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What is the QCE?

The Queensland Certificate of Education is
Queensland’s senior school qualification.
It is awarded to eligible students, usually at
the end of Year 12.
A QCE is awarded to students
only if their course of study
• a significant amount of
• at a set standard of
• in a set pattern
• literacy & numeracy
Types of Learning
• Core

• Preparatory

• Enrichment

• Advanced
          Core courses of study
To qualify for a QCE, a minimum of 12 credits must
come from completed Core courses of study.

The other 8 credits can come from Core (completed or
partially completed), Preparatory, Enrichment and
Advanced courses of study, with a maximum of 6
credits from Preparatory.
              Core courses of study
Course                                             Set standard     Credits

Authority subjects or Authority-registered         At least a       4
subjects derived from a study area specification   Sound Level of
(completion requires 4 semesters)                  Achievement

Nationally recognised Vocational Education and     Certificate      Certificate II:
Training (VET) qualifications that lead to the     awarded          4
award of a Certificate II, III or IV (includes                      Certificate III
traineeships)                                                       or IV:
                                                                    5, 6, 7, or 8
                  Core courses of study
Course                                        Set standard     Credits

A school-based apprenticeship (SBA)           Requirements     2
• Completion of at least 25% of the           met              VET component
  competencies associated with the VET                         (incomplete Core)
  qualification                                                4
• The 4 possible credits from the on-the-                      On-the-job
  job component are allocated at the rate                      Component
  of 1 credit per 20 days of satisfactory                      (completed Core)
  participation (48 days per calendar year)

A recognised international learning           At least a       4
program                                       pass grade       for each
                                              (as defined by   Completed course
                                              the course)      of study
Relaxation of the completed
     Core requirement

 If a student realises that they are not
 achieving as well as hoped in
 Mathematics and English, they may
 change to a different level of
 Mathematics/English without losing
 completed Core status for that subject.
      Applicable subject changes
•   Mathematics B to Mathematics A
•   Mathematics A to Prevocational Mathematics
•   Mathematics B to Prevocational Mathematics
•   English to English Communication

An application for relaxation is required for any other changes
  from one Mathematics subject to another, or from one
  English subject to another.

Subjects must be changed after first or second semester.
          Preparatory courses of study
Course                                            Set standard   Credits

Nationally recognised VET qualifications,         Certificate    2 or 3
accredited under the Vocational Education,        awarded        maximum of
Training and Employment (VETE) Act 2000,                         two
that lead to the award of a Certificate I                        qualifications
vocational qualification                                         can count
Employment skills development programs            Requirements   2 maximum of
approved under the VETE Act 2000                  met            one program
                                                                 can count
Recognised re-engagement programs                 Requirements   2 maximum of
                                                  met            one program
                                                                 can count
Literacy: A short course senior syllabus (2010)   At least a     1 per course
Numeracy: A short course senior syllabus          Sound
(2010)                                            Achievement
     Enrichment courses of study
Course                                       Set standard       Credits

A recognised certificate or award in areas   Awarded            As recognised
such as music, dance, drama, sport and                          by the QSA
community development
Career development: A short course senior    At least a Sound   1
syllabus (2010)                              Achievement
Recognised structured workplace or           Agreed standard    Credit
community-based learning programs                               determined by
Learning projects:                           Satisfactory       1
workplace, community, self-directed
Accredited VET courses                       Pass               Credit
(30636QLD Course in Aircraft Maintenance                        determined by
Engineering for Senior School Students)                         agreement
Authority extension subjects                 At least a Sound   2
such as English Extension                    Achievement
         Advanced courses of study
Course                                          Set standard   Credits

One- or two-semester university subjects        Pass grade     2 or 4 credits
completed by a young person while enrolled at                  respectively
a school

Diplomas or advanced diploma courses            Competencies   up to 8 credits
undertaken by a person while enrolled at a      demonstrated   (on the basis of
school                                                         1 credit per

Recognised structured workplace or              Agreed         Credit
community-based learning programs               standard       determined by
Recognised Studies
Credit for partial completion of
          Core courses
• Authority subjects and Authority-registered subjects:
  based on semesters studied before exiting with a
  Sound Level of Achievement or higher standard

• VET certificate qualifications: based on 25%, 50% or
  75% of the competencies attained

• Components of recognised international learning
  programs may contribute towards the award of a QCE.
Literacy and numeracy requirements
Literacy                      Numeracy
                                      •   Mathematics A
At least a Sound Achievement in one semester of one of these subjects:
                                      •   Mathematics B
• English
                                      •   Mathematics C
• English Extension
                                      •   Pre-vocational Mathematics
• English Communication
• English for ESL Learners

A student may exit the subject:
• after four semesters with a Sound Level of Achievement or higher
• after one, two or three semesters with a Sound Level of Achievement or higher
 Literacy and numeracy requirements
At least a Sound Achievement in            At least a Sound Achievement in
Literacy: A short course senior syllabus   Numeracy: A short course senior
(2010)                                     syllabus (2010)

Competence in VET vocational               Competence in VET vocational
literacy 3 (39153 Qld)                     numeracy 3 (39163 Qld)

A pass grade in a literacy course          A pass grade in a numeracy course
recognised by the QSA                      recognised by the QSA

At least a C on the Queensland Core        At least a C on the Queensland Core
Skills Test                                Skills Test
Student Education Profile

 A Student Education Profile may include:

 • Queensland Certificate of Education
 • Senior Statement
 • Tertiary Entrance Statement
Senior Statement
                   Issued to a student who is
                   enrolled at school on the
                   last day of Year 12.
                   A transcript of the learning
                   account and Queensland
                   Core Skills Test result.
                   Students do not need to
                   achieve the QCE to receive
                   a Senior Statement.
Tertiary Entrance Statement
                       The Tertiary Entrance Statement
                       shows an eligible student’s
                       Overall Position (OP) and Field
                       Positions (FPs). These rankings
                       are used to determine eligibility
                       for admission to tertiary courses.
                       It provides information that is
                       recognised by interstate and
                       international universities and
                       tertiary providers and may be
                       required to enrol in study at
                       institutions outside Queensland
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