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					                        THE LONDON GAZETTE, JUNE 6, 1899.                                              3605
                          DISEASES OP ANIMALS ACTS, 1894 AND 1896.
        BE CURST of OUTBREAKS of SWINE-FEVER for the Week ended June 3rd, 1899,
                        distinguishing Counties (including Boroughs*).

                                              Swine                                                Swine
                                           Slaughtered                                          Slaughtered
                                           as Diseased
                                Outbreaks or as having                               Outbreaks  as Diseased
           County.              confirmed. been ex-               County.- .                       as having
                                                                                     confirmed. orbeen ex-
                                             posed to                                             posed to
                                            Infection.                                           Infection.

         ENGLAND.                  No.         No.              ENGLAND.                No.          No.

                                                18       York, East Riding               2             2
Isle of Ely                         i            2        „ North Riding                 1             1
Chester                             5           47        „ Wesb Riding                  6            61
                                    1            8
                                    1            1
Durham        ...                   1                            WALES.
                                    2           *4
Gloucester                         10          138       Carmarthen                      1             4
Hants                               1            1       Carnarvon                       1             2
Lancaster                           2           18       Denbigh                         2             7
Leicester                           1           16 -     Glamorgan                       1             2
Lincoln, Parts of Holland ...       2            4       Merioneth                       1             1
Norfolk                             2            7
Northampton                         1           • »•
                                    6           14              SCOTLAND.
Somerset                            2           18
Stafford                            7           51       Lanark     ...        ...       1             3
Suffolk                             3          127       Midlothian                      1             4
Warwick                             2           25       Stirling                        3            35
Wilfe                               1           25
Worcester                           1          141                 TOTAL                72           790

     * For convenience Berwick-upon-Tweed is considered to be in Northumberland, Dudley is con-
sidered to be in Worcestershire, Stockport is considered to be in Cheshire, and the city of London is
considered to be in the county of London.
         SWINE-FEVER INFECTED ABEAS.                 Denbighshire, Flintshire, and Shropshire.—An
  THE following Areas are now Areas Infected           Area comprising the petty sessional division of
with Swine-Fever under the above-mentioned             Overton, being a detached portion of the county
                                                       of Flint j the petty sessional division of Os-
                                                       westry, the municipal borough of Oswestry,
Utrkshire and Buckinghamshire.—An. Area com-           and the parishes of "Whitchurch-Urban, Whit-
  prising the parishes of Bray, and Gookham, and       church-Rural (except the detached portion),
  die municipal borough of Maidenhead, in the          Tghtfield, Whixall, Welsh Hampton, Ellesmere-
  county of Berks ; and also comprising the petty      Urban, Ellesmere-Rural, Cockshutt, Hordley,
  sessional divisions of the Hundred of Stoke, the     and Ruyton of the Eleven Towns, in the county
   Hundred of Desborough (First Division), and         of Salop j and also comprising the petty ses-
   the Hundred of Desborough (Second Division),        sional division of Bromfield, together with the
  and the parishes of Wooburn, Boveney, Burn-          detached portion of the petty sessional division
  Lam, Dorney, Farnham Royal, Hedgerley                of Ruabon, in the county of Denbigh, and the
  Dean, Hitcham, and Taplow, in the county of           detached portion of the county of Flint situate
  Buckingham, and also comprising the borough          within the first-named petty sessional division ;
  of Chopping (or High) Wycombe (10 February,          and also comprising the borough of Wrexhara.
  1898).                                               (19 May, 1899.)
JBuckingJiamshire.— See under Berkshire and Buck- Devonshire.—An Area comprising the parishes of
  inghamshire.                                          St. Budeaux, Egg Buckland, Compton Gifford,.
 Cardiganshire.—An Area comprising the petty            Plympton St. Mary, Plympton Maurice, Plym-
   sessional division of Upper Geneur-glyn, in          stock, and the Urban District and parish of
   the county of Cardigan (28 November, 1898).          Stonehouse, in the county of Devon, and also
                                                        comprising the boroughs of Devonport, and
Carnarvonshire.—An Area comprising the parishes        Plymouth (3 February, 1899).
   of Uanwnda, Llandwrog, Llanllyfni, and Clyn-
   nog, in the county of Carnarvon (8 April, 1899). Dorsetshire.—An Area comprising the parishes of
 Cheshire.—An Area comprising the parishes of           Abbotsbury, Portisham, Upway, Bincombe,,
   Odd Bode, Moreton-cum-Alcum Low. Newbold             Preston, Broadway, Langton Herring, Radipole,
   Astbury, Hulme Walfield, Buglawton, Eaton,           Fleet, Chickerell, Melcombe Regis, Wyke
   North Rode, Bosley, and that portion of the         Regis, and Portland, in the county of Dorset,,
   parish of Somerford, formerly known as Radnor,       and also comprising the borough of Weymouth,
   in the county of Chester, and also comprising        (21 February, 1899>
   the borough of Congleton (21 March, 1899).        Flintshire.—See Denbighshire, Flintshire, and*.
Denbighshire.—An Area comprising the petty              Shropshire.
   sessional division of Isaled, and the parishes of Kent.*—An Area comprising so much of the-
  Llangynhafal, Llanychan, and Llanynys Rural,          petty sessional division of Faversham as lies
   in the county of Denbigh, and also comprising        south, of the River Swale and east of the
    he borough of Denbigh (16 January, 1899).           western boundaries of the parishes of Teynham,
                                          C 2

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