Homeless Bird Vocabulary Words by dandanhuanghuang


									Homeless Bird Vocabulary Words

Chapter 1-4

   1.    Maa—mother
   2.    A bit of—a little bit
   3.    Baap—father
   4.    Holy thing—an action that is thought to be honoring to the gods
   5.    Little more for—having just a little more for
   6.    Tremble—shake, shudder
   7.    Dowry—money paid by the bride’s family to the bridegroom’s family in order for the marriage
         to be arranged
   8.    “It will be no easy task.”—not easy
   9.    Scribe—a person who gets paid to write letters/correspondences
   10.   Marketplace—the open air market where people sell their wares
   11.   Stall—a market booth
   12.   Rupees—the main unit of currency in India, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, the Seychelles, and Sri
   13.   Scattered to the wind—thrown up into the wind to be carried away
   14.   Bridegroom—man getting married
   15.   Tamarind tree—a tropical evergreen tree that produces tamarinds and yields tamarind wood
         that flowers yellow with red streaks
   16.   Fees—price paid for a service
   17.   Puzzle out—figure out
   18.   Knuckles rapped—hit hand across the knuckles
   19.   Lingered—delayed leaving
   20.   Embroider(ing)—stitching pictures with thread
   21.   Saris—a garment, traditionally worn by South Asian women, consisting of a long rectangle of
         fabric reaching the feet, wrapped and pleated around the waist over an underskirt and short-
         sleeved fitted top choli, and draped over the shoulder
   22.   Muslin—thin cotton plain weave fabric
   23.   Lotus flowers—a water lily with large leaves, regarded as sacred in South Asia, China, and Tibet.
   24.   Turmeric—a yellow spice made from the dried rhizomes of an Asian plant
   25.   Cinnamon—food a spice that is dried aromatic tree bark, used as strips or ground into powder
   26.   Cumin—the aromatic seeds of a plant of the carrot family
   27.   Eggplant—a large fruit with shiny purple skin, eaten cooked as a vegetable
   28.   Barber—one who cuts mostly men’s hair
   29.   Letter of acceptance—a letter that one send to say you agree to a deal
   30.   Vase (s)—something to hold flowers
   31.   Ghee—butter that has been heated and had the milky substance poured off
   32.   Bangles—bracelets
   33.   Moon slid up and down in the sky—it grew late into the night
   34.   Astrologer—the study of the positions of the Moon, Sun, and other planets in the belief that
         their motions affect human beings
   35.   Auspicious—marked by lucky signs or good omens, and therefore by the promise of success or
   36.   Plaster—a liquid paste that is applied to walls to create a smooth hard surface when it dries
   37.   Cuckoo—a bird
38.   Braid—woven strands of hair
39.   Lilies—a trumpet shaped flower
40.   Sandalwood box—a box made of the wood of the topical evergreen tree the Sandalwood
41.   Kilo—equal to about 2 pounds
42.   Namaskar—a greeting accompanied by holding the palms together at the chest level for equals
      and at the forehead for someone of greatly honored
43.   Saluting—to give a formal sign of respect
44.   Courteous—well-mannered
45.   Bullocks—young bulls
46.   Rustle (rustling)—make a swishing sound
47.   Scrawny—skinny, undernourished
48.   Conscious—to be aware of
49.   Charpoy—a wooden bed frame laced with rope
50.   Dishonor—disgrace, to bring shame
51.   Flaw—defect, a mistake
52.   Courtyard—an area of ground that is surrounded by buildings or is enclosed by walls
53.   Well—a hole from which water is drawn
54.   Vermilion—red
55.   Tikka mark—a round vermilion mark painted on the forehead, symbol of the third eye of
56.   Kohl—a powder used as eyeliner and eyebrow pencil
57.   Rouged—make pink or red with makeup (rouged cheeks)
58.   Kautuka—yellow woolen bridal thread that is fastened around the wrist
59.   Choli—a short-sleeved blouse worn under a sari
60.   Petticoat—an undergarment
61.   Fastened—hooked together
62.   Splendor—magnificence, brilliance, grandeur
63.   Sitar—a stringed instrument
64.   Tabla—a set of two drums
65.   Fringed—edged with decorative border of threads
66.   Sulky—in a bad mood
67.   Garland—a wreath of flowers or leaves intertwined
68.   Headdress—a decorative covering worn on the head for special occasions
69.   Tassels—hanging bunches of bound threads
70.   Tinsel—thin strips of glittering metal
71.   Priest—a spiritual leader
72.   Silk—fine fabric made from the silkworm’s secreted fibers
73.   Melody—tune or a song
74.   Bearer—the one who carries or holds
75.   Chickpeas—pale yellow seed that size of a large pea, cooked as a vegetable
76.   Curries—dishes containing meat, fish, or vegetables in a spicy sauce
77.   Mangoes—a sweet red fruit that grows on an evergreen tree
78.   Sass—mother-in-law
79.   Sassur—father-in-law
80.   scoured—scrubbed
81.   neem tree—a tree grown for its bark and its medicinal properities
82.   fetch—to get
83.   Varanasi—holy city on the Ganges River
84. Ganges River—holy river flowing through India
85. Ginger—a brownish-yellow root that is hot-tasting and eaten fresh, pickled, candied, or in a
    powdered form as a spice
86. Cupboard—where groceries or kitchen items are stored
87. Share out—to divide
88. Tuberculosis—a disease that affects the lungs and is highly contagious
89. Chant—a phrase or a slogan that is repeated over and over in a rhythmic fashion
90. Railway station—the place where one boards a train
91. Ashes of dead—the ashes of the bodies after they are cremated
92. Inauspicious—suggesting that the future is not very promising
93. Sacrifices—things that one gives up for somebody or something
94. Beggars—those who ask for their bread
95. Rickshaws—a small vehicle with two wheels and a seat for passengers, pulled along by
    somebody walking in front of it
96. Wallahs
97. Tonga-- in South Asia, a light horse-drawn carriage available for hire
98. Shrine—holy place or a temple
99. Mosque—a place of worship for the Muslims
100.         Sullen—morose, gloomy
101.         Chapatis—a thin round unleavened bread used in South Asian cooking
102.         Miracle—a wondrous event that defys the laws of nature
103.         Lentils—little seeds that are from the pea family, used to make soup, etc.
104.         Cot—a makeshift bed
105.         Pilgrimage—a journey to a holy place
106.         Jains—holy men of the Jain religion
107.         Sikhs—people who believe in Sikhism religion
108.         Punjab—a region of northwestern India an Pakistan, a wide, fertile plain traversed by
    the Indus River and the five tributaries the agave the region its name
109.         Saffron—an orange-yellow flavoring, food coloring, and dye made from the stigmas of
110.         Sadhu(s)—holy man (men)
111.         Begging bowls—little bowl that a person who is asking for gifts of food or money hands
    out to receive the donation
112.         Astonished—surprised
113.         Wondrous—amazing, astounding
114.         Ghat—flight of steps leading down to a river
115.         Deformity—disfigurement or the condition of being badly formed
116.         Misery—unhappiness, sadness
117.         Pilgrims—someone who goes on a journey to a holy place
118.         Gravely—seriously
119.         Wailing—crying loudly
120.         Bahus—daughter-in-law
121.         Widow—a woman whose husband has died
122.         Procession—a group of people or cars moving in a slow line as part of a celebration or
123.         Scold—to tell off or reprimand
124.         Outskirts—on the outer edge
125.         Untouchables—not able to be touched, belonging to the lowest-caste Hindu group
126.        Propelled—moved or pushed along
127.        Puja—the act of worship
128.        Dung—manure
129.        Bandicoot—rat
130.        Quilt—warm bedding that is made of layered fabrics kept in place by decorative
131.        Holi—Hindu spring festival that honors Krishna’s love for the fair Radha
132.        Kingfisher—a brightly colored bird that feeds on fish, insects, and other prey
133.        Millet—a grain
134.        Starling—a common songbird
135.        Scorpion—dangerous venomous arachnid
136.        Spitefulness—behavior that is motivated by a desire to cause harm or pain
137.        Gataka--matchmaker

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