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                                                                  Too Hot To Work.
                                                                  By Mark Andrews

    The horse is a great athlete, capable of strenuous exercise over prolonged periods. But all that
muscular activity generates heat. This causes an increase in body temperature. Under normal
circumstances the horse is able to lose the excess heat and maintain its body temperature within
tightly controlled limits.

In response to the release of epinephrine, and the increase in skin temperature, the horse starts to
sweat. Evaporation of sweat is the most important means of losing heat available to the horse. Sweat
secreted onto the skin draws heat from the horse as it evaporates. Evaporation from the respiratory
tract also plays a role in cooling.

Some heat is lost through convection. The body surface warms the surrounding air, which conducts the
heat away. Loss of heat by convection is most effective when the temperature of the air surrounding
the horse is low. When the environmental temperature approaches that of the horse’s body, heat loss
by convection is greatly reduced. Air movement at the body surface helps by removing the warmed air
and replacing it with cooler air.

But all that sweating has its drawbacks. Prolonged sweating can result in significant loss of fluids. A
horse can lose as much as 40 litres of fluid during an endurance ride.

And it is not only the fluid loss that is important. Equine sweat contains electrolytes (salts) such as
sodium, potassium and chloride, often in higher concentrations than in the blood.

So prolonged sweating can result in the loss of significant quantities of electrolytes from the body. This
can lead to colic, and muscle weakness and can be potentially life threatening.

Evaporation increases in hot dry conditions. The horse may sweat so much that he becomes
dehydrated. But humid conditions reduce the heat loss through evaporation. The horse may be unable
to lose enough heat and become dangerously overheated.

Horses working in hot conditions are at risk of developing heat stroke or becoming exhausted. Heat
stroke is more common in horses doing fast, strenuous work and is the result of the horse being unable
to lose enough heat. Affected animals become distressed. The rectal temperature rises above 40

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

degrees centigrade

Heat stroke is a problem that needs to be corrected very quickly. Affected horses can collapse and die
within minutes if not treated.

The horse must be cooled as quickly as possible to avoid permanent damage. The best way to do this
is to pour iced water all over the horse’s body. Walking the horse for 30 seconds in between applying
the water helps. The movement stimulates the blood supply to the skin, encouraging heat loss. The air
movement over the body promotes heat loss through evaporation.

As the horse cools down, offer half a bucket of water periodically. Oral electrolyte solutions are better
than plain water, providing the horse will drink them. There is no advantage in offering cooled water to
drink. Studies show that horses usually drink more if the water is offered at ambient temperature.

Exhaustion tends to be more a problem of horses taking part in endurance, or other longer but lower
speed, activities. The prolonged need for heat loss leads to fluid and electrolyte disturbances.

Exhausted horses are depressed, and have no interest in food or water. Again the rectal temperature
is above 40 degrees. The skin is dehydrated. In addition to being cooled, these horses need further
treatment to support the circulation and prevent shock. Horses may have lost over 30 litres of fluid
which will need to be replaced. But because they have also lost electrolytes they often show no interest
in drinking despite the fluid deficit. So it is usually necessary for fluids to be given into the vein or by
stomach tube.

If you are competing in hot conditions, what can you do to prevent problems? Make sure that your
horse is well hydrated before starting work. Encourage him to drink. Sometimes horses dislike the
flavor of the water when they are away from home. Adding flavorings such as apple juice to the water
at home and then adding it to the water at the competition may help.

Give the horse as many opportunities as possible to drink during breaks in the exercise. Stand him in
the shade whenever possible and take advantage of any breeze to help keep him cool.

Most horses that are in light work, and receiving a balanced diet with access to a salt lick, do not need
electrolyte supplements. But horses may benefit from them if they are taking part in more demanding
sports, such as endurance riding or eventing.

Giving electrolytes before, during and after strenuous work, helps replace the losses and prevent
dehydration. Electrolytes specifically designed for horses are now available. Those that are produced
for cattle are not necessarily suitable. Your equine veterinarian will be able to advise you about the
most appropriate products.

Copyright 2006 by Mark Andrews / Equine Science Update. This article may be freely used by
newsletters and web sites without permission as long as the copyright notice, links and contact
information remain unchanged. Mark Andrews, an experienced equine veterinarian, is author of The
Foaling Guide, ( and publisher of Equine Science Update. For the
latest information in equine science, subscribe to the free newsletter from Equine Science Update. (

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                                                  Portable Hot Tubs on the Move
                                                         By Sam Spade

Hot tubs are popular today with many homeowners; however, many doubt the purchase of a hot tub
because they cannot move it with them if they move to another location. This is causing many people
to refrain from purchasing hot tubs. But, this is no longer a problem. If you change locations often and
want to be able to take a hot tub with you, why not purchase a portable hot tub?

 The name is self-explanatory. It is a portable hot tub and you can take it anywhere you want with you.
Normally, portable hot tubs are inflatable and smaller in size then the regular hot tubs. You can use the
portable hot tubs inside or outside allowing much convenience. Possibly, you want a hot tub inside but
your room is not large enough to sustain a regular hot tub, you can use a portable hot tub. You can put
the portable hot tub anywhere in your home that you wish to provide more privacy and relaxation. You
can move the hot tub throughout the season if you choose to place it outside. You can move the
portable hot tub away from falling leaves and limbs during the fall and away from pollen or insects
during the spring and summer. With a portable hot tub, you can move it anywhere at your own

 You also do not need to reinforce your floors if you are playing the portable hot tub indoors as you
would with a regular tub. You also would not need to make sure you have access to proper drainage.
Outside, you do not have to worry about digging and building a deck around your hot tub because you
can place it anywhere you want, above ground. Just be sure you are close enough to water and
electricity so that you portable hot tub will work adequately.

 Regular hot tubs can be quite expensive and for the average homeowner they may not want to pay
that price. Portable hot tubs are found to be much more affordable. The main reasons for this are that
they are not as sturdy as a regular hot tub and smaller in size. It can still last several years if you take
care of it, just as a regular hot tub would.

 With a portable hot tub, you will still have the same type of exciting experience that you would with a
traditional hot tub. Majority of the portable hot tubs will accommodate 4 adults and can still come
equipped with a jet massage blower. You can also find out that has a filtration system. The portable hot
tub can be set up quickly and easily, usually within no more than 20 minutes.

 So if you move frequently then you should definitely consider a portable hot tub so that you can take it
with you when you move or even travel. You receive the exact same benefits of a standard hot tub; you
just pay less and can move it around whereas you cannot with a traditional hot tub.

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