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									École Centrale Paris
                                                                                                                              PARIS • ÎLE-DE-FRANCE

                                                                                                                        WEBSITE IN ENGLISH

          PREDEPARTURE SERVICES                                                            SERVICES PROVIDED UPON
                                                                                              ARRIVAL IN FRANCE

Application                             Housing                                Upon arrival                    Upon arrival
and admission                                                                  in France                       at the institution
                                        4 Services offered
                                           • Guaranteed space in student
4 Application and admission                  housing controlled by             4 Airport pick-up               4 Formal welcome
   using the CEF / CampusFrance                                                    Partnership with EGIDE          A campus tour is provided following the
   procedure (wherever available)                                                                                  arrival period, one integration week: lessons,
                                           • Option to reserve and secure
   CEF correspondent
                                             space in another student          4 Transfer to study site            cultural visits and an official welcome by the
   Barbara SIMON                                                                   Partnership with EGIDE          International Relations Office of the School.
                                             residence                                                                                         Applications for residence permits are
                                           • List of available rentals or of
   Tel. +33 (0)1 41 13 17 79
                                             Web sites that can be used        4    Welcome upon arrival           centralized. Banking partners are present on
   International Mobility Office                                                   at study site                   site for account opening
                                             to find rental housing
   Grande Voie des Vignes                                                          Partnership with EGIDE
                                           • Contact the Crous of Paris
   F-92295 Châtenay-Malabry Cedex
                                                                                   4 Assistance with administrative and
                                                                               4 Welcome upon arrival              academic registration
   • Contact within office of                                                      in student housing
                                        4 This service applies to
     international student admissions
                                           only students participating             Service provided by         4 Assistance with housing
     International Mobility Office                                                 the residence of the            (explanation of steps to be taken with
                                           in an exchange programs                                                       Ecole Centrale Paris, by        respect to housing assistance, utilities,
                                           (covered by a cooperative
     Tel. +33 (0)1 41 13 13 62                                                     students or staff of the        insurance, security deposit, housing tax,
     Grande Voie des Vignes                                                        School                          etc.)
     F-92295 Châtenay-Malabry                                                      Available at any time
                                           Students administration                                             4 Help opening a bank account
                                               4 These services are free
4 Dates for announcement of                Tel. +33 (0)1 41 13 18 22                                           4 Assistance with administrative and
   admission decisions
                                           Grande Voie des Vignes              4 These services are                regulatory compliance (such as obtaining
   Licence level: March-June                                                       available only to               residency permit)
                                           F-92295 Châtenay- Malabry
   Master’s level: March-July                                                      students participating
   Doctoral level: March-July                                                      in an exchange              4 French as a Foreign language courses at the
                                                                                   program (covered by a          CAVILAM Vichy -
4 Online information and                                                           cooperative agreement)         Durantion will depend on the student’s level
   instructions                                                                                                   Cost: Approximately 2000 euros
   Entry and residence, registration                                               EGIDE provides services        8 weeks
   and admission, financing                                                        to the Eiffel scholarship      Throughout the year, international students
   arrangements during the stay, life                                              students, in partnership       in the engineering cycle must follow courses
   in France and on campus.                                                        with the Cavilam in            given by the FLE Language Centre of the
                                                                                   Vichy..                        Ecole Centrale Paris
4 Programs and courses created
   or adapted for international
   students (except French as a
   foreign language)
   - Master Nuclear Energy (100 % in
   - Advanced Master Purchasing
   - Summer School
École Centrale Paris
                                                                                                                          PARIS • ÎLE-DE-FRANCE

                                                                                                              Downloadable forms, guides,
                                                                                                              or other documents

                  ONGOING SUPPORT

Orientation                            Sports, culture,
and support                            leisure
4 Specific services                    4 Athletic facilities at the
    A integration week at the              institution
    beginning of the year and at
    the biginning of the second        4 Access to computers and to
    semester for all students in the       the Internet
    engineering cycle : courses,           • Wi-Fi available across entire
    cultural visits etc.                     campus (buildings
    Almost all of the week is                and grounds)
    offered by the School                  • computer room with Internet
4 Assignment to peer mentor                • access in the School
    and/or faculty tutor                     residence
    • L level: sponsorship by a
      student and tutoring by a        4 Student clubs
      teacher for the exchange             More than 200 associations in
      period                               the School.
    • M level: sponsorship by a            For more information:
      student and tutoring by a  
      teacher for the exchange             A11_vie/A11b_vie-associative.
      period                               htm
    • D level: tutoring by a teacher
      for the exchange period              A5_campus/A5c_student_life.
4 Courses in French as foreign
    language available throughout      4 Formal cultural program
    the year                                            INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT
    Only for students in the               Contact : jean-pierre.                      AND ADMISSION STRATEGY
    engineering cycle.           

                                                                             4 Number of international students enrolled each year: 500
                                                                                 Double diploma (70-80), exchange semester (40-50), third
                                                                                 year (15), 3-year cycle, Master of Science (60), PhD (110) or
                                                                                 Specialized Master (75)
                                                                             4   Member of the UniverSud Paris research cluster
                                                                             4   Type of mobility most strongly encouraged by institution:
                                                                                                                                                 november 2010

                                                                                 Structured mobility (exchanges under cooperative agreements)

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