Shakespeare Example Outline by dandanhuanghuang


									                         Shakespeare Example Outline

 Topic: Shakespeare
 Thesis: Shakespeare was the greatest writer of the Renaissance time period.
 Thesis with Map: Shakespeare’s early life in Stratford, plays, and later life molded him into a
   man who would later be the best writer of the Renaissance time period.

   I.      Introduction: Shakespeare’s early life in Stratford molded him into a man who
           would later be a master of his craft. His plays and sonnets supersede any other
           writings before his time. Even in his later years, he was still able to produce the
           best of his works. His lifetime of written artistry makes him the best writer of the
           Renaissance time period.

   II. Early Life in Stratford
       A. Shakespeare’s Family
          1. Shakespeare’s Father
          2. Shakespeare’s Mother
       B. Shakespeare’s Marriage                             Note: This outline should be in
          1. Life of Anne Hathaway                           COMPLETE sentence form. I
          2. Reference in Shakespeare’s poems                have only used a skeleton outline
   III. Shakespeare’s Works                                  here as an example.
       A. Plays
           1. Tragedies
              a. Hamlet
              b. Romeo and Juliet
           2. Comedies
              a. The Tempest
              b. Much Ado About Nothing
           3. Histories
              a. King John
              b. Richard III
              c. Henry VIII
       B. Sonnets
       C. Other Poems
   IV. Shakespeare’s Later Years
       A. Last two plays
       B. Retired to Stratford
          1. Death
          2. Burial
                       Shakespeare Example Outline

V. Conclusion
     A. Analytical Summary
        1. Shakespeare’s early life
        2. Shakespeare’s Works
        3. Shakespeare’s later years
     B. Thesis reworded
     C. Concluding statement

   Shakespeare produced a lifetime of works that have yet to be matched by any other
   writer. His time spent in Stratford created a man who produced tragedies, comedies,
   histories, and sonnets unparalleled by no other. I feel that had Shakespeare not lived, the
   world would not have produced some of the great writers, such as James Fennimore
   Cooper or William Faulkner. Where would the free thinkers like Emerson or Thoreau
   have found their written inspiration? He was revolutionary in his style and creation of
   words not yet known to the human tongue. He was a creator and nurturer of a fine written
   language that touched so many. Who else has been quoted more? Not only was he the
   best Renaissance writer, but he is also the best writer to have ever lived!

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