keeping a
     take a photo.                         weather
                                      diary for a week?
4.   Label the picture of the          Can you present this
     habitat, naming the things      information in a graph?
     in it.
        Week 2 - Animals
1.   Describe what animals
     are found in your

2.   Include lots of
     difference species of
     animal covering
     mammals, birds, fish,
     reptiles and
     amphibians. Also
     include any insects or
     crustaceans you think

3.   Include a picture of
     each animal, either
                               E.g. Frog (an amphibian)
     drawn by hand or from
     a magazine or the

4.   Label each picture
     with the name of the
     animal and the group it
     belongs to.
     Week 3 - Classification

1.    Use the pictures
      from last weeks task
      to help you create a
      key to identify the
      animals in your

      There is an example
      on the following page
      to help you.
A paired statement key is a useful way to
identify living things because it can easily
       be made up into book form.

1   Wings                     Go to 2
    No Wings                  Go to 4

2   Thick body                Bumble Bee
    Thin Body                 Go to 3

3   Back legs as long as body  Common Mosquito
    Back legs longer than body Malaria Mosquito

4   Eight Legs                House Spider
    Six Legs                  Go to 5

5   Narrow waist              Black Ant
    Broad waist                       Cat Flea
  Week 4

1.   Chose one of the animals in your habitat.

2.   Draw a large labelled diagram of this animal.

3.   Explain how this animal is adapted to live in
     your environment.

4.   What specific features does it have to ensure
     that it survives? Make sure that you explain
     these well.

                   How would the animal struggle
                   in a different environment
                   and why this is the case.
                   What would it need to change
                   to survive somewhere else?
     Week 5 – Food chains
          and webs
1.    Draw a food chain             Extension
      for the animal you
      have chosen.          1.   Once you have
                                 created food chains
                                 try to put them
2.    Label the producer         together to create a
      (plant), primary           food web for your
      consumer, secondary        habitat. If you can’t
      consumer and               include all of your
      tertiary consumer.         animals, try as many
                                 as possible.

3.    Draw a pyramid of     2.   Can you turn your
      numbers to                 pyramid of numbers
      represent your food        into a pyramid of
      chain?                     biomass?
Week 6 - What impact
are humans having on
    this habitat?

1.   Use the internet to find
     examples of how humans
     are impacting on this

2.   How could this effect the
     animal you have

3.   Are there any ways this
     could be prevented?
     Well done!
 You have completed the
science homework project     .

1.    Before you hand it in, make sure that all you
      work is there.

2.    Number the pages and make a front page and
      contents page to finish off your project.

3.    Make sure your name is on it!
       Success criteria
Have you shown that you can:

1.  Describe a habitat?
2.  Collect data about the weather?
3.  Draw a graph?
4.  Identify which groups animals belong
5. Label diagrams showing important
6. Design a key?
7. Explain how animals are adapted to
8. Make a food chain or food web?
9. Make a pyramid of numbers/biomass?
10. Use the internet to investigate the effect
    humans are having on other living
Each weeks task is marked out
 of 10.
1. Have you described your habitat?
  (the weather, plant life, day length)

 Have you presented your weather data in a graph?

 Have you a picture of your habitat?

2. Have you named and classified the animals you would find in the habitat?

3.Have you made a key to help other people in your habitat to identify the

4.Have you chosen 1 animal in the habitat and drawn a large labelled diagram
       of it showing how it is adapted to its habitat?

 Have you thought about how the animal would survive another habitat?

5. Have you drawn a food chain for your habitat?

Have you drawn a pyramid of numbers for the food chain?

Have you drawn a food web for your habitat?

6. Have you found out about the effect are humans having on your habitat?

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