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                                   The Truth About Government "Solutions"
                                                              By Robert A. Meyer

  It is obvious that America has become a nation of individuals who want immediate satisfaction and
short-term "solutions." A perfect example is our current financial crisis-a crisis caused by the easy
money policy of The Federal Reserve System. And what is amazing is that the vast majority of the
people have supported this shortsighted inflationary scam.

 Apparently, very few have the ability to see that artificially low interest rates and fiat money cause
economic catastrophes.

 Well as the old saying goes "The chickens have come home to roost." The dollar is collapsing. Gold is
closing in on $1000 per ounce. Housing prices are in free-fall. Oil prices are soaring. Many people are
drowning in debt. Economic productivity is stagnant. Job growth is vanishing. Government is broke.
Need I say more?

 Do the people demand an end to Federal Reserve easy money policies? Do they rebel against
government intervention in the marketplace? Do they tell the political establishment that they are
through supporting them? Do they finally scream out for the beliefs of our founding fathers-beliefs in
liberty, freedom, unrestricted property rights and free enterprise? No! Instead, just as a drug addict
would cry out for more dope-they cry out for more of the same poison that created the problems in the
first place.

 Now we have the spectacle of the Federal Reserve System systematically destroying the dollar and
our economic system with more interest rate reductions and inflationary money. The only thing these
"stimulation packages" will accomplish is the total collapse of our economy.

 The solution is to allow interest rates to rise to their natural level so that all the mal-investments and
excesses are washed out of the economic system. Of course this process is painful in the
short-run-just as the withdrawal symptoms of a drug addict are excruciatingly uncomfortable. However
it is the only solution if "The American Way of Life" is to survive in the long-term.

Government is the problem

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Let's face it. No government program accomplishes anything but hardship and destruction. Why?
Because they all violate Natural and Economic Laws. The drug war is an absolute failure. The war on
poverty is a cruel joke-especially on the ones it was supposed to help. The war in Iraq is a tragedy that
will end up costing 5 trillion dollars. All government programs are total disasters.

 Let's define Government. It is the social apparatus established for the monopolistic exercise of violent
compulsion and coercion.

 That might be all fine and dandy if government was restricted to protecting life, liberty and property.
Unfortunately, the role of government has evolved to that of an evil Santa Claus-one who gives "gifts"
he has extorted from innocent victims. All taxes, inflation, government regulations-and prohibitions
against voluntary exchanges and consumption are immoral and criminal.

 Government is the problem-not the solution. Whenever you ask government to solve a problem-you
are asking for another problem. Government intervention in the marketplace can only worsen the

 2008 is an election year. As usual you have basically only two parties to choose from. The
establishment press totally ignores any third parties-such as the Libertarian Party. If you are not a
democrat or republican your chances of being elected are non-existent.

 Both of these parties believe in government solutions to all our problems. They resort to four
methods-tax, spend, regulate and prohibit. Nobody's life, liberty and property are safe when democrats
and republicans are passing legislation.

 From the above you can conclude that voting for members of either party is dishonest and
immoral-since the politicians (Ron Paul being the exception) that make up these political parties sell
out an individual's life, liberty, freedom and property wholesale.

 Now you may plead ignorance and say that you believe the candidates of your choice are honest men
and women only trying to help people. I mean-honestly-does anyone actually believe that politicians
are looking out for anyone's interests but their own. The facts speak for themselves. The current
economic situation says it all.

The solution

 There is only one solution-a system of unhampered capitalism. All government intervention must be
stopped. Voluntary exchanges between peaceful individuals shall no longer be infringed upon.
Governments will have no right to tell a person what he can or cannot consume. The Federal Reserve
System will be abolished and the 100% Gold Standard adopted. This will stop inflation forever.

 Most important-an individual's life, liberty, freedom and property will become sacred. We will have a
system of pure Libertarianism. "The Libertarian Way" is the way.

Robert A. Meyer has been investigating and studying economics, philosophy, psychology and
metaphysics for 30 years. His knowledge that life is to be lived on a physical, emotional, mental and
spiritual level allowed him to discover "The Libertarian Way."

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                       How To Find The Best Home Based Business
                                                                  By Rolf Joho

Have you been searching, for that perfect home based business? You feel as if you have tried so many
"so called, home base businesses" and yet you think that you have failed, because nothing has come
from any of them. You have not failed. The only thing is, you have not found the home based business
that is right for you.

 There are many factors to consider while determining the home based business that is best for you.
First take a moment to think about what business adventures you are considering. You have to ask
yourself, what do I want to get out of my home based business? We all know, "money" is the first
motivation, but that should be one of the last motivators towards your goal. It is a given that if you
succeed at your home based business then the money will follow. Many people put the word money
on their list, as the first motivator for finding that home based business; however money should not be
at the top of the list. It is ok to have money if there, of course, but not as your top motivator.

 The first thing you should consider when deciding on what type of home based business you should
start is what you like to do. What type of skill/service do you possess that you would be able to develop
into a business. This is important, because you have to love what you do, so that you will not get
bored, and you can run your business with a passion. Passion is what drives a person to exceed the
limits and beyond, and if it is something that you do very well, then that is perfect. This is the first thing
you should think about before opening your home based business.

 Second you must determine the amount of space needed for your project. Think about if you have
adequate space to open the business you want. If not, all is not lost, you just need to reconsider how
much space you will need, and where in your home you will be performing this special business.

 Third is Finance - determine how much money you will need. You need to have enough monies to
purchase the materials you would need, or the equipment necessary to carry out the performance of
your new business. When considering finance, you will need to keep in mind marketing as this is
essential to developing your business. Marketing is nighty-percent of your business. Without the
correct marketing techniques, a business can go by the way side no matter what type of business it
may be. Marketing drives traffic to your business, that is why it is so essential. If you have questions
about the type of marketing tactics needed for your business, try using Google, to search for
"Marketing tactics for small business."

 Finally, consider that your new home based business is something that has to grow, so do not jump
ship after a few weeks or months. Make sure you stick to it, and remember consistency and
determination are your best friends.

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