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Completion of this form is required for production of screen slides, multimedia event support and special
projects, scheduling of supplied media, filming, editing and multimedia production.

Contact Name:                                             Event/Campaign:
Company:                                                  Contact No:
Email:                                                    Fed Square Contact:
Submission Date:                                          Event Date:

Formats & Resolution: Big Screen, Atrium Screen, BMW Edge Screen.
1) All screens are Standard Definition resolution.
2) For slides, please provide 16:9 landscape images, 1280 x 720 pixels (72 dpi) TIFF or JPEG. A maximum of 10
slides can be supplied without additional costs.
3) For video, please supply a standard playable DVD, PAL format (single title, no chapters), AND either a
standard definition (1024x576) Quicktime .mp4 (H.264) or MPEG2 program stream, 16:9 aspect ratio preferred.
4) If provided in 4:3 aspect ratio, content will present on screen ‘pillar boxed’ – with black bands either side.
5) If content is a collection of shorter works, audio must be leveled across all individual pieces – media will not be
independently leveled on a piece by piece basis.
6) Please allow a title/action safe zone of 5% in both dimensions (vertical and horizontal) for all content.

Rating:        Content must be equivalent to 'G' or 'PG' rating (7am–8pm) and up to 'M' (8pm–7am).

Deadline:      Please ensure all content is delivered to Fed Square two weeks prior to the screening date.
               If your content requires additional work to meet the standards above, Fed Square’s production rate
               is $85 per hour during normal business hours and $115 per hour out of business hours.

Supplying Media: To ensure the required level of technical support, please indicate the type of event/screening.
Level 1: Standard Programming: Media will be scheduled to play once or multiple times but is not critical to the
execution or timing of an event or exhibition
Level 2: Event Critical Media: Media is to be scheduled to play at a specific time(s) during an event to support an
event activity or program.
Level 3: Live Site Media: The media (image, audio and timing) is critical to the execution of an event; typically a
component of a stage event or performance comprising live footage and pre-recorded content.

Job Description: Please provide a detailed description including running time, style and objective of multimedia
piece and any special requirements.May be supplied as attached file/email.
Content: Specific text for titles/slides. May be supplied as attached file/email.

Screens Requested (please select – insert X)
              Big Screen                           Atrium Screen                           BMW Edge
Start Date:                                                  End Date:
Specific Times:

I (insert client name) of (insert company/organisation)
•      Give consent for the media described herein to be screened as indicated and acknowledge that this content
       is intended for display in a public space, is equivalent to a ‘G’ or 'PG' rating if for screening 7am–8pm and/or
       ‘M’ for screening 8pm–7am, and complies the conditions below
•      Agree to indemnify, keep indemnified and save harmless Fed Square Pty. Ltd., its employees and agents
       from and against all claims, demands, actions, damages, costs, losses and expenses of any nature
       whatsoever (“Claims”) which may be incurred directly or indirectly by reason of or in relation to the display
       of material or multimedia content provided by me or my employees or agents to Fed Square Pty Ltd
•      Have all the permissions, rights or licences required by law to publicly exhibit this content/performance
•      Agree to meet the production costs for additional work if required
•      Understand that Fed Square reserves the right to reject material that is deemed unacceptable or
       inappropriate for public exhibition in terms of quality, format type or content
•      Understand Fed Square will not be held responsible for the safety of content provided to Fed Square for
•      Understand Fed Square agrees not to knowingly display, reproduce, broadcast, distribute or otherwise use
       any of the material provided by the contact named, except as permitted by the contact’s prior consent
•      Have read and understood the terms and conditions of this agreement

Authorised Client

Contact Name:                                                              Date:

Job Estimate and Approval (Office use only)
Hours:                        (Office use only)              External Quotes:              (Office use only)
Materials:                    (Office use only)              Total Cost:                   $

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