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					                                                                                                     Orsini     1

                                  Syllabus for ENC 1101
                                 Freshman Composition I
                                            Session I 2011-2012

         “You write with ease to show your breeding/But easy writing’s curst hard reading.”
                                                                                  -- Brinsley Sheridan (1751–1816)
Section:          W04 CRN 10529
Time and Place:   M W 8:30 A.M.– 9:45 A.M. in 5-215
Professor:        Diane Orsini
Office:           Room 5-145
Office Hours:     Please see the card posted on my office door.
Office Phone:     (407) 582-1172
Department:       (407) 582-1313 (in case of emergency)
E-mail address:

Catalog Description
          “Prerequisites: Score of 83 on writing component of CPT or equivalent score on other state-
approved entry test or minimum grade of C in ENC 0012 and ENC 0012L or ENC 0012C or EAP 1640 or
ENS 1441; also, score of 83 on reading component of CPT or equivalent score on other state-approved
entry test or minimum grade of C in REA 0002 and REA 0002L or REA 0002C or EAP 1620 or ENS
1421. Development of essay form, including documented essay; instruction and practice in expository
writing. Emphasis on clarity of central and support ideas, adequate development, logical organization,
coherence, appropriate citing of primary and/or secondary sources, and grammatical and mechanical
accuracy. Gordon Rule course which requires multiple written assignments. Minimum grade of C required
if ENC 1101 is used to satisfy Gordon Rule and general education requirements. This course includes a
learning activity designed to ensure competence in the basic use of computers” (Catalog).

This course seeks to incorporate Valencia’s core competencies of Think, Value, Communicate, and Act.
Please see page 13 in the current Valencia College catalog for a more complete reference. Evidence of
College Level Academic Skills (CLAS) is a graduation requirement. To the extent possible, you will be
encouraged to develop reading skills, essay skills, and English language skills as part of your work in this

Textbooks – Required.
         The New York Times Online (the account is free)
         The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Katharine C. Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers
         This is It! Noelle Geiger

Portfolio: Double-pocket folder or large notebook for exercises and essays
In-Class Work: Lined notebook paper 8 1/2 x 11 (not on paper pulled from a spiral notebook)
All Out-of-Class Work: Plain printer paper; all final drafts must be printed
Writing utensils: Blue or black ballpoint pens; no pencils or felt-tip markers. Highlighters.

Writing Load
         •   Three formal out-of-class essays approximately 500-700 words
         •   One 800-1000 word documented essay requiring the use of on-line sources
         •   Four multiple-draft packages
         •   Final Essay (business letter)
                                                                                                    Orsini   2

•   Papers will be assigned seven to ten days in advance of the due date. They must be at least five
    hundred words each and word-processed; the Cause & Effect essay must be at least eight hundred
•   All rough drafts and other composition materials must be submitted and will earn a separate score.
•   All final drafts must be double-spaced and printed on only one side of the paper with a one-inch
•   Spelling and grammar rules always count.
•   Students who do not have access to typewriters and/or word processors are encouraged to use the
    Microcomputer Assistance Center in the Library.

Final Examination
         The final examination is a professionally-presented argument letter. Students must score a "C" or
higher to earn a passing score.

Passing Grade Requirements
         ENC 1101 requires that no less than a "C" be earned as a final grade. You must complete all the
written assignments and pass the final exam with score of C or higher in order to meet the Gordon Rule

Grading Procedures
                  Essays:                                                 30%
                  Documented Essay:                                       20%
                  Drafts:                                                 40%
                  Final Essay:                                            10%

       For your convenience, I will post the assignment grades in Blackboard so that you will always
know your status in this course. The best surprise is no surprise.
       In determining the Final Grade posting, I use the following scale:

                  A = 90-100 points
                  B = 80-89.99
                  C = 70-79.99
                  D = 60-69.99
                  F = 59.99 and below.

         If you wish to do well in this course, you must attend the class meetings, do your best possible
work, and turn that work in on time. You should know that I do not believe in extra-credit assignments
unless all credits are available to all students. The words “Extra Credit” entice students to get so caught up
in padding their grades that they miss the point of the actual assignments.

Late or Missing Assignment Penalties
         Assignments are to be submitted by the deadline. Late projects will be accepted if submitted
within seven days of the due date but will receive a ten-point deduction. Any assignment submitted more
than seven days after the due date will receive a score no higher than 50 points. Failure to hand in any
assignment will result in a zero-point score. No work will be accepted after the last class meeting.
                                                                                                      Orsini      3

Class Attendance and Deportment
    •    Attendance

          Page 90 of the Valencia College Catalog states that students are expected to attend every class
beginning with the first class meeting. Therefore, I expect all students to attend every class, including the
first one. Students whose names appear on my printed class roll on the first day but do not show will be
marked with a non-negotiable absence that counts as one of the four leading to withdrawal; those who do
not show or contact me during the first week will be withdrawn as ‘no-shows.’
          Students should be advised that I take roll at the beginning of each meeting; they should plan to
stay until the end of the meeting. I will mark absent any one who leaves early.
          Attendance is directly related to success in this course. After two absences, students will be
sent an Excessive Absence notification via Atlas. A fourth absence may result in withdrawal from the
course. ‘Four absences’ means any combination of non-attendance days and pairs of ‘lates’ (see below). If
attendance will be a problem, an online course might be a better option. All tests must be taken on or
before posted test dates; makeup tests are not available without explicit consent of the instructor. This
consent will only be granted in cases of documented extreme emergency. The final exam (the argument
letter) must also be submitted on or before the due date.
          Students are advised that work hours and medical appointments for themselves or members of the
student’s family do not constitute excused absences; in fact, the only “excused absences” the college
recognizes are jury duty and military service.

    •     Deportment
          As a courtesy to others, students must not get up in the middle of a class session to use the
bathroom, get a drink of water, make a phone call, etc. Unless they have a medical condition documented
through the OSD, I will not permit them to return to class and will mark them absent for that day.
Also as a courtesy, cell phones and pagers must be turned to ‘vibrate’ during class. If a phone goes off, I
will ask the owner to leave; if a student falls asleep in class, I will ask him or her to leave. Offenders will
be marked absent for that day.
          One last thing: there must be no food items in the class unless the student who brings the food
items brings enough for everyone else.

                   FYI: the withdrawal deadline for grade of W is November 4, 2011.

Tardiness Policy and Procedure
          Because lateness is rude and disruptive, two ‘lates’ will count as an absence; if absenteeism is not
also a factor, then the eighth ‘late’ may lead to withdrawal from the course. If a student is late, it is his or
her responsibility to let me know by making certain to speak with me at the end of that class meeting. If he
or she waits until subsequent class meetings or does not remember to tell me until notified through Atlas
regarding Excessive Absence, the recorded absence will stand because of insufficient documentation.
          This policy does not become effective until Wednesday, September 7, 2011. By then, all students
should have worked out waking times, departing times, and parking contingencies.

Competence in the Basic Use of Computers
         An introduction to the advantages of technology in the composition of essays is an essential
component of this course. Therefore, any out-of-class essay that is handwritten instead of word-processed
will receive a deduction of fifteen points. In addition, the composition of the Cause & Effect essay will
require the student to use on-line sources; students who miss the library tour and turn in the Cause & Effect
essay without incorporating materials derived from these sources will not receive a passing grade.
                                                                                                  Orsini    4

Students with Disabilities Policy
         "Students with disabilities who qualify for academic accommodations must provide a letter from
the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) and discuss specific needs with the professor, preferably
during the first two weeks of class. The Office for Students with Disabilities determines accommodations
based on appropriate documentation of disabilities (West Campus SSB 102, ext. 1523)."

Atlas Policy
     Checking the Atlas account should be a daily priority; it will offer us the best opportunity to
communicate with one another since checking email is the first and the last thing I do on a workday. You
should know, however, that I seldom check email from any source on the weekends.
     It might be wise to resist the temptation to have Atlas mail forwarded to a preferred email account. Our
online firewalls and safeguards have achieved monumental proportions, so I might not receive email from
a student’s non-Atlas account.
     If you miss a class, consider contacting me through email for copies of any handouts; I can send many
of them as attachments. For notes on the lecture, however, you must rely on other students in the class.

Plagiarism Policy: Zero Tolerance
          Plagiarism is defined as “to take (ideas, writings, etc.) from another and pass them off as one’s
own” (Webster). All work submitted for credit in this class must be the product of the individual student’s
own original thoughts supported and informed by appropriately documented and credited sources.
Recycling work submitted to other instructors in current or previous semesters is considered a form of
plagiarism and will be graded zero.
          Plagiarism is morally indefensible. Any assignment showing signs of plagiarism, either the
deliberate cutting-and-pasting of online or book sources, the recycling of essays from previous classes, or
the result of inattention and incompetence will be graded zero. A second offense will result in a course
grade of F and an appointment with the dean of the Communications Department. Be advised that I submit
work that raises suspicions to SafeAssign before I grade the final draft. For your own protection, submit all
drafts with your final copies. Under no circumstances have your work typed or processed for you by
someone else.

Format Procedure
        Your submissions are college-level material and should conform to the following. This element
is worth ten points to each drafting package.

Your essays must be:

             Neat, legible, unrumpled, proofread, and stapled
             Have a one-inch margin on all sides
             Show your name on all pages. The following information should go in the upper LEFT
             corner of the first page:

                  Full Name                                                                   Last 1
                  Course and Section

             Subsequent pages should conform to the following:
                                                                                                    Orsini    5

                                                                                                Last 2

             Please note that the submitted draft of the Cause & Effect essay must include a properly-
             spaced and appropriately-titled formal cover page and a properly-documented Works Cited or
             Bibliography Page.

Student Code of Classroom Conduct Policy
                  "Activities which disrupt the desired classroom setting and which are violative of this
Student Code of Classroom Conduct are those which, with or without intent to do so, are disruptive of the
essence of the education process. Examples include, but are not limited to:

                  1. Activities that are inconsistent with commonly acceptable classroom behavior and
                  which are not conducive to the learning experience, such as: tardiness, leaving and
                  returning during class, and early departure when not previously authorized;
                  2. Activities which violate previously described classroom guidelines or constitute an
                  unreasonable interruption of the learning process;
                  3. Side discussions which are irrelevant to the subject matter of the class, that distract
                  from the learning process, or impede, hinder, or inhibit the ability of other students to
                  obtain the full benefit of the educational presentation;
                  4. Utterances of "fighting words" or epithets directed specifically toward other persons
                  with the purpose or effect of creating a hostile educational environment or which may
                  reasonably be expected to incite imminent or immediate violence.

Violations of this Student Code of Classroom Conduct shall constitute grounds for student disciplinary
action as provided in Policy 6Hx28:10-04."
                                            --Valencia Community College District Board of Trustees


         If your name is still on my class roll as of Friday, September 2, 2011, I will accept that as proof of
your agreement to abide by the stated terms of this syllabus.
         Please note that, as the instructor, I reserve the right to alter the course syllabus and outline.
However, if I make any changes at all, I will notify you at once through Atlas email. I will never spring a
new set of rules on you at the last minute.
         One last thing—rather, the same old thing one last time: as the student, you are responsible for
keeping up with all written and reading assignments, as well as all learning materials presented in class
when you are late or absent. Be advised that I will not bring to your attention what you have missed. Also,
time constraints do not permit me to offer private sessions of missed coursework in the office; office-hour
meetings are enhancements to class discussions and presentations, not substitutes for them. I suggest
exchanging Atlas email addresses with a few students in the class.
         In spite of all these caveats, it is entirely possible to enjoy yourself and create your best work
throughout this course. I certainly hope that happens.

If You Feel Overwhelmed
          Valencia College is interested in making sure all our students have a rewarding and successful
college experience. To that purpose, Valencia students can get immediate help with issues dealing with
stress, anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties, substance abuse, time management as well as
relationship problems dealing with school, home or work. BayCare Behavioral Health Student Assistance
Program (SAP) services are free to all Valencia students and available 24 hours a day by calling (800) 878-
5470. Free face-to-face counseling is also available. 
                                                                                                Orsini     6

                            Freshman Composition I - ENC 1101
                                  Session I – 2011-2012
                                     Course Outline
Aug 29-31       General Introduction: The Course Syllabus
                Course goals and how work is evaluated
                How to avoid being boring (list time!)

                HW:      “How to Email a Professor” by Michael Leddy at his blog, Orange Crate Art:
                         Prove you’ve read the work by sending me a flawless email

5-7             Campus closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 5
                Overview of the Writing Process (slide show!)
                Introduction to P.A.S.S. and Fun with Punctuation!

                HW:      Read “A Heimlich in Every Pot” by Joan Nathan, an Op-Ed contributor to the
                         New York Times:
                         Take Reading Quiz #1 in BlackBoard at any time between Wednesday,
                         September 7 through midnight on Tuesday, September 13.

12-14           Narration as a writing strategy
                Assignment of Essay #1 (Dr. Phil’s Lists)
                Part I: Gathering material

                HW:      Complete the in-class prewriting heuristics. Take particular care to label each
                         exercise, as together they will constitute one of your graded drafts—the
                         Discovery Draft.

19-21           Shaping the Narrative Essay (Heuristics, Part II: Drafting )
                The Thesis Statement
                Intro and concluding paragraphs

                HW:      Develop the Discovery Draft into Draft #1 containing the intro and thesis.
                         Refine the essay into Draft #2
                         Read “Young, Gifted and Not Getting Into Harvard” by Michael Winerip at the
                         New York Times:

26-28           Meet me in 6-221 on Monday; bring drafts on flash drives or emails or
                Heuristics, Part III: Revision and Editing (your homework will include the Revision
                Good and weak student models

                HW:       Organize and complete the entire submission package, including the Discovery
                          Draft materials, Draft #1, Draft #2, the Revision Draft, any Reading Quizzes,
                          and the Final Draft
                          Read “The Five-Second Rule, or How Dirty is That Bologna?” by Harold
                          McGee at the New York Times:
                                                                                              Orsini    7

Oct 3-5         Essay #1 due Monday
                PowerPoint mini-lecture on Comma Splices and Fused Sentences
                Essay #2 assigned

                HW:       Choose your subject and create a List of Steps (Discovery Draft on Monday)
                          Read “An Etiquette Lesson” by Alaina G. Levine at The Chronicle of Higher
                 and take Reading
Quiz                                #2 in Blackboard from Wednesday, October 5 through Tuesday,
October 11 at                                midnight.

10-12           Turning Lists into Paragraphs (Draft #2)
                Creating the Intro, Thesis, and Conclusion (Draft #3)

                HW:     Organize and complete the entire submission package, including the Discovery
                        Draft, Draft #1, Draft #2, the Revision Draft, all Reading Quizzes, and the Final

17-19           Essay #2 due
                Discussion: Example as Rhetorical Strategy (starting with Definitions)
                Targeting body paragraphs (Discovery Draft)
                Essay #3 assigned

                HW:     Read “Just Walk On By: Black Men and Public Space” by Brent Staples
                                 (handout) and take Reading Quiz #3 in Blackboard from Wednesday,
                                October 19 through Tuesday, October 25 at midnight.
                        Complete the in-class Definition paragraph

24-26           Selecting a topic and creating a working outline (Draft #1)
                Creating and developing an Emphatic-Order Essay (Draft #2)
                Evaluating student models

                HW:     Organize and complete the entire submission package, including the Discovery
                        Draft, Draft #1, Draft #2, the Revision Draft, all Reading Quizzes, and the Final

Oct 31-         Essay #3 due
  Nov 2         Cause and Effect as Rhetorical Strategy: Bring your MBTI to class
                Journal entries #1 and #2 (These and your MBTI will constitute the Discovery Draft)
                Discussion of results

                HW:     Read “I Am Worm, Hear Me Roar” by Benedict Carey at the New York Times:

7-9             Meet me in 6-221 on Monday for personality tests
                Assignment of Essay #5 and instructions for reading the research

                HW:     Read, annotate, and highlight “The Birth of an Idea” by Robert S. Boynton
                        (handout). Prepare your materials and take Reading Quiz #4 in BlackBoard
                        from Wednesday, November 9 through Tuesday, November 15 at midnight.
                                                                                        Orsini   8

14-16   Evaluating student models
        Meet me in the Library on Wednesday, November 16
        Content quiz and discussion of Boynton article

        HW:      Prepare a draft with intro, thesis and two pre-selected quotations; make an
                 appointment in the Writing Center for later in the week

21      Meet me in 6-221 on Monday, November 22
        Incorporating quotations
        Refining the intro paragraph and thesis
        College closed for Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday, November 23!

        HW:      Complete the Cause & Effect Project (except for the cover page and bib)

28-30   Meet me in 6-221 on Monday; bring all your materials on a flashdrive
        Creating the Cover Page and the Bibliography Page
        Essay #5 due Wednesday, November 30!

5-7     The Return of the Cause & Effect Essay
        Strategies for the Nastygram (your final essay!)

        HW:      Complete your Nastygram

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