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									The New Deal

       AP US History
      East High School
        Mr. Peterson
        Spring 2009
“The only thing we have to fear
is fear itself—nameless,
unreasoning, unjustified fear.”
--Franklin Roosevelt’s first
inaugural address (March 1933)
Restoring Confidence

• Inaugaral address
• “Fireside chats”
The First Hundred Days
 • Most major programs implemented
   during this time
 • Bank holiday
 • Emergency Banking Act of 1933
   • Protect larger banks
   • Inspection of banks by Treasury
   • “I can assure you that it is safer to
     keep your money in a reopened bank
     than under the mattress”
   • Banks reopened, crisis over
 • Prohibition Repealed
   • 3.2% beer
   • 21st amendment
Currency, Banks, Stock
• Executive order to go off gold standard
   • Purchase gold and silver
   • Fixed standard at lower level
   • Create inflation, bring prices up
• Glass-Steagall Act
   • Curb irresponsible speculation by banks
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
     • Insure accounts to $2500
• Truth in Securities Act of 1935
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Fair and accurate information about stocks
  • Criminal trials of Wall Street figures (former head of
Alphabet Agencies

• Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
• National Industrial Recovery Act
  • National Recovery Administration
• Public Works Administration (PWA)
• Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
• Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
Continuation of the First
New Deal

• Securities Exchange Commission
• Growth of federal relief
  • Federal Emergency Relief Administration
    • Harry Hopkins
  • Civil Works Administration (CWA)
  • CCC
  • Farm Credit Administration
• Conservatives and business leaders
  • American Liberty League
• Communists, socialists, and other
• Labor unions
• Townsend Plan
  • Pensions for all over 60
• Father Charles Coughlin
• Senator Huey Long (D-LA)
  • Share-Our-Wealth Society
Second New Deal

• Social Security Act
• The Wagner Act
  • National labor Relations Board
• Works Progress Administration
The 1936 “Referendum”

• Republicans nominate Alf
• Greatest landslide in American
• Electoral realignment
The Court Fight
• Supreme Court declares NRA actions
  • Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States
• Court packing plan
  • Political miscalculation
• Reversal
  • Chief Justice Robert Hughes
  • West Coast Hotel v. Parrish
• Roosevelt gets supreme court
End of the New Deal

• Roosevelt Recession (1937)
• Fair Labor Standards Act (1938)
Limits and Legacies
• Establishment of the “Broker
  • Labor unions
  • “Black Cabinet”
  • Indian Reorganization Act
    • BIA commissioner John Collier
• Transformation of the west
• Power to federal government
  • Federal welfare state
• Rise of Democratic Party
The New Deal

       AP US History
      East High School
        Mr. Peterson
        Spring 2009

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