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									City breaks with Eurostar

Train travellers in Europe can enjoy great city breaks with the high speed Eurostar
trains, which serve London, Paris, Brussels and Lille.

The fleet of 27 trains run regularly between these cities and travellers should check
Rail Europe’s destinations and guides for some fantastic deals on weekend breaks
and visits in Europe with Eurostar.

The high speed trains offer three classes – Standard class with the comfortable
seats and well stocked buffet car, Standard Premier class, where passengers are
served a light meal in their seats and Business Premier where passengers have
more leg room and are served a three course meal in their seats.

Another benefit for anyone thinking of taking a city break with Eurostar is that the
check in times are as little as 30 minutes before departure, so there is no question of
wasting valuable moments of your weekend break hanging around in an airport –
Eurostar passengers just arrive, check in and step onto the train.

The high speed trains travel between King’s Cross in London to Paris, Brussels,
Lille, and Amsterdam, and Eurostar also has a special summer service to the pretty
French walled city of Avignon.

Train travellers can be whisked from London to Paris, Brussels and Lille in no time at
all and connection times are impressive.

London Paris is a journey time of just over 2 hours – perfect for a romantic weekend
away or even a special lunch or evening meal.

Rail Europe has tips and guides for Paris city breaks and some great deals on fares
too so rail travellers looking for some great deals on train tickets in Europe should
check out Rail Europe’s website regularly.

From London, the Belgium city of Brussels is also just under two hours away and
before you know it you could be sitting in the Grand Place watching the world go by
sipping on coffee or sharing a beer with friends. Brussels has incredible architecture,
museums, art galleries and city tours – it is a great city break and Rail Europe has
some fantastic Eurostar fares on its website.

Lille is another ideal city for a weekend break and is under two hours from London
when train travellers take the high speed Eurostar.

A popular connection from Brussels is a weekend break to Bruges. For those looking
for a city break with a difference, Bruges is considered the Venice of the north and
offers a quiet thoughtful weekend destination. Eurostar trains serve the picturesque
town from London in just three hours.

During the summer months on of the most popular routes on the Eurostar trains is
the service down to Avignon.

For more information on all city breaks and destination guides see Rail Europe’s
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