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					                                        Robert B. Hearne
2945 Gretchen Way                                                                  Home: (208) 322-6523
Boise, ID 83713                                                                    Office: (208) 422-5313
rhearne6523@msn.com                                                                Cell: (208) 830-4307

                                          Vocational Objective

Continue to be a pivotal contributor to the success of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom by
capturing my experience and excitement in airport operations, “feet on the ground” teamwork with limited
resources under combat conditions

                                      Highlights of Qualifications

   25 years Idaho Air National Guard Airfield Management/Command and Control
   Managed/coordinated over $6.8M in airfield construction improvements over the past 4 years
   Designed 22,000 sq ft C-130 Squadron, senior enlisted advisor, resource manager, first sergeant
   Understands practical knowledge of airfield parking plan applications, UFC 3-260-1 chp 6
   Airfield Manager for shared use civilian airport, host tenant for two flying squadrons, army helicopter
    aviation battalion and C-12 operations, forty-one fixed wing and rotor aircraft

                                           Airport Experience

   Volunteer for Active Duty tour, Ali Airbase, Iraq Airfield Management Team, 16 Sep – 20 Dec 2007
       o performed post attack airfield inspections, coordinated for sweeper, lighting and security
       o processed over 1,300 Prior Permission Requests (PPR) for foreign, domestic, military
       o removed over 280 gallons of debris from airfield during daily sweeps of rwy, aprons, twy
       o cleared 10,000 ft of brush along runway edges, liaison for foreign national work force
       o member of Airfield Management Team, established new predator base, completed runway
            and lighting construction project, liaison with base civil engineer team for quality
   Performed daily airport safety inspections of airfield pavements, painted markings and lighting
   Processed notice to airmen, flight information publication changes
   Determined airport snow/ice removal priorities and ensured appropriate execution of removal plans
   Operated a vehicle extensively in controlled movement areas using proper radio phraseology
   Managed flightline driving program for 790 personnel, inspected 8 flightline program managers
   Airfield Manager for Presidential Visit, worked closely with White House Staff, Security Forces to
    park Air Force One, 3 - HH-53, 2 - HH-60 and 3 - C-17 aircraft
   Coordinated funding and engineering upgrades to A-10 Smart MSD, Mission Planning/Simulator
   Host tenant and POC for establishing temporary move of three fighter squadrons from Mountain
    Home AFB to Boise, setting up operations, office space, parking plan, entry control points, security
   Project manager for new Saddle Radio project for A-10 system upgrades, radios and power supply
   Administered all airfield coordination for first Air National Guard visit from Israel AF C-130 Squadron
   Established first Air Operations Board for Idaho Air National Guard, ATSEP inspection, developed
    close working relationship with Mountain Home AF Base Airfield Management Team

                                       Management Experience

   Extensive knowledge in writing and coordinating Letter of Agreements, Memo of Understandings,
    operating instructions, contingency plans, checklists, waivers and employee performance appraisals
   Supervised airfield operations for Operations Group: A-10 Fighters, C-130 Airlift and host tenant for
    Army Helicopter Units/C-12 transport aircraft Designed several user friendly computer programs to
    facilitate airfield parking plans and painting plans

                                        Education and Training

Bachelor of Science Business Administration 2003, Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, ID
Airfield Management Contingency Course, May 2005
References available upon request

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