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									Free operating systems: Ubuntu

Windows or no windows? No choice, this is the OS that we always pre-installed on all
computers purchased in stores or major distributions. Why Windows ? Yes, let us ask ourselves
this question! Why do we have to pay for each PC installed the operating system license from
Microsoft? Everyone should be free to install what you want but this is not always possible.

 Precisely for this reason many have learned to rely on free operating systems, as good as
Windows. One of those is Ubuntu, Linux OS open source among the best known and easiest to
use, given the interface very user friendly.

 Changing the operating system is not always easy but it brings benefits. Firstly in terms of
saving money for the purchase of Microsoft licenses, secondly, the security offered by Linux
that allows hackers to break the system with simple little programs like malware or trojan
viruses, bitter enemies of Windows.

Install Ubuntu on your computer is very simple. Colleghiamoci Ubuntu site and click on the
orange button Download. On the next page we click on Begin Download Location and select the
country you want to download it. In this way will start downloading the operating system.

 Once downloaded the 'ISO image of Ubuntu masterizziamola through a program to burn on a
CD. Now restart your computer and insert the CD previously installed. We select as a priority
to boot our CD and we begin the installation by following the guidelines proposed to us by the

 With Ubuntu we use a program called Grub to decide which operating system to boot at power
on our computer. That way if we do not want to migrate to open source now, we can keep
Windows installed without any problem.

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