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					                 Things That Fall Under A New Mom’s Radar
    (NAPSA)—With so much to do in                                                     should speak to their Health Care
preparation for the new baby, there                                                   Provider about their concerns and
are a few things that some parents,                                                   hopefully they will be able to ease
and not just new ones, accidentally                                                   their fears.”
let fall under the radar. Outlined                                                       5. Diaper rash: A diaper rash
below are five things that may be for-                                                seems one of the most typical
gotten when preparing for the arrival                                                 things to happen to a child. How-
of a new baby:                                                                        ever, many parents do not realize
      Before the Baby Comes                                                           that some cases of diaper rash
    1. Putting the nursery to -                                                       also contain a yeast infection
gether: Every parent likes the                                                        called Candida. In addition, some
nursery to be finished by the time                                                    parents do not realize that this
the baby comes. This typically                                                        condition can also affect boys just
means outfitting the room with a                                                      as often as girls. In the past, this
crib, changing table, and rocking                                                     type of diaper rash might have
chair, just to name a few things.                                                     needed a combination of a few dif-
But before the furniture comes the                                                    ferent topical ointments to treat
painting.                                                                             the condition. However, the fed-
    “Many parents don’t realize that       Many parents do not realize that           eral Food and Drug Administra-
when painting a nursery, it is             some cases of diaper rash also             tion has approved Vusion® (0.25%
important to use a low or non-VOC          contain a yeast infection called           miconazole nitrate, 15% zinc oxide
[Volatile Organic Compounds]               Candida.                                   and 81.35% white petrolatum)
paint,” said Dr. Jennifer Shu, a                                                      Ointment for the treatment of dia-
pediatrician from Atlanta, Ga., and           3. Installing car seats: Every-         per rash with a documented yeast
co-author of “Heading Home With            one needs a car seat before taking         infection. Specifically formulated
Your Newborn: From Birth to Real-          baby home from the hospital. How-          for the treatment of diaper rash
ity.” “In addition, a pregnant mom         ever, nearly 75 percent of seats are       with a d ocumented Candi d a,
or new baby should not be around           installed incorrectly. It’s important      Vus i on Ointme nt i s t he onl y
the paint fumes, as they are more          to read the car seat instruction           FDA-approved treatment for this
susceptible to the toxins.”                manual—as well as the vehicle              purpose and contains an anti-
    2. Buying vs. borrowing the            owner ’s manual—carefully and              fungal medication, zinc oxide and
equipment: Friends who are                 secure the car seat (and later, the        petrolatum all in one tube. Par-
already parents can be a great             baby) properly. Parents can have           ents should consult their health
resource for new parents, whether          their installation efforts checked by      care provider if their child’s dia-
it is for advice or hand-me-downs.         a certified technician at a car seat       per rash doesn’t get better after
However, what some parents don’t           safety event. For more information,        a few days of home care, as a
realize is that in between one             see http://www.seatcheck.org/ or           prescription ointment may be
child and the next, things may             call 1-866-SEAT-CHECK.                     needed.
have been discovered about that                  After the Baby Comes                    Becoming a parent can be an
crib, stroller or high chair that the         4. Va c c i n e s f o r t h e n e w -   overwhelming experience. Real-
previous owner is unaware of.              born: More and more stories                izing that there are resources
That is why it is important for            have been appearing in the                 available can help put new moms
parents who are using hand-me-             media recently regarding a                 and dads at ease. In addition,
down furniture to take a look at           possible link between vaccines             parents shouldn’t be afraid to
the U.S. Consumer Product Safety           and autism. This has some moms             ask questions and turn to their
Commission to find information             scared to get their children               health care provider for answers
about the product. You can find            vaccinated properly after they are         and guidance. Finally, new and
the information you need here:             born.                                      exp eri enced p a rents should
http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prere             “There are no facts to back that        remember to relax and enjoy the
l/category/child.html.                     theory up,” said Dr. Shu. “Parents         ride.

    Note to Editors: Important Information about Vusion Ointment
    Vusion Ointment is a prescription skin medicine used to treat diaper rash with a documented yeast infection in children
4 weeks and older who have a normal immune system. Your health care provider will need to confirm that your child’s dia-
per rash is also complicated by a yeast infection. Do not use Vusion Ointment on your child’s diaper rash unless your health
care provider tells you that there is also a yeast infection present.
    Vusion Ointment should be used as part of a treatment regimen that includes measures directed at the underlying diaper
rash, including gentle cleansing of the diaper area and frequent diaper changes. Vusion Ointment contains medicines that
will help treat the yeast infection and the diaper rash, but you must also change your child’s diapers often so that your child
is not wearing a wet or soiled diaper. Even if you use Vusion Ointment, diaper rash will not go away if you do not keep your
child’s diaper area clean and dry. Vusion Ointment should not be used to prevent diaper rash or used for longer than 7 days
because preventative use may not allow the treatment to work as well over time. If irritation occurs, or if the rash worsens,
stop treatment and contact your health care provider.
    You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit
www.fda.gov/medwatch or call (800) FDA-1088.
    For more information, call (866) 440-5508 or visit our Web site at www.vusionointment.com.

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