The Curse Of King Tut's Tomb by fjzhangxiaoquan


									Is There Really A Curse
     *king Tut was the king of Egypt from 1346-1328 bc.

    *King Tut was buried in the valley of kings in Egypt

      *King Tut was found in 1922 by Howard Carver

  *There are two different mysteries that I have discovered

           *The first mystery is how king Tut died

*The second mystery is, is there actually a curse on king Tut’s
      How King Tut Died

       *Some scientists think that king Tut died by a broken leg.
  To support this theory, scientists did an x-ray on the body and they
found that on king’s Tut’s leg, there was a thin coating of resin. Which
          later could have caused an infection and killed him.

       *Others think he died by getting bludgeoned to death.
  Scientist did another x-ray and found bone fragments in his skull
                 which could have lead to his death.
                    The Curse
Shall Come
on Swift
Wings to
Him Who
Disturbs the
Peace of the

    When King Tut Died, Egyptians placed a curse on his tomb to scare or
       prevent robbers from stealing the valuables inside. The thing is, I
    didn’t think that they really put a curse on the tomb until I heard that a
      man died and he was at the place were they opened the tomb. The
      man that died, died from a mosquito bite on his cheek in the same
      spot were it was rumored that king Tut had one. Also other people
    died at the opening of the tomb, but scientists later saw that there was
                 a poisonous mold that could have killed them.
        My opinion

My opinion on king Tut’s curse is that I don’t
think it is true. The reason is, is that I at first
thought it was true but, when I heard that
there was poisonous mold that could have
killed the others, I changed my mind. And for
the way king Tut died, I think he died by
getting bludgeoned to death because even if
his leg did get infected, I think it’s harder to
die from that than getting hit in the head.
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