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									                                UNO Celebration of
                       Student Research and Creative Activity
                                            April 6 & 7, 2010
                                    University of Nebraska at Omaha
                                           Omaha, Nebraska

As a student-focused university, the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) provides a
variety of quality research and creative activity opportunities for students. In conjunction
with the annual UNO Honor’s Program Symposium, we invite students, faculty, and the
Omaha community to participate in the second Research and Creative Activity Fair. All
UNO undergraduate and graduate students, as well as engineering students from the
south campus, are encouraged to apply. There will be cash prizes for top posters, oral
presentations, performances, and exhibits.

Students interested in participating must complete the accompanying
application and submit by 5:00 PM on Monday, March 1, 2010. You must email an
electronic copy of the application (Word or PDF format) to Jerri Maxwell at, Eppley Administration Building 203. You will be notified of your
acceptance by March 15, 2010. If accepted, you will be required to provide a copy of
your abstract in Word or Rich Text Format for use by the Fair planning committee.


Works submitted must reflect original scholarship by the student. Contributions from all
disciplines are strongly encouraged. Presentations given at other forums (e.g.
professional conferences, external performances) are welcome. If a presentation has
been presented previously, the conference/event title, place, and time should be noted in
the presentation. Disciplinary practice should be used as a guide – however, please
remember that the audience will consist of fellow students and the educated public. Some
translation or decoding should be attached so that a general audience can understand the
main points. A faculty advisor can help students decide whether the work meets these
guidelines. The published proceedings from last year provide examples of abstracts
submitted and are available at

The Research and Creative Activity Fair will take place in the Milo Bail Student Center
during the afternoons and evenings of April 6 & 7, 2010 (specific times forthcoming,
check for updated information). The awards
ceremony will be held during the Honors Convocation, which begins at 4pm on Thursday,
April 8, 2010.

Poster presentations and exhibits are scheduled for display from mid-afternoon on
Tuesday through the end of the evening on Wednesday. Students presenting posters or
exhibits must be available to install them on the day of their presentation. Additional
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details and specific times will be communicated to poster presenters and exhibitors. Oral
presentations and performances will be scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons
and evenings.

UNO Honors Symposium presentations will be organized through the Honors
Program (contact Rosalie Saltzman at or Chris McIvor
at for more information). Honors students, however, are
eligible to submit an additional presentation to the Research and Creative Activity Fair.
Such a submission may be linked to, but must be significantly different from their Honors
Program presentation, and must be submitted to Jerri Maxwell (

Cash awards will be given for best posters, oral presentations, performance, and
exhibits. It bears repeating that presentations should be prepared for a general
audience. Technical jargon should be avoided. Students are strongly urged to obtain
feedback from faculty advisors and from their peers, and to make appropriate revisions to
drafts. Opportunities will be available to practice or rehearse in the presentation room
before the Fair.

Posters presentations and exhibits
Students must be at their poster or exhibit for a minimum of two hours on the assigned
afternoon and/or evening. Presenters are expected to discuss their posters or exhibits
with the audience and judges during that time. Maximum width and height for posters
are five feet. If the poster must exceed maximum height and width guidelines, the
student needs to indicate specific dimensions and a justification for the additional size on
his or her application form. It is strongly recommended that students confer with faculty
advisors when developing and/or revising a poster. If you plan to submit an exhibit,
please contact us for display information when you receive notice of acceptance.

Oral presentations and performance
Each student will have 8 minutes to present and/or perform a research or creative
activity. To ensure that presentations and performances stay within the time limit,
practice or rehearsal is encouraged. Standard electronic presentation tools will be
available (PowerPoint, QuickTime, etc.). All files must be loaded onto the computers
provided at the Fair and checked by Monday, April 5, at 7:00pm. Student presenters and
performers will be informed of their scheduled presentation time by March 8, 2010. If
your performance involves staging or props, please contact us to make arrangements at
the time you receive notice of acceptance.

Again, it is strongly recommended that students confer with faculty advisors when
developing and revising a poster, presentation, performance, or exhibit.

Questions? Contact Dr. Harmon Maher, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
and Creative Activity, by email or by calling 554-2286.

  This event is made possible with support from the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research and the
  Office of Graduate Studies.

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