PYRCA Pamela Turner 2006-07 by dandanhuanghuang


									A Thanks from Pamela Turner

April 5, 2007

To the Young Readers of Pennsylvania:

I'm delighted and thrilled that you chose to honor HACHIKO
with a Young Reader's Choice Award. Even though
Hachiko's story happened in a foreign country some years
ago, I think we all recognize Hachiko. We see that same faith
and love in the eyes of our own pets. They are always there
to share our joys or to take the sting out of a rotten day. It's
nice when we can do something for them, just as the
Japanese people cared for Hachiko after he lost his master.

So to celebrate this Young Readers' Award, I am not going to
go out for a fancy dinner, drink champagne, and order a
gooey chocolate dessert. Instead, I am going to buy two
meaty bones and give them to my dogs, Tux and Genki.
Thank you for reading HACHIKO, and for making one
writer and two dogs so very happy!

With warmest wishes,

Pamela S. Turner

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