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    Introduction                  3
                                       More and more of us are joining the gym
                                       or taking up running. But do we ever stop
    Common foot troubles          4    to think what all this might be doing to our
                                       feet? When we run, our body weight is tripled,
    Focusing in                   6    with our feet bearing most of this stress.
                                       An 11 stone man processes an estimated
                                       112 tons of weight through each limb per mile.
    Nailing the problem           7
                                       The demands made on your feet and lower
                                       limbs can lead to a range of injuries,
    Checking your feet out        8
                                       including bunions, corns,
                                       calluses, fungal infections,
    Top tips for treatment        8    joint, tendon and muscle
                                       problems. Poor technique
                                       and inappropriate
    Keeping fungal free           10   footwear can all lead
                                       to a long list of
    Choosing the right footwear   12   largely preventable

    Where to get advice           14   This guide from the
                                       Curanail fungal nail
                                       experts, has been
                                       written to give you
                                       general advice on
                                       how best to look
                                       after your feet,
                                       including top tips
                                       on the right
                                       footwear and
                                       how to get
                                       expert advice
                                       for your feet.


2                                                                                       3

                                                                                             The big toe joint becomes angled to
                                                                                             the outside of the foot, causing the
                                                                                             bone to stick out.
                                                                                             Bunions can be a hereditary condition
                                         FUNGAL NAIL INFECTION                               or may be the result of wearing tight,
                                                                                             pointy-toed or high-heeled shoes.
                                         WHAT                                                HOW TO TREAT
                                         Thick, brittle or discoloured nails.                Experts advise against surgery unless
                                         WHY                                                 the bunion is very painful. Otherwise,
                                         Ill fitting or inappropriate shoes can              get shoes that fit well, or try protective           INGROWN TOENAIL
                                         damage the toenail, making it easier                bunion cushions.
                                         for the fungus to take hold.                                                                        WHAT
                                         HOW TO TREAT                                                                                        The toenail digs into the flesh of the
                                         Seek advice from your pharmacist                                                                    toe around it, possibly causing
                                         or GP You can buy Curanail 5% Nail                                                                  infection.
                                         Lacquer, the only once-weekly treatment                                                             WHY
                                         for mild fungal nail infections in up to                                                            Cutting toe nails incorrectly or wearing
                                         two nails available from the pharmacy.                                                              shoes that are too small can cause
                                                                                                                                             ingrown toe nails.
                                                                                                                                             HOW TO TREAT
                                                                                                                                             See a podiatrist if toes become red
                                                                                                                                             or inflamed and painful. Otherwise
                                                                                                                                             cut nails in a straight line, soak feet
                                                                                                                                             and apply antiseptic.

                                                     ARCH AND HEEL PAIN

                                                  Inflammation and burning pain at the
                                                  arch or heel of the foot.                                                                 ACHILLES TENDONITIS
                                                  Wearing shoes that offer little support,                                                WHAT
                                                  sports-related injury or trauma, weight                                                 An inflammation of the Achilles tendon
                                                  gain and tightness of leg muscles.                                                      - the tendon on the back of your calf.
       ATHLETE’S FOOT                             HOW TO TREAT                                                                            WHY
                                                  Surgery for extreme cases. Stretching                                                   Pain in the Achilles tendon is common
WHAT                                              exercises, orthotics and arch supports,                                                 in distance runners and is caused by
Red, dry flaking skin between the toes            cortisone injections and physical                                                       overuse, from running or other weight-
or on the sides of the feet that may              therapy can help.                                                                       bearing sports with repetitive motion.
blister or crack and become very sore.                                                                                                    HOW TO TREAT
WHY                                                                                                                                       Take anti-inflammatory medication,
Sweaty trainers and warm damp floors                                                                                                      ice your calf, try physiotherapy and
are a breeding ground for this highly                                                                                                     rest from activity. Stretching, massage,
contagious fungus. Wear flip-flops in                                                                                                     heel pads and shoe inserts may help.
communal changing areas to avoid                                                                                                          Surgery is a last resort.
picking up the infection.
Seek advice on treatment options from
your pharmacist or GP  .

4                                                                                                                                                                                    5
    Over a million people are estimated to have a fungal       Anyone can get a fungal nail infection, but you may
    nail infection and it is the most prevalent nail disease   be more likely to get one if you:
    in the UK. People who have athlete’s foot are more
                                                                 I    Belong to the gym, run, swim or play other
    likely to have a fungal nail infection, as the fungus
                                                                      sports and walk barefoot around communal
    can easily spread from the feet to the nails.
                                                                      sports areas, such as the gym
                                                                 I    Have athlete’s foot (over 90% of fungal nail
    “The infection that causes athlete’s foot and fungal              infections are caused by the same fungus as
    nails loves warm, damp places, so sweaty shoes and                athlete’s foot which makes the skin between
    trainers are the ideal breeding ground,”                          your toes itchy and sometimes blistered)
    “The more serious problem is that of the athlete’s           I    Are a smoker
    foot infection spreading to the toenails. This is very
                                                                 I    Have a job where your hands or feet are often
    common, especially in those undertaking long
                                                                      in damp, warm or moist conditions ideal for
    distance running. Damage to the nails may leave
                                                                      the growth of micro-organisms, such as
    them susceptible to becoming infected with the
                                                                      washing dishes or lifeguarding
    surrounding athlete’s foot, turning the nail
    a brownish yellow colour. If not treated this may            I    Are older since prevalence increases with age
    spread to other nails.”                                      I    Have injured your toe nails through sport or
    Michael O’Neill, podiatric surgeon, Princess Margaret             an accident
             Hospital, Windsor and member of the
                      national executive of the Society of
                           Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

6                                                                                                                     7
    Fungal nail infections are more common in toenails        “I’ve always had ugly toe nails and just thought it
    than in fingernails. They are often painful and almost    was part of having trouble getting shoes or trainers
    always unsightly. They can also be rather embarrassing    that fit properly,” explains Steve Quirke, 39, a TV
    and, if left untreated, can spread to other nails.        Marketing Executive from London. “I ignored it for
                                                              years, but then when it started to hurt, my girlfriend
    You may have a fungal nail infection if you have:         suggested I try Curanail. I’ve got healthy regrowth
                                                              for the first time in years, but I’m going to keep going
      I    White, yellow or brown nails                       to make sure it’s completely gone.”
      I    Thickening, scaliness and a build up of debris     Curanail has a minimal risk of side effects and
           under the nail                                     has no known interactions with other medicines.
      I    Distorted, brittle, or crumbly nails               It cannot be used in pregnant and breastfeeding
                                                              women, those under 18 and those with known
                                                              hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. Do not
    Fungal nail infections can hurt and affect your
                                                              use Curanail with nail varnish as it may affect the
    exercise regime, so it’s worth getting straight
                                                              penetration of the product and how well it works.
    down to your pharmacist to get it checked out.
                                                              People with diabetes, circulatory problems,
                                                              psoriasis, severely damaged or infected nails, and
                                                              those taking immunosuppressants, should talk to
                                                              their doctor.
                                                              The most likely adverse effect is a
                                                              slight temporary burning sensation around
    Curanail is an effective once-weekly treatment for        the nails after the lacquer has been
    mild fungal nail infection in up to two nails. It’s       applied, which soon wears off.
    available from your pharmacy, although you may
    need to see your doctor. This treatment contains the
    active ingredient amorolfine, an effective antifungal
    agent previously only available on prescription.
    Curanail comes in a nail lacquer (like a nail varnish)
    that only needs to be applied once a week. Keep
    reapplying the lacquer to the affected nails once
    weekly until the fungal-infected areas have
    regenerated and healthy nails have grown back
    (approximately six months for finger nails and nine
    to twelve months for toe nails.) Always read the label.

8                                                                                                                        9
     Play it safe:

       Never expose your bare feet to changing room           Choose the right shoes and trainers
       floors and showers – wear flip flops at all times      for the job – bruising your toes from
                                                             wearing ill-fitting or poorly designed
                                                           shoes makes it much easier for the fungus
                                                               to get under the nail and take hold
       Bring your own equipment – use your towel and
                       exercise mat

                                                           Let your trainers dry out between sessions,
         Always dry your feet thoroughly, especially       but don’t put them in the washing machine
                     between the toes                           – it can ruin the structural support

         Cut your toenails straight across and use a
         different pair of scissors on infected nails      Get your fungal infection treated, to avoid
                                                           it spreading to other people or other parts
                                                                          of your body

         Take your shoes and socks off when you’re
         at home to let air get to your feet and wear
       cotton socks and leather shoes that allow your
                        feet to breathe

10                                                                                                       11
     The Physiotherapy Association of Great Britain           Top tips when
     estimates that 85% of us wear the wrong shoes. In        choosing trainers
     a survey from YouGov and Curanail, up to a third of
                                                                I   Trainers should feel
     people admit to going for style over substance when
                                                                    snug but not tight,
     it comes to choosing trainers with:
                                                                    fitting closely round
       I    30% saying they go for designer trainers                the instep without
            every time                                              excessive up-and-
       I    Just 3% taking specialist advice                        down movement at
                                                                    the heel. There should
       I    Fewer than one in ten (9%) choosing trainers            be a space at the tip of
            designed for their specialist sport                     the shoe enabling you to
       I    One in five always going for the                        press your thumb into the
            cheapest option                                         gap when standing
     “It’s almost been accepted that runners will have bad      I   Get advice from a specialist sports shop
     toes – it’s almost a badge of honour,” explains Steve          as it’s important to assess how your feet hit
     Seaton, editor of Runner’s World. “Obviously wearing           the ground; if your foot rolls too far inwards
     shoes that fit can avoid toe damage, but I don’t think         after the heel strikes you need a shoe with
     people pay enough attention to the top of the box of           some rigidity, whereas if it doesn’t move so
     the shoe when choosing trainers. We also forget how            much you need a shoe with lots of cushioning
     much the foot expands so we really should buy a size       I   Running shoes should be light, breathable
     up from normal shoes.”                                         and flexible – perfect for moving forward
     Dipika Smith, Manager of Run and Become, Victoria,             at high speeds, reducing the amount of work
     London, adds, “We get people who come to our                   required from the foot and lower leg muscles
     store to run up and down outside so we can work            I   Sports like tennis, squash or basketball
     out how their foot strikes the ground before we                require stiffer, more supportive uppers
     recommend which trainers to try. We’ll also bring              and sturdier soles to cope with the rapid
     out lots of different brands – what works for one              side-to-side movements
     person may not work for another and they are
     all subtly different.”

12                                                                                                                   13
                                                                The only once-weekly
                                                            treatment for mild fungal nail
     Podiatrists are also known as chiropodists and
                                                            infections in up to two nails.
     are experts in preventing or correcting deformities,
     relieving pain, treating infections and can provide
     expert advice on footwear.                               Available from your pharmacist.

     See your GP for a referral on the NHS or go to the
     Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists website
     to find a private podiatrist and get more help and

                                                             Go to
                                                              for more information on
                                                               fungal nail infections.

                                                                   Always read the label

14                                                                                              15
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                                       effective t          nails
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                                       So d on’t le       il, ask
                                               eC              anail!
                                                       or Cur
                                               acist f

Further information is available at:
5% nail lacquer containing amorolfine; once-weekly treatment for mild fungal nail infections
Print code AMO/41/0107 March 2007                                          Always read the label.

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