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					             Searching for perfect, easily
affordable and totally unique personalised gifts?

 Here's How Anyone Can Easily
  Afford to 'Own' This Stunning
   View by Simply Becoming a
 'Laird' (Lord) or Lady of the Isle
          of Jura, Scotland

  Why is this the most unique personalised gift in the

Welcome to the Isle of Jura, Scotland
I'm Laird Ron Thomson and you're about to discover how you can very
easily afford to own a part of the breathtakingly beautiful Isle of Jura
and become a lord or lady of your very own Scottish estate. This is a
100% genuine and perfectly legal process available to anyone,
anywhere in the world.

Under Scottish law, anyone who purchases a plot of land automatically
becomes a 'laird' (Lord) or 'Lady' and is legally allowed to use, and be
addressed by their title. A legal 'Title Certificate' is issued to every plot of
land owner, making this the ideal gift for.....

 Your spouse, partner, children, mum or dad or any other relative

 A Christmas gift, a birthday or an anniversary gift, wedding or
Valentine's Day gift

  Work colleagues, club or association colleagues or as a
retirement present

 Someone you admire, want to impress or just someone who
deserves a little something for all their hard work or achievement

 And of course...Yourself...what a way to impress your friends
and colleagues

 Most of all, it's a timeless treasure, which can be inherited and
handed down through the future generations
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This perfect and unusual present can be given or awarded to anyone at
anytime of the year and for any purpose, but whatever the occasion, this
has to be the ultimate in unique gifts.

        Learn More About This Enchanting
                 Scottish Island
Situated within the Inner Hebrides, Jura is the fourth largest island at
43km (27 miles) long and varying from 3 to 13km (2-8 miles) in width.
The name Jura, means deer island, which is not surprising as around
6,000 of them live and roam the rugged landscapes.

The Scottish mainland is just over 8km to the east, and Jura's nearest
neighbour, the Isle of Islay is only some 900 metres away, across the
rapidly flowing Sound of Islay. The Isle of Colonsay, the uninhabited Isle
of Scarba and the Mull of Kintyre are all within 15km to the northwest,
while the Holy Isle, Iona is some distance at 40km to the northwest.

On a clear day the coast of Northern Ireland can be seen in the distant
southwest. To the far northeast it's possible to view the Arran hills, Ben
Lomond and sometimes the Cruachan mountain range. But in whichever
direction you look, you'll see amazing far-reaching views to melt your
heart. Jura is set in a truly magnificent scenic paradise.

Its 115 miles of unspoiled coastline combines a wide range
of interesting features, from caves and cliffs to raised
beaches and long stretches of almost pure white sand.
Rising within the confines of the island like monumental
beacons are the mountainous 'Paps of Jura', which soar
skywards to almost 2600ft and consist mainly of pure

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Amidst the mountains, rivers, lochs, wetlands and woodlands you'll find
many species of rare flora and fauna. Around 6,000 red deer live here,
and share their stately habitat with wild goats, rabbits, hares, stoats,
otters, eagles and many other wild birds. The bays around the shores are
fast becoming a favourite haunt of seals, dolphins and porpoises, whilst a
fleeting glance out towards the sea might capture sight of an orca or
minke whale.

Jura has a population of less than 200 people who live and work mainly
around Craighouse, its capital. In the heart of the small town you'll find
the 18 room Jura Hotel, a single shop and a distillery, where you'll find
some of the finest malt whisky in all of Scotland. There is only one single
track road on Jura. It starts at Feolin and ends at Lealt in the north and is
around 30 miles long. From this point a single track leads to Barnhill, a
very remote house where George Orwell wrote his famous book 1984.

George Orwell first visited Jura in September 1945 and moved into
Barnhill in April 1946. On Jura he was known by his real name, Mr. Eric
Blair. Although he made few friends locally, probably due to the isolation
of the house, he spent many a happy hour gardening in his small orchard
area or fishing near the treacherous whirlpool at Corryvrechan.

The History

The Isle of Jura has a history all of its own dating right back to Stone Age
times. It has many sites of historic interest including standing stones,
iron age forts and abandoned villages. All evidence of a bygone age when
the island supported a much larger population than it does today.

There are several standing stones scattered about the east coast of Jura.
A Neolithic burial cairn can be found south of Strone farm. Southeast of
Ardmenish on Lowlandman's Bay is the dun (fort) known as An Dunan.

The MacDonald, Maclean and Campbell clans between them lost
thousands of lives trying to win or keep this island for themselves. The
MacDonald clan chiefs appointed themselves "Lord of the Isles" and
controlled much of the island until the Campbell clan were appointed by
the Scottish parliament to take away some of their powers. As a result
the Campbell clan chiefs stayed on the island until the mid 1900's.

As a result of its colourful history and inherent beauty I would find it
difficult to believe why anyone shouldn't want to own a small part of this
wonderful and magical island.

    How is it Possible to Become a Lord or
                 Lady of Jura?
Scottish law, in so many ways, is very different from the law of the
United Kingdom. It all dates back to the Union of Scotland and England
way back in 1707. It is guaranteed under that Union charter that Scots
law cannot be subsumed into the English judiciary system and despite
almost three hundred years of history it still remains detached. In many
ways it enshrines ancient traditions that have stood the test of time
better than any other system of law.

The term "Laird" has been widely accepted throughout the world as
“Lord” although the most accurate translation is simply “owner of Scottish
land”. As with any title, yours can be legally inherited by your children,
assuring the land and title remain within your family for all time.

Under Scottish law, in order to have a Laird or Lady title that can be
passed to your descendants, you must own outright a piece of land in
Scotland. And there's nothing in the law to say that it needs to be a huge
Scottish estate covering many acres. You will be entitled to all those
same privileges by owning just one square foot.

The Location of Your Estate

The small plot of land that you, your loved one or
your friend or colleague will own is situated on a
hill overlooking Crackaig Bay on the Isle of Jura. It
is bordered on one side by a traditional dry stone
wall and a cliff edge on the other.

The image at the top of this page is the view from
that point, and it is the exact same view you will
personally see if you care to visit your plot of
Scottish soil. In the morning you might witness a
rising mist meandering eerily upwards from the
cool clean waters to nestle lovingly amongst the
peaks of the 'Paps of Jura' mountains.

Should you ever decide to visit during the spring and early summer, your
senses will be embraced by colourful visions and delicate fragrances as
the wild heather displays her natural charms.

On the site in which your treasured segment of undisturbed Scottish soil
is situated, is a convenient private car park, so you could drive there and
perhaps have a picnic whilst you admire the breath-taking views. You can
stay at the Jura Hotel, and I'll even give you a 10% discount voucher
free with your land and title certificate.

     Ready to Become a Laird or Lady or
   Bestow This Wonderful Gift to Someone
                You Know?
It doesn't matter where in the world you live, you can buy a plot of
Scottish land and become a genuine Laird (Lord) or Lady today, and it
won't cost you a fortune. In fact you'll probably be very surprised to learn
that you can buy your title for just £37 including FREE packing and
shipping worldwide. (Approx. $70)

Here's What's Included in This Amazing Package

● The ownership of one square foot of genuine Scottish land

● A parchment card copy of your title certificate and proof of
ownership by first class post (air mail if outside the UK). This
certificate is suitable for framing and would look great on your
desk or hung prominently on a wall - See sample images above

● It also comes with a full colour printed 40 page booklet on the
history and culture of the area. Naturally you will want to know
more about the Scottish Estate you own. You will also have access
to a specially created website for new Lairds and Ladies of Jura to
find out even more

● A FREE subscription to a regular email describing what is
happening in the area around your new Scottish Estate

● Plus an accommodation discount voucher redeemable at the
Isle of Jura Hotel. You are going to need somewhere to stay when
you visit your new Scottish estate

You will have full legal ownership of the land, confirmed by your title
document. The documents have been drawn up by a Scottish Lawyer to
ensure they fully comply with Scottish law.
The cost of this complete package is only £37 sterling for a single plot of
land plus one title certificate, or you can take up the option of
becoming a Lord and Lady for only £67 sterling with two adjoining
plots and one joint title certificate, making a great gift for a husband
and wife. Alternatively, you could purchase two adjoining plots and
two individual title certificates, which is more suitable for friends and
relatives and is just £70.

Note these prices include all shipping and handling charges to
anywhere in the world. No extras. No taxes. No legal fees. We take
care of everything including maintaining your plot.

Click below to purchase the titles of Laird or Lady of Jura

All orders are dispatched direct from Scotland within 3 working days of
receipt of payment.

Obviously the amount of land is finite so there is a limited
availability. I have only been able to acquire a relatively small
number of these plots and I can't guarantee I will be able to get
any more after they have gone. So hurry, don't miss out on this
unique opportunity to become a Laird or Lady now...while you still

 This really is the perfect, easily affordable and totally
 unique gift, but don't take my word for it. Read what
                       others say...

              "Thank you very much for sending the
              package so quickly. My wife and I are very
              impressed and plan to visit Scotland in the
              near future. We have been meaning to visit
              Scotland for some time and this has really
              urged us to go! My family has Clan Donald
              ancestry on both sides so it is especially nice
              for me to have another link to Scotland. I
              shall be ordering two more packs soon for
              birthday presents for my mother and
              brother. My very best wishes to you."

              Laird J J (Norway)

              "Hi, I just wanted to thank for the land. It
              made a great Christmas gift. I received it in
the mail a week after ordering it (Great Job
with fast shipping despite coming across the
Atlantic!). & could not wait to give it to my
Husband! I surprised him with it last
night. He thought it was so neat and asked if
we could go see it, of course I agreed to
this. But I just wanted to thank you from the
bottom of heart, for making this Christmas a
little more special"

Amanda H. (Pennsylvania)

"Dear Ron, have received your packages
with my order. Very professional
presentation and an instant success. My
doorman (who happens to be a Scot) called
to advise me of the packages and referred to
me as Lady Harlan, after reading the
address label. Very impressive. Will keep
giving this gift to others and wish you the
very best."

Harlan (USA)

"You may remember me sending you an
email late last night just to check the
whereabouts of my order. Just sending you
an email to let you know it arrived the
following morning. Many many thanks to
yourself and your legal team the person this
is intended for will love it."

PJ (Yorkshire, England)

"Dear Ron, I have intended to write and
thank you for the fun gift of Scottish land,
which we gave to our son for Christmas. He
is thrilled and has informed his friends to
address him as Lord Ian."

Kathi (Utah USA)

"I loved the idea of being able to use "Lord
So and So" for reservations. Who wouldn't?
Thanks for all your help Ron. When we come
over can we go for a glass of that Scotch
malt you talked about on the website?"


"Ron Package arrived this morning.
             Christmas mail must have taken it's toll.
             New "Lady Gwendoline" being of Scottish
             descent, is ecstatic with her title. Thanks"

             Paul (Australia)

             "This is Catherine M...... (from my home e-
             mail account). I just wanted to let you know
             that I received the other package. Thank
             you again, our family will really enjoy this
             for Burns Night!"

             Catherine (USA)

I'm absolutely certain that you will be 100% delighted
 with your purchase, but if for any reason you're not...

   Just return it to me within 90 days for a 100% no
                     quibble refund.

● But please realise, if you do decide to return your title certificate
then you will no longer be legally permitted to call yourself a Laird
or Lady and your designated plot of land, which are all numbered
and registered, will be offered to someone else.

Click below to purchase the titles of Laird or Lady of Jura

  Remember! Plots of land on the picturesque Isle of
  Jura are limited, so to avoid disappointment order
                       right now
New Lairds & Ladies of Jura


Laird Ron Thomson of Jura

P.S. Yes! You do become a Laird of Jura and you will be the owner
of your own Scottish estate. We provide all the documents clearly
specifying your plot of land and you can even visit it! But remember the
amount of land available is always finite.

P.P.S. This will be the most wonderful timeless gift you could ever
possibly give anyone. How could anyone ever forget you?

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