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					Code   Description
4SQ    Four Square Contract Claims
4W     Toops 4 Week Deal
6W     Toops 6 Week Deal
ASI    Toops Asian Flier FS
OFF    Off Premise Contract
P28    GTT Promotion Group
T01    Four Square Only Promo
T02    Mobil
T03    BP Shop
T04    Mobil
T05    Shell Shop
T06    Caltex Shop
T07    Pegasus Only
T08    Members-NW,Pak n Save, 4SQ
T10    Red Circle Only
T11    BP COCO
T12    Toops Dairies
T13    Both BP COCO & Independent
T16    Toops New World & PNS Promo
T17    Mobil On The Run
T2     TPR Two Weeks
T21    Caltex GTT+ Members
T24    Super Liquor
T28    GTT+ Promo
T29    GTT & Four Square Promos
T30    Caltex
T31    Gasoline Alley
T36    Both Caltex Shop & Star Mart
T37    Independent Liquor
T38    Off-Premise Customers
T39    Red Circle GTT+ Members
T4     TPR Four Weeks
T46    Liquor King
T47    Liquorland
T6T    Toops 6 week trader
T71    Toops Ngauranga
T72    Toops New Plymouth
T74    Toops Fresh Petone
T75    Toops Palmerston North
T77    Toops Grenada
T79    Toops Napier
T8     Toops Best Buy
T81    Off-Premise Customers
T83    Farmlands
T84    RD1
T85   Farmlands B
T86   Farmlands c
TAF   Toops Asian Full & Self Serv
TAS   Toops Asian Self Service
TBA   Toops Bakery
TIS   Toops In Store
TLT   Toops Long Term
TM    Toops Monthly
TMF   Toops Monthly Full & Self
TMS   Toops Monthly Self Serv Only
TNA   Toops National
TNF   Toops Non Advert Full & Self
TNS   Toops Non Advert Self Only
TSE   Toops Sale of End
TSP   Toops Special Non Advertised
TTF   Toops Trader Full & Self Serv
TTH   Toops Trader Half Page
TTI   Toops Trader Insert
TTM   Toops Trader Mail
TTS   Toops Trader Self Service
TW    Toops Two Week
TWS   Toops Weekend Special
VAN   Van Promo
VGT   Toops Vans GTT Promotions
VPR   Van Promotion

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