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How to use Oracle OPN Launchpad

  The f ll i    lid    ill h        how t use OPN
• Th following slides will show you h   to
  Launchpad and includes: -
  • Register for an account
  • Front Page
  • How to create a brief
  • How to save and then send the brief
  • Viewing all your briefs
  •                 for
    Asset library – f storing your logos, collateral, brand
  • Your profile and what to do if you have forgotten y
         p                         y           g       your
  • Opting into OPN Launchpad emails
Register for an OPN Launchpad account

 You can only join and use the services if you
 are an member of the Oracle Partner             You can join by
 Network                                         filling in your details
                                                 here . You need to
                                                 • Partner name
                                                 • Email address
                                                  Telephone number
                                                 •T l h        b
                                                 • Username
                                                 • Password
The Front Page

 The special offers open to
 partners are shown on the home
 page       opnl n hp d om
 p ge

                                  registered you
                                  can log on
The Home Page
You can create a new brief by clicking on a tab on
the left hand side. You can choose from Pre Built
campaigns or you can create your own campaign
                                                     A menu of
                                                       ti    i
                                                     options is

                                                     You can view
                                                     your saved
                                                     briefs here

                                                      You can view
                                                      your sent t
                                                      briefs here
 Creating a brief

  The f ll i     lid   h
• Th following slides show you h     to    t    brief,
                                 how t create a b i f
  and the steps you need to follow.

• The first example is for a seminar, but the format is
  the same for each of the types of the ‘create your own
  campaign’ activity

• The second example is for the Pre Built campaigns
  Building an Event Brief

You can choose what type of event you would like – from
Seminar, Workshop, Executive event or a conference.

                                                           o      s example
                                                          For this e a p e
                                                          I will choose a
                                                          seminar – the
                                                          same format is
                                                          used for building
                                                          all of the briefs
A Seminar
You follow the step b step guide to
Y f ll      th t by t            id t
complete the brief, it will include         You can go back in and edit
information such as objectives, dates,      any of the questions by
location,                          invite
location number of people to invite,        clicking the edit button
simply click next at each stage

                                                    Where there is
                                                    the Info sign, you
                                                    can click to find
                                                    more information
                                                    to help you fill in
                                                     h bi f
                                                    the brief
The costs

For each element that incurs a cost,
                                        You can go back and edit the
a cost is displayed on the right hand
side – this changes dependant on
                 g     p                options to reduce or increase the
the options chosen.                         t to        budget, by i l
                                        cost t fit your b d t b simply
                                        clicking edit

                                                       A total of all the
                                                       costs is displayed
                                                       at the bottom of
                                                       the page
Naming your brief

 Then simply name your   You can click if you have
 brief and enter your    been working with Horizon
 contact details         on your campaign

                                      Then choose a
                                      date for the
                                      deadline and
                                      the execution

                                      Then click
 Create > Save > Send

        o have              brief, automatically
• Once you ha e created the brief it a tomaticall goes into the
  Saved Briefs area.

• At this point, it has not been sent, therefore no agency will
  receive your brief.

• This is a great tool for planning your campaigns in advance.

• You can edit your briefs, change the criteria, numbers, elements
  of the campaign until you are happy with the brief

• Once you are happy with the brief click SEND brief
   Send or Save

Once you have sent your   Once here,     Once here, you
brief it goes into the    you can edit   can view a PDF
‘Saved briefs’ area       your brief        y
                                         of your brief
                                                    Or you can
                                                    remove the
                                                    brief, if the
                                                    project is no
                                                    longer going

                                                     Once you are
                                                     happy with
                                                     the brief you
                                                     can click
                                                     send, and the
                                                     brief is sent to
                                                     the agency
     Sent briefs
You can view your         Once here, you
                          O     h
‘Project Contacts’ with                       You can
                          can view a PDF of
all the details for you                       view when
                          your brief
campaign                                      y
                                              you sent
                                              the brief
                                              and the
                                              progress of
                                              the brief

                                              You can
                                              view sent
                                              briefs by
                                              clicking on
                                              the Sent
                                              briefs link
 Pre Built Campaigns

• We are adding on new pre built campaigns, where
  you can achieve maximum marketing impact for
  minimum budget.

• Pre Built Campaigns are highly customisable and all
  costs are visible upfront so you can tailor the
  campaign to your available budget and see exactly
  what you'll get for your money.
Choosing a Pre Built Campaign

                                Click on Pre Built
                                campaigns and it
                                will show a list of
                                the campaigns
                                    il bl
                                More campaigns
                                will be added over
                                For this example
                                we are choosing
                                Database Options
Database Options Campaign

                            Follow the brief
                            taker questions,
                            and choose
                            which elements
                            you would like
                            to roll out.
                            The costs are
                            added up as
                            you go, and you
                            can go back and
                            edit at any time
Database Options Campaign

                        If you click on the ‘info’ button you
                        can click to download the PDF’s for
                        the emails, postcards, quick
                        reference guides, posters – and
                        much more.
Database Options Campaign

                            The total will appear,
                            once you are happy
                            with the brief, create
                            a name, and click
                             Create       Brief’
                            ‘Create the Brief

                            Then remember to
                            click on the SEND
                            The agency will then
                            contact you and get
                            your campaign
 Asset Library

• OPN l     h d l has
       launchpad also h an asset libt library
• You can upload logos, collateral or graphics for your
Asset library
                          You can
You can upload branding   upload      You can upload
guidelines and logos      images or   documents, pdf’s
                          graphics    collateral whitepapers etc

                                               Plus you can
                                               see the f size,
                                               date uploaded
                                               or delete
                                                b l t fil
                                               obsolete files

  The f ll i    lid     h
• Th following slides show h      to i          fil
                             how t view your profile,
  and what to do if you forget your password.
My profile
             Your d t il are stored in ‘My Profile’ and
             Y    details     t d i ‘M P fil ’ d
             you can edit your address, phone
             number, email or change your password
Forgotten Password

                     Click the forgotten
                     password link

                                       Simply add fill in your
                                       username and email and
                                       and email will be sent to
OPN Launchpad Newsletters

                            We send out
                            regular OPN
                            newsletters, that
                            provide details of
                            new campaigns
                            and special
                            offers So please
                            ensure you tick
                            this box to
                            receive the
                            If you would like
                            t unsubscribe
                            to      b ib
                            then un check
                            this box.

  For           ti      ith     d t
• F any questions, with regards to OPN L           h d
  including registration questions, logging on, or using
  the portal please contact

•   Pippa Old
•   OPN Launchpad Manager
•   opnlaunchpad gb@oracle com
•   0118 924 9858

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