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Baseball Soft Toss Machine



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     What is Soft Toss Machine?
• A soft toss machine is a pitching machine that is
  designed to toss the ball into the air from a short
  distance away as opposed to throwing a ball from
  longer distances like a regular pitching machine does.
• Soft toss pitching machines are somewhere between
  a tee and a conventional pitching machine. To
  understand what one is you need to know what soft
  toss is. Visit here to find a
  wheeler dealer soft toss machine at reasonable
How to play baseball with Pitching
• After tee ball most kids play baseball with a pitching
  machine, before moving on to fast pitch. Making the
  transition from hitting a ball off of a tee to hitting
  from a pitching machine can seem intimidating for
  most kids. Coaches and parents teach their children
  to hit a moving ball by tossing the ball softly from a
  short distance away. This is known as playing soft
        How to learn Soft toss?
• It is the easiest way to learn how to hit an object in
  motion. The cave men probably tossed rocks at each
  other and hit them with their clubs. Soft toss drills
  help build confidence while developing hand-eye
  coordination and muscle memory. Even professional
  ball players play soft toss. What if you wanted to play
  soft toss but there was nobody around to toss balls
  for you to hit? You would need a soft toss machine
  and maybe even a soft toss net.
                Soft toss benefits
• What are the benefits of using a soft toss machine rather than a
  conventional pitching machine? Toss machines let a batter focus
  more on developing his or her swing and less on worrying about
  getting hit by the ball.

• They require less space than a regular pitching machine does. In a
  normal size batting cage you could have at least two poeple
  practicing at the same time if you had multiple soft toss machines.

• Some models have adjustable speeds allowing you to get more reps
  than a normal machine in the same amount of time. Your typical
  pitching machine requires someone to feed the ball while a soft
  toss machine does not. Most soft toss machines work with
  baseballs, softballs, wiffle balls and dimple balls.
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