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									   ‘Today for Tomorrow’

                                                             March 14, 2012 #IV

                             Principal’s Report
                             There was a significant political announcement this week in education.
14-16/03 - Leonie away       The Local Schools Local Decision Making program appears to give more
16/03 - Ned’s Excursion      opportunity for schools to dictate their own policy and practices in the
20/03 - K/2T Clam Visit      future. If you would like to read more about this, have a look at the
21/03 - Harmony Day          fact sheet at
21-23/03 - Julian Away
21/3 -No post-school sport
22-23/03 - Matt Away         In addition to whatever differences that the new state government’s
23/03 - Ride 2 School Day    changes make, the school with the total support of staff, the P&C and
27-30/03 - School of Rock
                             School Council, has also applied for participation in the federal
28/03 - After School Sport
30/03 - Assembly #2          government’s National Partnerships - Empowering Local          Schools
4-5/04 - School Camp         Program. This would provide the school with additional funds to try
*********************        some innovative strategies within our school. I will advise you of the
    Canteen Roster
        March 21
                             application’s outcome when it is announced.
       Amy Hickey
                             Mrs Higgins is away this week in Ballina for an administrative managers
        March 28             leadership conference. She will be back next week in time for myself to
      Fiona Roberts
                             attend the North Coast Principal’s Conference on Wednesday and then
   Historical Movies         be joined by Mr Nulty for the North Coast Quality Teaching
        Roster               Conference in Coffs Harbour on the Thursday and Friday. We will both
        March 21
                             be back at school on Monday, March 26. Mrs Tilbrook will ably handle
       Amy Hickey
   Charlotte Tofaeono,       any on-site issues that may arise in my absence.
        Gina Krick
                             I have been made aware that there have been some semi-consistent
        March 28
                             cases of Impetigo, or school sores, in our community. If you notice any
         Ian Kerr
   Monique Thompson,         sores that look like they are festering, please see the doctor
   Ruby Charlton Shick       immediately as they are highly infectious. Thanks, Julian
Sea Week: “Marine Debris” was this year’s
Sea Week theme. Class activities were topped
off by a hands on science activity with Ian
Hutton where we collected some great data on
micro-plastics. This fit with the completion of
the sensational piece of art by Margaret
Murray and the school which will soon be
hanging with our class work in the museum.

                                                    the majority of the 3-6 class being matched
                                                    up with someone who had actually gone to
                                                    school here and hearing some first hand
                                                    stories about what life was like back then.

                                                    National Ride 2 School Day: Friday, March
                                                    23 is National Ride 2 School Day. Whilst there
                                                    are no formal activities on at school this day,
                                                    all students are encourage to ride their bikes
Clean    Up     Australia     Day:     Students     to school that day and support this concept!
participated in National Clean Up Schools Day
on Friday, March 2. They cleaned up in and          LHICS Movie: Mrs Tilbrook has commenced
around the school grounds, island oval and          work on our new school movie. We will be
immediate foreshore area. As you can see            displaying it on the school website so others
from the attached photo, there was an               can see what a sensational school that we have.
amazing amount of rubbish collected in the          We’ll be showing it off at the Small Islands
fifteen minutes that students spent out there.      Forum before submitting it to the department
It was also pleasing to note how many students      for the “Great Schools” competition that they
(over half the school population) showed up to      run. Entry into this requires parents to sign
the Aquatic Club to officially participate in the   the accompanying permission note and return
wider Clean Up Australia Day. Well done kids!       it to Mrs Tilbrook as soon as possible.

3-6N Anemone & McCulloch’s Fish Survey &            LHI Rockfest: The island will be rocking for
K-2T Clam Excursion: All students will be           the last week of March as David Berkman from
participating in an upcoming marine excursion       Big Music is sponsoring three bands to come to
later this week or next week. These                 the island to entertain us all. Music teachers
excursions continue the great work that we          are a strong component of his talent and we
have done with Marine Parks over the years          have worked out an opportunity for our
and will allow us to collect further data to
compare the abundance of specific marine
species in set locations around the island.

Senior Citizens Morning Tea & Assembly: As
you would have noticed from the great photos
on the front page of the newsletter, the
Senior Citizen’s Moring Tea was a terrific
success. It was fantastic to have so many
special people at our school. The highlight was
students to really benefit. The musicians will     John Dee Visit: John Dee (co-founder of
be running school music tuition on Tuesday         Planet Ark) who was on the island for the
27/03, Wednesday 28/03 and Friday 30/03 on         Plastic Action Group came to the school and
the ukulele, singing and rock and roll             addressed our students. He gave practical
appreciation. Students will also be preparing to   ways that they could help our environment and
participate in the gala concert at the golf club   save money. Ask your child how…
on Friday night, where they will perform.

                                                   Assembly #1: K-2T bedazzled the audience
After School Sport - The “Full On Fitness”         with their first assembly item of the year,
After School Sport program went to the             “The Octopuses Garden”. 3-6N were equally
beach last week. It was another great session      impressive with their demonstration of
but we head back under the COLA for today’s        Australian poetry. They studied Dorothea
shenanigans. With Mr Mostert and Mr Nulty          McKellar’s “My Country” before creating their
away next week, there will be NO After             own masterpiece titled, “Our Island”. Enjoy!!!
School Sport next Wednesday, March 21.                               Our Island
                                                             We love our real freedom,
School Council: Attached to this newsletter is             A paradise forged from peace.
a nomination form for you to nominate people                 The colours of our sunset,
for positions on this year’s School Council.                 That mark the end of day.
There are two parent representative positions               We love her pris ne waters,
vacant on the council are one community                         A plen ful coral reef.
representative space. Please have a think                   Where children play in safety,
about who may be able to add value to our
                                                             No harm to them shall be.
                                                         From mist does rise the mountains,
school by serving on council and then nominate
                                                           On which the cloud forest rest.
them by returning the attached form to the
                                                              Her flora and her fauna,
box near Ms Higgin’s office door.
                                                              Are hidden from us less.
                                                             We love her southern skies,
SRC Harmony Day: The SRC is coordinating                     Filled with soaring wings.
Harmony Day on March 21. The day involves a                  The heritage of our island,
multi-cultural recess and games. Students will                Is held above all things.
be wear orange and bring in spare coins to help              Our home is close to heart,
raise funds for the Petra School in Zimbabwe.                   As always it shall be.
Please find a note attached for more details.              Our love for Lord Howe Island,
                                                              No other place shall see.
Assembly #2: It will be a busy end to the
term with all the activities planned. One of       Have a great fortnight! Cheers,
these things will be the second school                                      Leanne, Matt & Julian
assembly on Friday, March 30.

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