The Obama Administration Tries Making A Change

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                                  The Obama Administration Tries Making a Change
                                                     By John Parks

   President Elect, Barack Obama has announced a job stimulus plan that is geared towards creating
more jobs while providing individual states with much needed funding for highway maintenance
projects. As we all know, bridges and highways throughout the country are in need of repair and this
plan seems to have gained favor among some that have spoken out against previous economic
stimulus packages that have been executed thus far.

 The initial stimulus plan in which the government sent checks directly to consumers was not as
successful as leaders had hoped. Many families used the stimulus checks to pay down prior debt or
put the money into savings, in the anticipation of rough times ahead. The job stimulus plan will boost
the economy on many levels. The states will get money for needed projects, payroll and sales tax from
increased spending; those employed in the construction industry will receive a paycheck.

 The biggest concerns being discussed about the job stimulus plan is the amount of time needed to
actually implement the construction and improvement projects. As nothing seems to move quickly
when the government is involved many fear that it will take too long to actually get this money flowing
through the economy. Time will be needed to plan projects, place bids and get needed materials in
place. A typical state sponsored highway project takes approximately one and one half years to plan;
the job stimulus plan must move faster in order to have the desired effect on the economy.

 Senate and Congress have been busy ironing out the details of the job stimulus plan and are trying to
finalize it so that it can be signed and put into effect immediately after Obama is signed into office.
Governor’s from throughout the country met last month in Washington and applauded this unique effort
from the incoming administration. Most governors are consistently looking for federal funding for state
highway projects and this job stimulus plan will enable the states to create jobs through new
construction projects as well as provide needed maintenance to our highways and bridges. Highway
projects are typically the first to be cut when finances get tight and construction and maintenance
workers are typically the first to be given the ax from the state budget. Union workers throughout the
country are looking forward to the additional work.

 Only time will tell if the job stimulus plan will work but most everyone agrees that it is a unique plan
and one that differs greatly from the typical government approach to solving problems. Many hope that
this fresh method of attack is a sign of what the country has to look forward to under the Obama

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

administration. During the nearly two year campaign for president, Obama held onto a slogan of
change. If this job stimulus plan is any hint as to what is to come, we should all be expecting change.
Changes in the form of new ideas to old problems voters were looking for fresh solutions to help our
country through this economic crisis.

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                              The Obama Cabinet - What Obama's Choices Say About Him
                                                             By Coddie Adwar

The Obama transition team, watching the financial crisis continue to deepen, realized they had to send
quickly a message of assurance to try to bring stability to the markets. Consequently a popular pick
was chosen for the Secretary of Treasury: Tim Geithner, who has Wall Street's vote of confidence. Mr.
Geithner has been a career Treasury official since 1998. In November 2003, he became president of
the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which oversees the NY markets. He is an intelligent man who
understands the financial crisis and the problems creating the credit crunch we are facing. He worked
under Robert Rubin and Larry Summers in the Clinton Administration.

Incredibly, even Karl Rove approves of Obama's economic team!

 Barack Obama made another wise choice in keeping Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, to
provide a measure of continuity for fighting our two wars. He also persuaded Marine General James
Jones to take the post of National Security Adviser.

 Obama seems to have absorbed one of the arguments Hillary Clinton's campaign made against him;
that "it takes experience to make change happen". He will begin his Presidency by surrounding himself
with intelligent and politically adept people who have a demonstrated ability to get things done. In this
present crisis, America needs its best and brightest. The fact that he is building a team of qualified,
strongly opinionated pragmatists says "he can handle disagreement and in fact welcomes it". Obama
has been self-assured enough to appoint as Secretary of State, his previous rival, Hillary Clinton, who
more than demonstrated her own toughness by giving the president-elect a running battle last spring.

 Barack Obama has been reading Doris Kearns Godwin's book "Team of rivals" which, by his own
description is "a spectacular book on leadership, showing how Lincoln crafted a diverse group of
people who wanted to mess with him, but still they were competent". In the formation of his Cabinet,
Obama is following the model provided by Abraham Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents,
demonstrating a profound change from George Bush, who generally preferred "Yes men," to
considerations of competence. In this, Barack Obama is demonstrating a greatness of spirit that
America sorely needs. When he says "buck stops here," I believe he means it.

 A few have expressed concern that Obama is relying too much on veterans of President Clinton's
administration. Does that necessarily make it like traveling back to the (Clintonite) future? The fact is,
where else could Barack Obama find "tested experts" that share his ideology? Certainly, not many in
the Bush administration! Some hold the romantic notion that ordinary smarties, with mere academic
qualifications untested in the rough world of politics, should come to Washington, roll up their sleeves
and clean house! With so many problems to solve, "learning on the job" would cost this country too

 The genius of America is that once every 30 years or so, it’s been able to come up with a great
President just about the time we really need one. So far, we've been lucky. Barack Obama is showing
some signs, now, that maybe we got lucky again. God knows we need it!

Coddie Adwar

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