Lesson-Plan-2-2011-Top-Headlines by cuiliqing


									2011 Top Headlines- Lesson Plan 2

Objective: Students will create a collection of new headlines from 2011

    Teacher may choose to show sample front pages of newspapers and may prepare a few
    If this will be done online, teacher should prepare means to share with students
    Teacher will choose if projects should be created by hand or typed/computer

    Teacher may share a few samples of front pages of newspapers
    Teacher will explain that as each year comes to an end, media often creates “Top Ten
      lists” summarizing the year’s news etc.
    Students conduct research to determine their choices for top ten news stories from 2011
    Students will create a mock of a front page of a newspaper which includes a headline and
      summary each of the top ten new stories
    Students will select at least 3 graphics/images to represent new stories selected
    Students will name their newspaper and place their name in the byline

                     Top New Stories Front Page Project

      Select the ten most significant new stories from 2011
      Create a 3-5 sentence summary of each story
      Select at least 3 graphics/images that represent selected stories
      Create a ‘catchy’ headline for each story
      Combine headlines, summaries and images to create a mock front-page of a newspaper
      Name your newspaper and place your name in the byline
      Add creativity

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