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					But the superman had a problem that he did not wear drawer! After a few minute, he was beat by
terrorist. The superman was ashamed of his action, so he took off his clothes, covered his face and
ran away. The terrorists laughed sarcastically: ‘Nobody can stop us! Just give us your money to
us! Or we will kill the girl! ’
In this stuation, it seemed that the terrorists were winner. The girl’s parents cried sadly. But Fred,
a seventeen year old local player, came up with a good idea. ‘Why not kick a ball to hit those
terrorists? I am good at kicking powerful free kick.’so he gave his coach a phone call, after a
fewer second, a dozen of soccer balls were sent to him. Fred put on his soccer shoes, kicked one of
the ball as hard as he could, But the ball miss the window but hit on an old lady.
‘There he is, he wanted to hit us!’The terrorists shouted. One of the terrorists who rush to hold
up his gun and aimed at Fred.
‘Oh,my God!Just calm down and try again!’thought Fred,s soon as he avoided being hurt by the
It seems that the city was covered by fear,mixing blood and arm force.
‘You are foolish! Let me teach you how to shoot.’another terrorist shouted angrily, but Fred
shouted the ball before that terrorist held up his gun.
The terrorist was hit so hard that he could not see and listen anymore. Other terrorists were
shocked by Fred, so they gave up their kidnap, hunging out frustrated on the street which is
covered with pale fog.
There is no doubt that Fred biome a hero! Because of this, he we selected by Manchester United.
He won a great number of cups for his team...
The story seems to be end at now. But no one can imagine that the cause of the case is exact the
clerk of this bank,Danna.No one can avoid being influence by wealth especially in front of
you.However,it proved that there is still positive power in the legend city,HONGKONG.

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