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					Internet Service Provider – Repost with updated description.

The School District of Beloit (SDB) requires an ISP to provide between 20-100 Mb of
service. We currently use BadgerNet for transport. If your service works through
BadgerNet, only the cost of ISP service on the other end of that pipe is needed. Such
candidates must have an understanding of the WI BadgerNet network and be able to work
through their pipes. If your service does not work through BadgerNet, then the quote
should include the cost of transport as well as a detailed description of such transport.
We are requesting a minimum ISP contract period of 1 year with an optional multi-year
contract or voluntary extensions.

Eligible bidders should offer…

    A 24/7 network operations center that monitors our network and alerts SDB when
     the network goes down and is available to assist us in the resolution of the

    One full class C IP range for the district’s use, with DNS services included.

    A monthly newsletter on important issues such as viruses, filtering and spam

    Member notices of Internet abuse

    Presentations on topics of importance, such as security and future technologies

    Tools for common network problems, to include items that offer services similar
         o VisualRoute, a Java based graphical ping tool
         o Router Tool, a telnet based client providing access to our site’s router
         o Desktop Streaming, a support tool providing web based remote control of
            our desktop (w/consent) during support calls

    Technical Bulletins

    Joint Forums with CESA and other educational agencies to include items like:
         o Creating awareness about a variety of technology tools that can be used to
             support WI PI34 implementation
         o Show how others are currently using such tools
         o Discuss priorities and planning for regional PI34 implementation

    Additional information and support during the year which is relevant to
     Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Federal education requirements
     and how technology can support them.

Contact:      Victor Masliah -
Voice:        608/ 361-4028
Fax:          608/ 361-4190

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