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									The Global Institutional Investor Helpdesk

Online Legal, Tax and Compliance Information
- An Essential Resource for Global Institutional Investors
When making cross border investments in today’s
economic environment, it is more important than ever for       GLOBAL INSTITUTIONAL
global institutional investors to be aware of country           INVESTOR HELPDESK
                                                                   KEY FEATURES
their investments. Such regulations ultimately impact
                                                             • Key legal, tax and compliance
bottom line investment returns, making it critical to have
                                                              issues of relevance to global
access to timely and reliable information in these areas.     institutional investors

                                                             • Convenient online access, 24/7
The Global Institutional Investor Helpdesk provides
convenient online access to a cost-effective, timely and     • Timely, comprehensive content,
                                                               regularly updated
comprehensive database covering key legal, tax and
compliance issues of relevance to global institutional
                                                              key developments
investors in 13 countries around the world.
                                                             • User-friendly site design
All content has been created with the assistance of Baker    • Customized subscriptions

                                                             • Cost-effective pricing
inform users of content updates and key developments.

Topics Covered
Country Home Page

                                     Also sets forth author information and the date that the country
                                     report was last reviewed under the quarterly updating schedule.

General Information

Foreign Investment &
Ownership                            investment rules, requirements for holding of interest,
                                     transaction reporting, concerted parties legislation,

                                     with analysts, selective disclosure, public offer / public tender
                                     offer regulations, investment management regulations, Sharia,

Asset Protection


                                     cash), derivatives, real estate, private equity and hedge funds.

Rights & Obligations of
Institutional Investors as           mandatory offers, transfer rights and right of inquiry.

Corporate Taxation
& Reporting                          requirements for traditional investments, private equity,

VAT / GST / Consumption
                                     entities, fund management services, securities transactions and
                                     private equity, and credit transactions.

Countries Covered



United Kingdom


United States

* Available in 2010

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challenges faced by many organizations,

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Private Knowledge Site

knowledge site. This private site is a
knowledge management tool that is

parties designated by the institution. The
content of the private knowledge site is
determined by the institution, and may
include a combination of information and

the technology associated with this secure private site.

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