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					                                      Help Desk Etiquette

Before Submitting a Ticket

     Shut the computer down, wait about 10 seconds and then turn it back on.

     Always check to make sure everything is connected and plugged in before submitting a


Basic Information

     Put your room number for location, this really helps the tech support since they do not

      know all the staff.

     When you submit a ticket list all the things you have done to try to solve the problem.

      This will help with troubleshooting the problem.

     Put your IP address on the ticket, every computer has an IP address; you can find this

      listed left side of the Intranet page.

     Provide the necessary details and information only. Refrain from using excessive

      exclamation marks. Keep is short, simple, and state just the facts.

     Submit only ONE problem on a ticket.

     Place a sticky note with the help desk number on the computer that has problems, this

      will help tech support identify which computer needs their attention.

Ticket Status

     You will receive an email regarding updates to the ticket. See handout entitled

      “HelpDesk” Communication. Sometimes you may be asked for more information. You will

      need to login to the help desk to add the information that is requested.

     If a ticket is closed and the problem is not resolved or happens again a few days later,

      email the local school support person the ticket number and a brief explanation so the

      ticket can be reopened. This keeps you from having to provide the same information