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Show _ Tell Sept 2011


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									SHOW & TELL - SEPTEMBER 2011 (Pictures available by clicking on Other Photos on the
website. )

It was great to see the old gang back, bronzed from the cottage, golf links and fishing holes etc. and quite
a few new members as well.

Andre Dusablon proudly showed a natural finish butternut stylized Heron, done at a Wood and Feathers
course and a small caricature man;

Gilles Chiassson, new to carving and the club, brought in a manger, with the animals etc. fashioned out of
clay, as recommended by the instructor at his first carving course. Keep bringing them in Gilles and don’t
be shy about asking for tips and pointers;

Rick St. John showed quite a menagerie of Chickadees, 14 in all, young and old, the result of a painting
binge when he finally did up the Summer’s carvings; and in preparation for a Christmas Charity he is
involved with, 8 small Santa Busts cheerfully painted;

Ed Macie and his wife had visited a Cathedral in 1980 in Austria and had admired several of the reliefs in
stone; During a return visit two years ago, he spotted one of the reliefs, Fenster Gucker, in a carving
“rough out” in Austrian Pine, which he showed, beautifully finished, as always;

Fred Crowe, our inveterate course taker, brought along the result of a recent Puffin carving course, with
several other members, at Wood and Feathers;

Brian Graham showed his beautiful profile relief of two horses and a fine pyro of butterflies;

Joe Michniewicz broke from his traditional miniature style of carving and showed a fence post cut off
about 16/18" tall in which he carved an endearing gnome - the piece clearly showing Joe’s artistic

Dave Rogers, of Pembroke environs fame, returned with five wonderfully creative pieces from found
wood on his Morrison Island property: two Christmas trees, an ugly troll, a handsome “burl turtle, and I
wasn’t sure what the last piece was (failing eyesight). I hope we see more of Dave this year since his wife
has recovered from her surgery;

Colin Harwood gave the background on how he came to do a relief and pyro of a colourful “French Café”

Larry Reed displayed his artistry with a) a pyro plate featuring a bird house; b) a beautiful pyro on paper
(can you imagine?) of a horse; c) a wood spirit Santa & Green Heron and d) a Santa ornament which may
be a club project later in the year;

Romuald Collin showed a beautiful Polar Bear on an ice floe, all from one piece and described the
problems he had, the first one ending up in the woodpile;

Gord Hogan brought in a couple mementos of “Hogan’s Carving Week” at his cottage near Plevna: a little
witch the Kanata Karver left behind last year, and a picture of the fine wood spirit John Bowser sculpted in
a stump in front of the cottage this year;
Bazz, one of the finest chip carvers our club has ever had, is branching out and showed two great
caricatures in the round, a la Pete Leclair - both from 1" x 1" x 6" blanks;

John Bowser showed a very fine Tagua Nut signet ring with a Turk’s head pattern;

Finally, yours truly brought a collection of photos from this year’s “carve out” at Gord Hogan’s cottage; a
soaring gull done and left at another friend’s cottage; Sylva’s “golf ball” Father Christmas and a small
“Pinochio” carved from a “pine knot” found at Gord’s cottage.

It was great to see so many of you remembered the table tonight and I invite all new members to bring in
something you have carved.

Dave McCormick, the Kanata Karver.

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