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					    Samir Bajaj  (425) 941-7420 

Profile Summary
Accomplished technical professional with several years of industry experience and a proven track record of leading
and delivering software development projects using a diverse set of technologies on a variety of platforms.
Extensive background in Object-Oriented Design, and direct experience in distributed systems, web services,
relational and non-relational data platforms, and language processors. Excellent team-building and mentoring skills.

Professional Experience

September 2011 – Present
Software Design Engineer – iCloud Device Services
As part of the Device Services Engineering team, I helped define, design, and implement new features to power the
casual gaming and social networking applications on iOS devices. In addition, I made fundamental and critical
contibutions to the server infrastructure to support close to a billion requests per day.

September 2008 – September 2011
Software Design Engineer – Kindle and Digital Platform
Responsible for the design and implementation of Web services, Enterprise Integration Systems, tools, and utilities
to support Amazon's growing business in Digital offerings, including music (MP3), movies (Video On Demand),
and content for the popular wireless reading device, Kindle. The systems process millions of transactions daily,
pushing the limits of traditional data management and posing unique challenges in scalability and fault-tolerance.

          Designed the Digital Vendor Services workflow, enhancing scalability, reducing latency, and separating
           operational and reporting aspects of the system.
          Redesigned the storage system for the queueing system used by Kindle Content Delivery.
          Launched Kindle in Germany and Japan—worked on Localization, Identity, and Content Delivery.

September 2003 – September 2008
Software Design Engineer – SQL Server, Microsoft Office Accounting
Worked on two ORM (Object Relational Mapping) frameworks, designed to abstract away the details of data
manipulation from developers of database-centric applications, thereby allowing them to focus on the business logic
of their applications:

          LINQ to SQL: Enhanced the feature set of the product by adding support for new data types offered in
           SQL Server 2008, as well as by enabling additional usage scenarios requested by developers.
          Entity Framework: Contributed to the design, development, and evolution of the Metadata-related
           components of the framework.
          SDK/Platform Development: Designed and implemented parts of the business logic and data access layers
           for Microsoft Office Accounting.
          Payroll: Designed and implemented client-side functionality using .NET XML Web Services to
           communicate with a Payroll engine hosted online.
          E-Commerce: Designed the XML schemas and the APIs for a Web Services client component to
           communicate with a server module to integrate eBay seller services functionality into the application.

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    Samir Bajaj  (425) 941-7420 
          Online Banking: Built a framework in the product to communicate with online financial institutions using
           the OFX protocol. Designed a web service that the application could invoke to retrieve updated financial
           institution data on a periodic basis.
          Shared Component Development: Contributed to the design and development of a managed wrapper
           around the Passport Client Runtime Library (IDCRL) for use across multiple teams in Microsoft Business

1995 – 2003
Software Design Engineer – Design Platform Group
       Contributed to six releases of the flagship product, AutoCAD®.
       API Development: Designed and implemented COM and C++ interfaces; used principles of Object-
        Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/OOD) to architect class hierarchies and interfaces for several features
        in AutoCAD, in order to accommodate a variety of clients and programming models.
       Security: Designed and implemented Security-related features in AutoCAD, including the ability to
        digitally sign a drawing file using an X.509 certificate, and encrypt its contents by employing a symmetric
        cipher. The implementation used CryptoAPI (Windows Cryptography APIs).
       Client-side Internet development: Added support for online access using WinInet; integrated the Web
        Browser control in the application and customized it using the Internet Explorer object model.
       Hyperlinking functionality for integration with Microsoft Office: Enhanced AutoCAD to allow navigation
        among disparate Microsoft Office and other applications in a seamless manner, with the objective of giving
        a user the ability to link several related documents together.
       Wrote a variety of Windows Shell extensions, including a thumbnail/image extractor, an icon overlay
        handler, a property sheet handler, as well as namespace extensions to display customized views of contents
        of remote Internet servers.
       Built tools to automate internal processes: Wrote a number of tools and scripts to streamline and automate
        internal processes and procedures. As a specific example, I wrote a COM-based plug-in for Microsoft
        Visual SourceSafe version control system to enforce Autodesk-specific source code control policies.

      Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence – 2011
      Natural Language Processing, Probabilistic Graphical Models – 2012

      MS – Compter Science, 1992
      MBA – Entrepreneurial Management, 1995

Technical Skills
          Development Languages and Tools: Java, C#, C++, SQL, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse
          Technologies: XML and Web Services, .NET and LINQ, Messaging/JMS, Hibernate, Spring, JUnit
          Database Platforms: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Berkeley DB, other non-relational products
          Working Knowledge: HTML, JavaScript, JSP, ASP.NET, UML, Python
          Platforms and Environments: Microsoft Windows®, Linux, Mac OS X

          Published author: MSDN Magazine, Inside AutoCAD 2000
          Member of the IEEE and the ACM professional societies
          Beginning- to intermediate-level knowledge of spoken French

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