Fiscal Year 2011-12 Ranking Procedures

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					                            Budget & Planning Ranking Procedures

College-approved priorities for 2011-2012 fiscal year:

                                                           see Pyramid

     Step One
      Budget and Planning Committee receives fund request template from each college division (AA, SS, AS).

     Step Two
      Budget and Planning will focus on ‘critical’ requests as indicated in template.

     Step Three
      Budget and Planning will cull the ‘critical’ requests and identify items that fall into the priorities of
      Stability and Sustainability.

     Step Four
      *Ranking Teams will rank these requests using the approved scoring criteria. Each team will submit their
      results to the co-chairs of Budget and Planning.

     Step Five
      The co-chairs, with the help of the Budget and Planning task force, will average all rankings and create a
      spreadsheet with all ‘critical’ requests ranked.

     Step Six
      The ranked requests will be reviewed by the committee and funding sources will be suggested if

     Step Seven
      Final rankings and possible funding sources will be submitted to College Council for approval.

*Ranking Teams
Ranking Teams of two will be created by the Budget and Planning co-chair. These ranking teams will be created
in an attempt to pair up members from different constituent groups and/or units, if possible. Division heads will
not be included on the ranking teams to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. Division heads will serve as
resources for ranking teams if clarification is needed regarding funding requests.

Ranking Teams for 2011-2012
Roman Juarez / Tobin Sparfeld – (Eloise Cantell?)
Cathy Brinkman / Lil de Silva
Frances Nguyen / Yoon Yun
Leslie Milke / Luz Nuñez – Andrea Soqui
Zoila Rodriguez-Doucette / Mi Chong Park

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