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									                                                   Göteborg Energi: The Benefits of
                                                   Buying CIC
                                                   About Göteborg Energi AB
             Summary                               Göteborg Energi AB is western Sweden’s leading energy company with a turnover of
Case Study

                                                   almost SEK 8 billion. The group offers energy services, broadband, district heating, gas,
             Customer: Göteborg Energi AB          cooling, renewable energy and data and telecommunications for the whole of the Västra
                                                   Götaland region. The vision of a sustainable Gothenburg society permeates the
                                                   organization. Economizing on resources and creating a sustainable energy system in
                                                   the region are important foundations for the group. The business is of key social
                                                   importance, partly because it provides major supplies of electricity, district heating and
                                                   gas on a daily basis. Very strict requirements are therefore set with regard to functional
             Headquarters: Gothenburg              customer and social communication.

             Industry: Utilities         
             Product(s) Replaced:
              Nortel CS1000 PBX                   The Challenge
              Nortel Symposium                    Göteborg Energi was in a situation where, in terms of communication, major, rapid
              Call Pilot                          decisions had to be made. For example, the different companies and subsidiaries had a
              Trio Present                        number of old and incompatible PBX systems. Customer service was also divided
                                                   among several locations, yet shared the same contact number. A mobility improvement
              Trio Parlando
                                                   and developing contact services for the customers were especially needed. Various
              TABS                                valid operating agreements were due to expire and in the future, the company did not
                                                   want to own its communication system. Many factors dictated that Göteborg Energi
             Number of Users:                      should procure telephony and a new contact center solution, purchased as a service.
              Agents: 250
              Business Users: 1,400               In addition to the technical and efficiency shortcomings that arose, the business was
                                                   affected by major reorganizations and new companies that were added to Göteborg
             Challenge: In line with the           Energi. The contact center solution that was used at the time lacked factors such as
             company’s growth, a growing need      multimedia queue handling and had no or poor integration with different media, while
             was also seen for a more advanced     several new office systems were introduced at the same time. Quite simply, you cannot
             solution that could offer unified     have problems like these when you are handling around 50,000 incoming calls per
             communication, that supporting the    month.
             whole organisation and offered a
             technically stable operations..       The Solution
                                                   “There are several benefits to buying a service, we simply do not need to monitor the
             Product(s) Deployed:                  development in the same way as before. Our supplier does that for us, and that
              Customer Interaction Center™(CIC)   guarantees that our telephony solution will be continuously upgraded, which obviously
              Interaction Recorder®               saves us a great deal of time,” says Mikael Hedin, system administrator at Göteborg
              Interaction Dialer®                 Energi. “It wasn’t long before the decision was made that a modern and scalable contact
                                                   center solution was what we needed.”
              Scheduled Reports
              Interaction Report Assistant
                                                   The solution was to a buy a service, where the delivery and functionality was based on
              Desktop Faxing                      Interactive InteIligence’s CIC platform. A 7-year agreement with the operator, DGC was
                                                   signed, and in functional terms, it handles incoming calls, outgoing calls using a dialer
             Benefits:                             and calendar integration. In all, it affects around 1,400 users, around 250 of whom are
              Better functionality                contact center agents, spread across different sites and addresses in western Sweden.
              Greater operating stability
              Greater accessibility               The Benefits
              Lower operating costs               The sales organization has been able to use the new system and is celebrating the
              Integration capabilities            streamlining benefits they’ve gained. The service targets are also easier to meet, thanks
                                                   to a good development in real-time information on queues and waiting times, etc. “The
                                                   system’s been in operation for around 18 months. We chose DGC and Interactive
                                                   Intelligence because together, they were the ones that best satisfied our requirement
                                                   specification and whose price tag was suitable for us. So, in retrospect, we’re able to
                                                   say that we’re very pleased with our solution,” concludes Mikael Hedin.

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