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					Opening /closures of the rooms
Until June 4, 2012
Opening Hours of the Museum                                                                                           How to read this schedule                                open                      closed
Daily except Tuesdays from 9 am to 5:45 pm
Evening openings on Wednesdays and Fridays until 9:45 pm

                                                                                        Monday          Wednesday       nocturne         Thursday           Friday             Evening        Saturday   Sunday
Near Eastern Antiquities        Mesopotamia, Iran 3rd mill., Khorsabad
                                Richelieu-ground floor

                                Sackler wing, Iran 14th-4th bc, Levant
                                Sully - ground floor                                    rooms 12b-19

                           Winged bull Richelieu - ground floor - room 4

Islamic Arts                    Islamic Arts
                                Richelieu - lower ground floor                          rooms A, 1-13

                        Pyxis of al-Mughira Richelieu - lower ground floor - room 3

Egyptian Antiquities            Chronological circuit
                                Sully - 1st floor

                                Thematic circuit
                                Sully - ground floor

                                Roman Egypt, Coptic Egypt
                                Denon - lower ground floor                              rooms A, B-C

                           The Seated Scribe Sully - 1st floor - room 22

Greek, Etruscan                 Pre-classical Greece
and Roman Antiquities           Denon - lower ground floor / Sully - 1st floor            rooms 1-3

                                Greek, Roman and Etruscan sculptures
                                Denon - Sully ground floor

                                Sully - 1st floor

                                Greek ceramics (Campana Gallery)                        rooms 39-47
                                Sully - 1st floor

                           Female statuette (head) Denon - lower ground floor - room 1

Sculptures                      France 5th-17th c.
                                Richelieu - ground floor

                                France 18th-19th c.
                                Richelieu - ground floor

                                Italy - Spain 11th-15th c., North Europe
                                Denon - lower ground floor

                                Italy 16th-19th c., North Europe
                                Denon - ground floor

                           Tomb of Philippe Pot Richelieu - ground floor - room 10

Decorative Arts                 Middle Ages
                                Richelieu-1st floor

                                15th-17th c.                                                                                                                                   rooms
                                Richelieu - 1st floor                                                                                                                          8-20, 27-32

                                17th-18th c.                                            rooms
                                Sully - 1st floor                                       33-45, 47-64

                                Crown Diamonds
                                Galerie d’Apollon Denon - 1st floor

                                19th c. Napoleon III Apartments
                                Richelieu - 1st floor

                                Furniture 19th c.                                                                                        rooms 75-81                           rooms 75-81
                                Richelieu - 1st floor

                           Napoleon III Apartments Richelieu - 1st floor - room 87

Paintings,                      Netherlands, Germany                                                                                                                           rooms 4-16
Prints and Drawings             Richelieu - 2nd floor

                                Flanders, Holland, Scandinavia, Russia                                                                   salles 21-39,                         rooms A-F
                                Richelieu - 2nd floor                                                                                    A-F

                                France 14th-18th c.
                                Richelieu - Sully - 2nd floor                           rooms 25-35

                                France 19th c. (small format)
                                Sully - 2nd floor

                                France 19th c. (large format)
                                Denon - 1st floor

                                Italy 13th-16th c.
                                Denon - 1st floor

                                Italy - Spain 17th-18th c.                                                              rooms            rooms                                 rooms
                                Denon - 1st floor                                                                       15-25, 27-31     15-25, 27-31                          15-25, 27-31

                           The Lacemaker Richelieu - 2nd floor - room 38

History of the Louvre           Sully - Lower ground floor

Arts of Africa, Asia,           Branch of the Musée du Quai-Branly
Oceania and the Americas        Porte des Lions - ground floor                                                                                              rooms 1-8

                                  In exceptional circumstances (renovation works, special events...), other rooms can be closed. Information : 01 40 20 53 17;

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